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Amazon.com is a vast Internet-based enterprise that sells books, music, movies, housewares, electronics, toys, and many other goods, either directly or as the middleman between other retailers and Amazon.com’s millions of customers.

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Add Your Amazon Profile

Step 2

Add Your Amazon Profile

Click On Review Platforms, choose Amazon from the list, and connect your Amazon  account to gather Amazon  reviews for your widget.

Step 3

Create Your Widget

How To Setup Amazon Widget

  1. Go to Widgets in the sidebar
  2. Click on Create Widget button
  3. Customize & Configure To Your Liking

You can leave it as is or you can customize it all you want! All your choice!

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Show Positive Reviews From Amazon On Your Website

Why would I want to use Reviewgrower’s Amazon Review Widget? More reviews. More Trust. Higher Conversions. More Sales

  1. Increase conversions by adding real user reviews
  2. Boost sales by publishing your good reviews
Show Positive Reviews From Amazon On Your Website
Embed Amazon Reviews On Your Website With Review Grower Widget

Embed Amazon Reviews On Your Website With Review Grower Widget

Amazon’s operation is mainly in three aspects, one is the selection of products and the goods; the second is product optimization; the third is product promotion; every link needs to be carefully grasped and analyzed, and slowly your store will get better and better.

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Easily Customize To Your Needs & Your Style

Customize Your Layout

Choose the widget style and set up the color

  1. Choose a style you want to use
  2. Then optionally change the colors
Customize Your Layout Amazon
Customize Your Header Amazon

Customize Your Header

Set up your widget’s heading’s font size, color,and alignment

  1. Turn on/off
  2. Font Sizing
  3. Font Color
  4. Text Alignment

Customize Your Feed

Choose where to get your reviews from

  1. Show Profile pic
  2. Show Date
  3. Show Stars
  4. Show Review Site
  5. Only Show Reviews with Profile Pic
  6. Show Full Review text or Short Text
  7. Choose Pagination or button
  8. Turn on or Off Specific Sources
Customize Your Feed Amazon
Customize Your Filters Amazon

Customize Your Filters

Filter your reviews – you can even set it up so that it only shows 5-star reviews!

  1. Review Sorting
  2. Minimum Star Ratings
  3. Plus filter by Keyword to Include or exclude

Custom CSS

You can customize even further with Custom CSS– the possibilities are endless!

  1. Need even more flexibility we got you covered!
  2. Unlimited customization options.
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Embed Code Amazon

How To Embed Amazon Reviews On Website

Filter your reviews – you can even set it up so that it only shows 5-star reviews!

  1. Review Sorting
  2. Minimum Star Ratings
  3. Plus filter by Keyword to Include or exclude

Easy Embed Guides: Showcase Reviews from Leading Platforms

Boost your site's trust with simple steps to display reviews from various platforms.

How To Show Google Reviews Widget On Your Website Free & Fast
How To Show Facebook Reviews Widget On Your Website Free & Fast
How To Show Yelp Reviews Widget On Your Website Free & Fast

More Platforms, More Reviews: Explore Additional Embed Options

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Ricardo James


Reviewgrower is one of the best review platforms on the market. To help your clients with their review management and review marketing then this is the software you need to look at to help improve their online reputation. I must admit I have not used the tool to it's full potential but that is my aim as I will be utilizing all the features that it comes with to help my clients grow.

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Josen Ruiseco


Review Grower is a powerful tool for growing Google Business Listing reviews from real customers. It can be used individually for your business or as an agency where you help many businesses. Either way, the tool is well put together and is constantly expanding its features and capabilities.

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Jason Yesser


Great company that is constantly developing their software to help you get more reviews, market those reviews, and grow your local business using the internet. I use Review Grower for my clients and they are all very happy!

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Randy Grabler


Review Grower has been a great addition to my Agency and gets great results for my clients. New features are being added on an ongoing basis.

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Tom Simon


You will not find a better value in a review generation platform! This software covers all of the essentials such as sending out review requests via email and SMS, monitoring reviews, white labeling, supporting tons of review platforms and the like. On top of that, they are constantly adding new features and listen to their customer base. They actually care about their customers and actively solicit their feedback and enhancement requests. The support staff is very responsive. Highly recommended!

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Paul Wakefield


Great platform for Reputation Marketing and Management. I have had several customers provide glowing reports on how it's helping them. And the team behind this platform is constantly improving it. Well worth the time to check it out.

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