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The Founders Story – The Reason Review Grower Exists Today

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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When my brother started his water damage restoration business we quickly recognized that we could beat the competition if we position the business well on the internet.

One of our key drivers is that we follow up with reviews, as this does build customer trust and increases search engine ranking.

After some months of automating and following up with our customers, we moved to the first page of Google for multiple keywords. (grossing $60k+/month, 16 months old).

To help other businesses repeat in my brothers footsteps we created Reviewgrower.

Our mission with ReviewGrower is simple: you’ll automatically get more 5 star reviews, easily market them on social media, increase conversions by embedding them on your website and be protected from negative reviews.

We’d love for you to try us out, you can get started for free.

2 Responses

2 thoughts on “The Founders Story – The Reason Review Grower Exists Today”

  1. Bitte entschuldigen Sie mir mein Deutsch als ich ausser Uebung bin.

    Mein vater ist von Hamburg (Altona Nachbarschaft?) and meine Mutter kommt von die Naehe von Chemnitz (ehemahlige “Karl Marx Stadt”).

    Ich sehe dass Ihre ‘software’ arbeitet in Deutschland,… arbeitet es auch so gut in Amerika?

    Ich danke Ihnen fuer deine Hilfe.

    Alles beste!

    Kevin Puls

    1. Kevin, you’re braver than me typing in the second language.

      The answer is yes, this works in the USA. Should work wherever – Google is Google. I know we support multiple currencies in the back end so clearly not a one-country solution.

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