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Best SEO Reporting Software Tools for 2023

Best SEO Reporting Software Tools

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

By 2023, the competition will be fierce in organic search for both internal SEOs and agencies alike. With the right SEO reporting tool, however, you can get an advantage over your rivals and gain a foothold on top of search engine rankings.

SEO reporting tools provide you with data-driven information that will help you to achieve your goals quickly. These reports give a clear indication of which tactics are successful and where it would be most effective to allocate resources, allowing companies to avoid wasting money on strategies that don’t generate results. Additionally, these reports can also be used as a powerful presentation tool when trying to persuade stakeholders or other decision-makers.

With so many SEO reporting software solutions on the market, it can be hard to determine the best choice.

What to Look for in the best SEO Reporting Tools

If you’re looking to skyrocket your website’s search engine rankings, it pays off to invest in SEO reporting tools. These incredible services track metrics such as backlinks, visits, keyword usage, ranking, and URL – all of which are essential for a successful online presence. Not only do they aid with keyword research and competitor analysis but also provide methods for auditing technical issues on the website itself! The ultimate goal is finding an SEO tool that fits your business needs, yet some features should always be considered when making this decision:

  • Ease of use: Seek out a user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation for optimal results. Dodge any interfaces that appear too intricate to use.
  • Excellent reporting features: When selecting SEO reporting tools, make sure they have essential primary features such as position tracking, backlink monitoring, and competitor analytics. These are key elements for successful search engine optimization efforts.
  • SEO optimization tools: Place your emphasis on keyword exploration and technical SEO advice to ensure optimal success.
  • Scalability: As your business expands, your SEO reporting tools should provide comprehensive reports that encompass data from multiple sources.
  • Advanced features: Utilizing the best SEO reporting tools can revolutionize your online business. For instance, assess if certain platforms offer report customization and white-label reporting for agencies – these features will make a significant difference in running your digital operations successfully!

Finding the Best SEO Reporting Tool

While there are numerous SEO reporting tools available, it is essential to find the best that tailor-fit your plan of action. To make your search easier, here are some top-notch options we recommend you try! Investing in the right SEO reporting tool can be a great advantage for any business.


SurferSEO is a flourishing AI-based SEO aid made specifically for content creators, marketing bureaus, and search engine optimization professionals. This groundbreaking platform allows you to craft fully optimized material with its core program that produces customized SEO briefs based on your inputted keyword/s. Make sure your website stands out from the rest by utilizing SurferSEO!

SurferSEO is the perfect tool for improving content on your website, blog, and landing pages. It works by scanning SERPs, analyzing top-ranking articles with 500 signals, and utilizing AI to determine ideal content – all of which allow it to provide an instant Content Score as you write! When you need help ranking for a target keyword or phrase Surfer can generate an SEO briefing full of useful guidelines that will give you greater visibility in search engine results:

  • The average content length
  • Keyword density and frequency
  • Semantic terms

Are you looking to enhance your SEO reporting and promote content health? Enter existing webpages into the Content Audit, as well as Surfer’s SERP analyzer for in-depth SEO analysis of each page. You’ll receive a score for every page along with suggestions on how to improve its performance. Plus, it will compare your pages against those from high-ranking competitors!

To discover FAQs that are relevant to your topic and search queries, visit the Brief tab for “topics and questions.” Here you’ll find a wealth of potentially useful ideas!


  • Excellent for content writing in huge volumes
  • Optimize your existing pages and generate new ones with ease
  • A comprehensive SEO report that analyzes both your and your competitors’ websites with invaluable insights.
  • The Outline Builder harnesses the power of AI to provide users with helpful text and header suggestions.
  • User-friendly


  • To reach your full potential, fine-tune the briefings by removing or adding precise keywords. Even though this may be seen as a feature of the product, it still requires some time to complete.

SE Ranking

If you want to boost your keyword rankings, SE Ranking should be your go-to reporting tool. It offers an array of data from different sources, allowing you to quickly identify the most impactful keywords. With SE Rankings platform at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to improve visibility on search engine results pages!

SE Ranking not only allows you to supervise keyword ranking and suggestions, but it will also help you keep tabs on your competitors. With SE Ranking’s automated feature, you can easily pinpoint openings where other similar websites are being outranked by yours. On top of that, the backlink explorer lets you explore all linking chances available! Additionally, its built-in website crawler helps identify any SEO issues with your site right away so that they can be addressed promptly.

SE Ranking is a revolutionary tool that allows you to track your SEO metrics and social media scores, all in one place. This bonus feature will give you the power of having an eagle-eye view into how both elements are performing – giving greater insight on where improvements need to be made and when milestones have been achieved.


  • It handles social media metrics as well as SEO metrics
  • Know your competitor’s strategies with its analysis tools
  • Harnesses the power of keywords to create a comprehensive marketing plan
  • Uncovers valuable linking opportunities with Backlink explorer – allowing you to maximize the potential of your website and drive more traffic.
  • Its Website crawler is incredibly effective in highlighting any issues on your site in a matter of minutes.


  • Few prospects for personalizing reports


If you want to gain more insight, the best way is by creating a great dashboard that displays information from multiple SEO tools. Without this kind of visual representation, it would be impossible to truly gauge your progress and move forward with an effective SEO strategy.

Databox is a reporting tool specifically designed for SEOs, allowing you to easily and quickly compile data from multiple platforms in an attractive visual format. The app is simple to use with its straightforward interface – customizing your dashboard takes no time at all! Moreover, Databox also offers near real-time updates on reports so that you can always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Utilize the integration marketplace to access data from Moz, Google Search Console and Google Analytics. If you’re a marketing agency looking for an easy way to present your insights with clients, create personalized reports that reflect your brand image.


  • over 2000+ integrations. 
  • Customizable dashboarding that gives you the information you require.
  • Best for SEO, sales, eCommerce, dropshipping, marketing automation, conversion, etc.
  • Considered the best SEO reporting software options for agencies.
  • Supports Google search console and other tools to fetch information in real-time
  • SEO reports are made easy with hundreds of dashboard examples and templates. 


  • Not an SEO tool by itself. 

This tool is perfect for anyone looking to combine their reporting into a single environment. Databox offers an unbeatable free forever plan that provides access to the first three data sources starting today!


SEMRush is the go-to tool for deep website analytics, allowing you to access and analyze a wealth of data related to keywords, PPC opportunities, competitor rankings, SEO and more. Not only does SEMRush provide these insights in an intuitively organized dashboard but it also provides valuable information on search intent as well as how to maximize your domain authority. Take advantage of this incredible tool today and start improving your web performance!

The Writing Assistant within the SEMRush toolkit is especially intriguing. Utilize it to fine-tune your article or content based on what’s ranking in Google. This add-on will review your material for uniqueness and enhance readability levels at the same time! There is a massive marketing community connected with this platform, making collaboration easier than ever before.


  • ·      Excellent for competitor analysis
  • ·      Detailed information on site performance and how to improve it
  • ·      Location-based searches for local competition
  • ·      Notifications if your ranking changes
  • ·      Lots of domain reports available even on entry-level plans


  • ·      Some of the competitive analysis features cost extra.
  • ·      Ranking information is only on Google, while competitors like Ahrefs also include other search engines. 

Raven Tools

If you own a marketing agency, Raven Tools is the perfect software for analyzing search engine data. Not only can it be fully white-labeled so that your clients see your brand as opposed to Raven Tool’s name, but it also gives an in-depth assessment of social shares and campaigns. Every detail of the cloud-based SEO report will help boost success rates with each marketing initiative!

With only a few clicks, Raven Tools allows you to do it all! You can spy on competitors and uncover their keyword strategies. Create and monitor SEO campaigns. Monitor backlinks. Plus, easily access data from outside sources – making this the perfect program for both small businesses who need straightforward reporting as well as agencies aiming to build up their professional reputation!


  • Connect various data sources on one report
  • Support for competitor analysis and web analytics
  • monitor marketing campaigns
  • white labeling support


  • Custom reports are tough to create


Ahrefs stands alone as one of the top search engine optimization reporting tools on the market. At our company, we use it for comprehensive SEO reports and can vouch for its effectiveness in helping you gain insights into your website performance.

By utilizing Ahrefs to examine multiple SEO reports, you can strengthen your content, build successful outreach campaigns and skyrocket to the top of organic rankings.

SEO Site Audit

Take your SEO to the next level with our regularly scheduled site audits. It scans for broken pages, errors, and technical issues like page loading speed, images, and internal linkages that could affect your SERP rankings! All of the data is easily accessible from a single dashboard where you can track performance over time – weekly or monthly.

When it comes to unearthing backlink prospects, and content gaps and amplifying domain authority, there’s no better tool than Ahrefs – with its expansive backlink index globally.

Ahrefs is one of the premier SEO reporting software available with regard to keyword and link metrics. Not only can you analyze numerous keywords, but also gain a comprehensive understanding of each keyword’s difficulty score as well as how your website ranks in SERPS.


  • Automated reports
  • Keep track of rankings over time
  • Site crawling capabilities
  • Actionable SEO insights
  • Huge backlink index


  • Expensive
  • Too many features make it confusing for beginners
  • There are a few instances of reports where backlinks aren’t really lost.

Experience the power of Ahrefs at a fraction of the cost – with a 7 day, $7 trial!

Google Data Studio & Google Analytics

Achieving a higher ranking on Google search is the goal of many businesses. Fortunately, Google offers an effective and free-to-use tool to help you reach your goals—Google Data Studio. This software aids businesses in transforming analytics data from various sources into informative graphs and charts that allow them to better understand their customer base. With its ease of use, it’s no wonder why so many companies are turning to Google Analytics 360 suite for their business needs!

With GDS Reports, you can customize and tweak your reports with ease. Whether it be fonts, labels, colors, borders, or sizes – the choice is yours! You may even choose to drag and fit chart metrics into place as well as add a logo of your own onto documents. For added convenience for viewers who access these documents often; consider integrating your dashboard with an HTML embed code so that audiences no longer need to sign in every time they use Data Studio.

Google Data Studio is designed to synergize with BigQuery, Google Analytics and Google Sheets to maximize efficiency.


  • Modern and interactive data visualizations
  • Templates for reports
  • Data is being fetched from different sources
  • Google Suite integration and collaboration with teams


  • export file formats (PDF, CSV) are limited
  • No reports of automation support

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an essential SEO software that helps you boost your search engine rankings and gain visibility. With access to keyword research, rank tracking, performance reports, broken link identification tools and competitor data analysis – Moz has everything you need to take your website’s success up a notch!

With the keyword explorer, you can unlock 500,000+ keywords that are perfect for content marketing and organic traffic. Not just that: Each term also has a priority score backed by search engine research and competitor insights.

Are you searching for the optimal SEO tool to manage your links? Moz’s Link Explorer is your best bet, with an index of over 40 trillion external links! On top of that, their site crawl feature can be used to evaluate any technical issues within your website. This entails missing title tags as well as incorrect redirects and duplicate content. With this robust suite of tools from Moz, you’ll never have issue managing or troubleshooting again!


  • Discover relevant keywords and ranking opportunities in a jiffy
  • Competitor’s rank for keywords is easy to see
  • The audit made easy with On-page grader for websites
  • Easily tracks your keywords across all major search engines
  • Easy to use


  • Lack of customization options for SEO data
  • Can’t manage link outreach


Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to take your SEO campaign up a notch? Look no further than Growthbar! This powerful platform provides an array of features that will not only increase the flow of conversions but also boost domain authority. Get ahead with Growthbar’s comprehensive suite of tools today!

Growthbar’s keyword research tool is the perfect option for targeting assistance. Not only can you measure each keyword’s quality based on search volume, CPC value, and search engine ranking, but it also helps ensure that your content stands out in the crowd. Unlock unprecedented success by utilizing Growthbar today!

Growthbar allows you not just to outline content but also to suggest AI-based keywords for your creation. Moreover, it helps you track search engine rankings for particular phrases so that you can compare them against other contenders in the industry. With GrowthBar, tracking domain authority is a breeze, and analyzing backlinks is effortless; plus, digital ads & traffic volume are only clicking away!


  • Easy-to-use
  • Chrome extension makes it easy to check page rankings
  • keyword research has no limits
  • Affordable packages 


  • Basic backlink monitoring
  • keyword suggestions don’t come with a difficulty score

Choosing the best SEO Reporting Tool

These days, discovering a dependable SEO reporting tool is far simpler than it was in the past. The world of SEO has seen tremendous expansion and development, resulting in more choices available to you – no longer are you confined exclusively to Google Search Console and Google Analytics!

While Google webmaster tools remain beneficial, modern SEO reporting tools take your strategy to the next level.

Get the edge on your competition and track their performance with these tools that gather data from Google and other search engines. Keep an eye out for any server errors, as well as regional campaign metrics with precise analytics – just like the pros do!

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