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The Best AI SEO Tools: SEO Reporting Made Easy

Ai seo tools

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

When we think of AI SEO reporting software, they can be put into three broad categories.

First, we have all-in-one SEO tools. If you’re looking for great value, all-in-one tools are an ideal option. They provide numerous SEO features and reporting capabilities to monitor your progress -everything in one spot so that you don’t have to spend money buying multiple tools.

Following them, we have specialized and purpose-built reporting tools that feature dashboards, pulling all your data in front of you into one place.

Thirdly, there are also reporting tools for one specific element of SEO. These tools could have a metric such as keyword rankings. 

Let us take a look at all three types of AI SEO tools that help you accomplish your goals.

Toolkits with SEO reporting features

First and foremost, these initial SEO tools offer a variety of advantages such as rank tracking, backlink monitoring & in-depth reporting. This can help you save money on separate software should their data collection be sufficient for your needs.


Nightwatch is a powerful suite of SEO tools that has reporting functions and features exceptional rank-tracking. For local business owners, the rank tracker will prove invaluable in monitoring progress over time. Nightwatch also includes backlink monitoring as well as technical audits for deeper insight – with more features on their way!

With a low entry price of just $24 per month (for annual payment) or $39 per month (paid monthly), it’s incredibly accessible for everyone.


Nightwatch’s reporting capabilities are nothing short of remarkable.

The report builder allows you to customize and add elements with ease.

Other elements you can add include:

  • backlink report
  • Site audit pages with overview
  • Traffic overview (thanks to Google Analytics integration)
  • graphs

Not only can you segment your campaigns/sites to report individually, but with more specific targeting, such as only the keywords tagged ‘template’, you will be able to analyze how these particular pages are performing collectively.

The Google Analytics & Search Console integrations are a noteworthy feature; they let you match your rankings data with clicks/traffic. What’s even better? You can export any graph in just one click and share it with someone else, or save the graph so that you can quickly access it again whenever needed.

Despite its many advantages, one minor drawback of this system is that conversion/goals data from Google Analytics cannot be added to the graphs.

White labeling

While white labelling of PDF reports is available for more advanced subscription tiers, but it isn’t included in the entry package.


Nightwatch stands out from the rest when it comes to affordability. Their starting price is incredibly reasonable, offering an outstanding value for money – making them a popular choice among many! For your convenience, here’s a quick overview of their packages: 

Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Nightwatch.



Semrush offers the greatest scope and range of features among all similar tools, with a vast array of SEO options like rank tracking, competitor analysis, site auditing, backlink monitoring and keyword research. Additionally it is also packed with PPC capabilities plus social media scheduling & brand monitoring solutions – so you can get everything under one roof!

Taking the next step with Nightwatch is a big investment; starting at 99.95 USD if paid annually, or 119.95 if you prefer to pay monthly.


Semrush’s drag-and-drop report builder is quite intuitive, and the extent of blocks that can be tinkered with is merely endless. Moreover, they provide an impressive selection of templates to kickstart your journey – making it even better than Nightwatch!

What makes this report builder unique and more advanced than Nightwatch is the extra possibilities that it offers. Adding custom text areas, elements, or even guidance on how to interpret the report are great ways of adding value for your clients. And let’s not forget – you can easily generate a PDF report with just one click, as well as auto-schedule regular delivery right into their inbox!

White labeling

Sadly, Semrush’s SEO reporting tool for agencies is deficient in one area: white label reports. To access them, you must purchase the Agency Growth Kit – an additional $100 on top of your monthly subscription fee. The entry plan + growth kit will cost a hefty $219.95 per month while the mid-tier plan totals to an eye-watering $339.95 each month! Still, if you make use of all that Semrush has available, it may be worth every penny spent!


Compared to Nightwatch and SE Ranking, Semrush is significantly more expensive with its base package costing either $99.95 (annual) or $119.95 (monthly). Although it’s not worth the price solely for reporting purposes, there are a plethora of features this platform has to offer that make Semrush an excellent choice if you’re looking for a comprehensive marketing solution covering SEO, PPC, social media and beyond!

If you want to get the most value for your money, take a look at their pricing page. Be sure to pay attention these key details:

  • Unlock a world of possibilities with the Data Studio integration– it’s exclusively available in the Guru plan, starting at only $229.95!
  • The entry plan provides you with five regularly-scheduled reports each month. You can distribute these five to as many people, and at whatever frequency you prefer such as weekly or even daily! On the other hand, upgrading to Guru gets 20 reports while Business offers a generous 50!

SEMRush comes with a 7-day trial.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a one-stop shop for all your SEO needs, boasting more features than Nightwatch and less than Semrush. You can employ them to track keyword rankings, monitor backlinks, create reports and even plan marketing strategies or schedule social media posts. Not only are their services incredibly user-friendly with an inviting price tag but they have also developed an extensive feature set that makes other platforms pale in comparison!


If the cost of the Semrush report builder was too high for you, then SE Ranking has an unbeatable alternative. I find Nightwatch to be a superior rank tracker but in its price range, SE Ranking’s drag-and-drop report building feature is unparalleled! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity and get your hands on their amazing service now.

With its collection of templates, this platform offers enough to satisfy the vast majority of needs – yes, even more than Semrush!

Comparing Semrush to SE Ranking, some of the key distinctions I notice in their report generators are that with Semrush:

  • Even more customization options are available with this platform, including the ability to add columns in addition to full-width elements.
  • With their ever-expanding feature set, consisting of such greats as Facebook and Google ads, there are more data points to take into account.

Despite its more affordable price tag, SE Ranking’s reporting is absolutely top-notch – which makes it a great Ahrefs alternative for anyone on a tight budget.

SE Ranking, much like Nightwatch, provides a Google Analytics and Search Console integration. While it’s nice to have these data sources consolidated in one place (e.g., for report building), unfortunately you can’t merge the data together to create useful charts as you can with our competitor’s software.

White labeling

If you’re looking for an affordable white label SEO tool, SE Ranking is a great option. Unlike Semrush, it offers more accessible whitelabel options and at extremely competitive prices! Reports can be whitelabeled from the Pro/mid-tier plan which starts around $73 monthly – quite the bargain compared to other tools in its class.


SE Ranking offers an incredibly budget-friendly starting point of just $15, however the limitations should be noted. This plan only allows for weekly updates, 250 keywords and limited features. Although it might seem complex at first glance, their pricing model is actually quite advantageous as you can tailor your subscription to fit your rank tracking needs with daily/weekly update options, payment frequency (monthly or annually) and additional desired features.

# of Keywords

You can avail a 14-day free trial for SE Ranking.

Dedicated SEO reporting tools

If the multi-feature toolkits above left you wanting more, then adding one of these specialized reporting tools might be your best bet. Unlike other SEO software or platforms with bolted on reporting features, these next three solutions are built from the ground up specifically for reporting – meaning they go deeper and offer better integrations than their counterparts.


DashThis is a comprehensive marketing dashboard software designed to pull relevant data from multiple sources, including Google Analytics, Search Console, Ahrefs and Semrush. Not only does it serve as an effective SEO dashboard tool; but its user interface makes integrating other non-SEO marketing tools seamless. With DashThis you can build professional looking dashboards quickly and easily while staying within your budget range.

Reporting features

When you sign up, there are plenty of quick integrations available. For SEO purposes, Ahrefs and Semrush – the market leading tools – come already installed; however, many others aren’t integrated into the platform. Standalone rank trackers like AccuRanker or ProRankTracker won’t have a native integration for it unless specified in your package plan. Similarly, tools such as Nightwatch and Mangools don’t offer direct integrations either at this time.

Although there is still potential for progress in the SEO connections sector, it’s a great launching point. Also, you have already plenty of reportage to do with only Google Analytics & Search Console. In theory, any new integration can be added through their CSV File Manager; nonetheless if technical know-how isn’t your strength this might not be all that helpful either.

After you’ve initialized your dashboard, it’s time to include some ‘widgets’, with a variety of pre-set selections for SEO. Take Google Analytics organic traffic data as an example:

  • Sessions
  • Conversion rate
  • Top landing pages

Lastly, by looking at the data from Google Search Console, you can add an additional layer of insight such as

  • Top pages generating clicks
  • Impressions, devices, countries, etc.
  • Top queries for clicks

What I’m missing is the ability to apply tags or categories. For example, Nightwatch would benefit from having a widget that collects and reports on all my ‘template’ pages collectively. In addition to these preset widgets, you can also create custom & static ones for maximum customization of your dashboard—incorporating charts, graphs, and comments for an even more comprehensive report!

There are three options if you want to share your dashboard:

  • a shareable view-only link
  • PDF document export
  • Send via email

White labeling

These dashboards come with a “powered by DashThis” badge as the standard. Those on plans with more than ten dashboards can remove it for white-label reporting. Plans starting at $109/month paid annually or $129/month paid monthly are available to those looking to take advantage of this benefit.


While the model does not offer much flexibility, there are considerable price disparities between different plans. For instance, for 4 dashboards I would need to pay an upgrade of $90 per month – quite a sum for small businesses. However, if you want to benefit from enhanced reporting features and have enough clients with high budgets it becomes virtually cost-free! So if that is beneficial, don’t hesitate any longer and just go ahead!

You can avail a 14-day free trial of DashThis


Google Data Studio

Data Studio is a free Google product that brings together data from multiple sources, such as Google Analytics and Search Console, in one convenient space. Even better, many other tools like Semrush and AccuRanker now provide integrations with Data Studio! It may not be quite as straightforward to use than some other fee-based products out there—but for the tech-savvy among us it’s definitely learnable!


If you are just starting out in Data Studio, I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial it is to use a template. Supermetrics offer some first-rate SEO report templates that will help reduce your stress and make the process much simpler. Google also has their own set of standard templates for you to take advantage of as well.

Now that you know the basics, let’s explore what Data Studio can do. Here are a few of its capabilities:

  • By analyzing the traffic data for each landing page and comparing it to previous periods, I am able to gain valuable insights into my website’s performance.
  • Utilizing Search Console data, identify and showcase important keywords for each landing page to optimize visibility.
  • Utilize Google Analytics to measure total and/or per-page conversions.
  • Isolate organic search data from the preceding information to gain a more detailed look.
  • Utilize data from other SEO tools, including position rankings, site audits and backlinks to enhance your search engine optimization.

There’s so much more you can do with Google Data Studio.

Breaking down brand and non-brand clicks is one of the most popular uses for table filtering. A prime example of this is when setting up a dashboard in Search Console to display click data. By adding a table filter, you easily eliminate queries that are irrelevant to your business goals. Table filters provide much more than separating out brand vs non-brand clicks; they can also be used in other ways pertinent to keywords or user behavior tracking. Regardless, taking advantage of them will undoubtedly improve your reporting capabilities!


Free to use! 


Reportz is an exceptional dashboard builder that empowers digital marketers to create insightful and beautiful reports quickly. Consolidate all of your data sources into one place, then simply drag and drop various features to assemble a comprehensive report that you can share with clients. Reportz isn’t limited exclusively to SEO reporting – it’s also equipped for PPC, social media, and e-commerce metrics too!

Reportz doesn’t just have the usual Google Analytics & Search Console integrations, but has also partnered up with a range of other SEO platforms such as Ahrefs, Semrush, AccuRanker, RankRanger, SE Ranking and SERPStat. So you can be sure that your website will get an extensive coverage when it comes to search engine optimization!


This tool won’t help you find any new data, but it helps to pull everything together in one place. One dashboard per client, that auto-updates.

When you get started, Reportz will offer you 3 templates for SEO reports: basic, e-commerce, and local.

You can customize your blocks to best meet the needs of your project. Add essential KPIs such as traffic per page, conversions from Google Analytics, backlinks using Ahrefs, and rankings with a SERP tracker. Discard any superfluous details that may only distract or confuse clients if it is irrelevant to their purposes.

Want to grant access to a client? Generate a secure, shareable URL they can visit any time. If you’re looking for even more security, password protect your dashboards and/or regenerate the URL when needed. Prefer something simple? Receive automatic email reports on an established timeline.

White labeling

Reportz allows you to add both your logo and your client’s for each dashboard across all plans, as well as customize the primary colors away from its default blue hue and including a background image. You can even set up a unique subdomain for shareable URLs! The possibilities are endless with Reportz – make it yours today!


With Reportz.io, you pay for the dashboards that you need and no more. Their pricing structure is simple yet effective – with a minimum of 3 dashboards starting at $30 per month. The great thing about Reportz is that it follows the principle of economies of scale; meaning, as you purchase more dashboards, each dashboard becomes cheaper!

You can sign up for a 15-day free trial of Reportz.io

Pro Tip: Remember that if you ever need further assistance with SEO technical assistance, you can always hire an SEO developer to execute your projects. Top companies and startups hire Toptal dedicated SEO freelancers for their mission-critical software projects.

Rank tracking report software for SEO

When it comes to SEO reporting, keyword positions is undoubtedly one of the most important metrics you’ll need to consider. However, sometimes simply having access to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and a reliable SERP tracker can be more than enough for you to monitor your ranking progress and create comprehensive reports.

Are you looking for a rank tracker that fits your budget and meets your needs? Look no further – we have three separate options that are sure to fulfill all of your requirements!


AccuRanker is the answer to all your SEO rank tracking and reporting needs. With AccuRanker’s cutting-edge technology, you can monitor your website’s rankings easily while benefiting from accurate data in real time!

Not only does it provide basic rank tracking, but it also offers additional features like:

  • Share of voice metric
  • Integrations with Data Studio, Databox, etc.
  • Historical data import
  • access APIs 

Although it may be intricate compared to other rank trackers, if you need an advanced reporting system and precise rank tracking data, this is a reliable solution.


Most rank trackers on the market can offer you your basic must-haves like PDF email reports and automatic scheduling. Truth be told, AccuRanker’s in-built reporting isn’t far beyond that either. You have various templates to choose from, such as keywords only or keywords and search volumes, plus the option of scheduling when your PDFs are sent via email.

There are two noteworthy benefits when comparing AccuRanker to other SERP tracking tools. Primarily, it is integrated with some of the leading analytics and data applications such as Data Studio, Adobe Analytics, Databox and offers an API option as well. This makes AccuRanker a particularly attractive choice for advanced data management and reporting activities at higher levels.

Secondly, AccuRanker offers an advantageous integration with Google Analytics that allows you to link rankings and conversions. This exclusive feature is not available on other rank trackers such as Nightwatch; where only traffic can be associated for now. Nevertheless, this data comes in one table so users are able to view info like goal completions, goal completion change alongside the amount of traffic and its shift – a distinct benefit compared to regular rank trackers! Even though it isn’t exactly perfect yet, at least there’s some progress here from AccuRanker.

White labeling

AccuRanker has a comprehensive and all-inclusive plan, with white labeling features included!


For a price of €99 per month, AccuRanker allows you to monitor up to 1,000 keywords. The pricing further varies in correlation with the number of key phrases monitored.

You can also enjoy a 14-day trial.

Here’s the detailed pricing plans:

# of keywords
Cost (monthly)Cost (annual)$ per 100 keywords

Note: These prices are converted from € into USD.


Wincher is an ideal solution for anyone looking to monitor and report their SEO rankings. It offers a wide range of features that are both affordable and easy-to-use at the same time, so it’s perfect for those just starting out or even more experienced users who don’t want something too ambitious or pricey like AccuRanker.

On the higher subscription plans, you start to unlock advanced features like on-demand updates, project permissions/external users and API access. With Wincher, it’s an ideal solution for local tracking as long as your focus remains solely with Google (unfortunately not Bing, YouTube etc.).


Although Wincher is a more affordable option, its reporting capabilities are not as extensive or in-depth. That being said, it still offers some of the basic necessities such as automated email scheduling with customizable intervals, keywords and recipients. Thus, despite its limited features compared to other options on this list, Wincher is still worthy of consideration due to its cost effectiveness.

We can only hope that the much-anticipated Google Data Studio integration arrives soon – especially at its reasonable price point! Until then, we just have to wait and see.

White labeling

Unlock Wincher’s white label report starting from the mid-tier plan, ‘Business’, for as little as €59 ($70) per month and enjoy tracking up to 1,000 keywords.


AccuRanker may have a name in the industry, but Wincher offers remarkably cheaper plans and an accessible starting price. All of its tiers provide reasonable fees, particularly when you get to 5k+ tracked keywords which are exceptionally well priced per keyword! You can start out with basic features or add more advanced ones on higher levels- it’s up to you.

Here are their pricing plans:

Plan# Of KeywordsCost (Monthly)Cost
$ Per 100 Keywords

Note: these prices have been converted from € into $USD

You can also try it out with a 14-day free trial of Wincher.


ProRankTracker is the perfect rank tracker for agencies and consultants to report back to their clients. It stands out from other tools because it can track Amazon rankings, as well as YouTube, Bing, Yahoo search engine results. Plus, ProRankTracker offers an array of features that scale with you—from low starting prices for basic functionality all the way up to advanced level tracking at higher tiers. But its most unique feature has got to be MyRanks: a white label mobile app made just for your business!


ProRankTracker stands out for its easy agency SEO reporting: it has all the customary automated email scheduling functions, plus two appealing report features that you should know about. With these extra benefits, ProRankTracker is an essential part of any successful business toolbox.

Shareable URLs are a game-changer. Thanks to this feature, you can provide your client with a URL that displays rankings in real-time. This allows for effortless ranking reports as part of your weekly workload; it will automatically update and remove the burden from you completely!

There are options to white label these pages, add password protection, and expiration dates.

Level up your business with MyRanks’ white label mobile app. It allows you to easily personalize the platform by adding your own logo and company details, plus provide login credentials for your clients.

If you have clients on the move, this reporting solution is especially useful as most other solutions are pretty subpar on mobile devices. You can generate unlimited user logins, and with support for thirteen languages per-user level; it’s an ideal choice! The Pro plan & above starts from $89/month for 1,000 keywords – a great value considering all of its features.

White labeling

When it comes to white-label reporting options, MyRanks has you covered on all plans. And with Nightwatch included in the package as well, this is one of the most affordable ways to access basic white-label reports. Once you upgrade to Pro & Agency plans, however, you will be able to make use of their exclusive MyRanks app!


ProRankTracker is the perfect solution for tracking website performance, as it offers a variety of features and unbeatable prices. Plus, all plans come with unlimited URLs tracked & reports – so you can scale up your plan based on the volume of keywords needed. Not to mention that their pricing model allows for cost-effectiveness; the more you purchase in terms of keywords tracked, the lower your costs become! Take a look at some example price points below: 

Plan# Of KeywordsCost (Monthly)Cost
$ Per 100 Keywords

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI SEO reporting tool?

An AI SEO reporting tool is software that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and generate reports on a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) performance.

How does an AI SEO reporting tool work?

AI SEO reporting tools typically use algorithms and machine learning to analyze data from a variety of sources, such as website traffic, keyword rankings, and backlinks. The tool then generates a report based on this analysis, providing insights and recommendations for improving a website’s SEO performance.

What types of data does an AI SEO reporting tool analyze?

AI SEO reporting tools can analyze a wide range of data, including website traffic, keyword rankings, backlinks, technical SEO issues, and more.

How accurate are AI SEO reporting tools?

The accuracy of an AI SEO reporting tool can vary depending on the quality and complexity of the algorithms used. In general, AI SEO reporting tools can provide accurate and useful insights, but it is important to validate the data and recommendations against other sources.

Can AI SEO reporting tools replace human SEO analysts?

AI SEO reporting tools can provide valuable insights and recommendations, but they are not a replacement for human expertise. An experienced SEO analyst can provide more in-depth analysis and customized recommendations based on a broader understanding of a business’s goals and industry.

How do I choose the best AI SEO reporting tool?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an AI SEO reporting tool, such as the tool’s accuracy, the range of data it analyzes, its user-friendliness, and its cost. It may be helpful to compare the features and reviews of multiple tools before making a decision.

How do I set up an AI SEO reporting tool?

Setting up an AI SEO reporting tool typically involves creating an account, connecting the tool to your website and relevant data sources, and configuring any desired settings or preferences. The specific steps will vary depending on the tool you are using.

How often should I use an AI SEO reporting tool?

The frequency of use will depend on your needs and goals. Some businesses may benefit from daily or weekly reports, while others may be satisfied with monthly or quarterly reports.

Can AI SEO reporting tools be customized?

Some AI SEO reporting tools may allow you to customize the data and metrics included in the report, as well as the report’s format and appearance.

Are AI SEO reporting tools expensive?

The cost of an AI SEO reporting tool can vary widely, with some tools offering free or low-cost basic plans and others charging higher fees for more advanced features. Be sure to compare the costs and features of multiple tools before making a decision.


In conclusion, SEO reporting tools are an important tool for businesses that want to optimize their online presence and improve their search engine rankings. There are a variety of SEO reporting tools available, including AI-powered tools that use algorithms and machine learning to analyze data and provide insights and recommendations. These tools can be an efficient and effective way to track and improve a website’s SEO performance, but it is important to carefully evaluate the features, accuracy, and cost of different tools before making a decision. Given the roundup of tools mentioned in this post, you will be able to find one that suits your goals and requirements.

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