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ImageFu.com - Design Stunning Digital Buttons and Badges

ImageFu graphics editors are provided for free and require no registration. The style of the button/badge can be heavily customized: choose between several types of background, set any color you like, write multiple lines of text with different fonts and sizes, fully adjust the borders & shadows, etc. Give these image generators a try!

What happened to the old "ImageFu.com"?

ImageFu.com has been acquired by Review Grower! The tool has been upgraded and will remain free of cost.

How to add your button or badge to a website

Theres many ways to add your button or badge to a website, but heres the 2 easiest ways.

Option #1: Copy & Paste The Button/Badge URL

Option #2: Download the Button/Badge Image

There are a few different file types to choose from. Pick the one that you prefer and hit the download button. Simple as that!
Next, just upload your button image to your website.
To add your button to your website, email, or social media, first upload the image file. Then, depending on where you’re adding it, follow the steps below.
For a website: Upload the image and place the button where you want it to appear.
For email: Upload the image file to your computer and then attach it to your email.
For social media: Save the image to your computer, then upload it to your social media profile according to that platform’s instructions.
The images you create are yours. You are free to use them for any purpose without restriction.

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