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Leverage Our Review Cards With QR Code To Get New Reviews

One More Way To Get More Reviews

Review Growers’s customer review cards are small paper or online flyers that you may hand out to your consumers or send with their purchases so they have another way to provide you a review.


Easily Scan The QR Code

Customers may leave a review for you by simply scanning the QR code on our Smart Review Cards with their smartphone


Custom Short Link

We provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-remember custom short link printed on your review card to allow customers to submit online reviews using the short link for those unfamiliar with QR codes.


Easily Brand To Your Business

Our Review Cards are custom designed to look and feel like your own unique business. Easily change out the color scheme and fonts to match those used on your own website. The Review Cards’ design makes it simple to add your own logo to them. It’s simple to match your branding and company information so that you’re consistent with your brand identity and how other business print and digital materials look and feel.


Fully Trackable Review Cards

Our amazing quality Review Cards are connected to your Review Grower account, allowing you to analyze and track your performance, analytics and conversion rate for reviews.


Easily Resized Review Cards

Business cards size
Post cards size


Reviews Cards are a great way for small businesses to get more feedback from their consumers and a major source of online reviews for companies that don’t have direct contact information for their customers, such as restaurants, entertainment program producers, local business, bar, coffee shops, etc.
Or for anyone who has clients who pay in person. Happy customers that leave reviews are todays referrals. Google reviews and a great review profile are the fastest and easy way to grow your business without spending more money on advertising. Try out our great cards today, and start getting more reviews on the online platforms that matter to your local business.

Sample Review cards

purple and white sign side by side
green and white sign side by side
blue and white sign with QR code
two signs side by side

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