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Mobile Apps for Hiking Enthusiasts: The Definitive List of Best Travel Directories

best travel directories

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Smartphones and tablets have long been integral to modern man’s life. In addition to the usual calls and sending messages, they help to navigate the city, find necessary information, save notes, save important data, and much more. Is it worth saying that when traveling, sometimes it is simply indispensable? Especially since there are many specialized applications for finding tickets, accommodation, cafes, and restaurants, orienting on the terrain, and planning a trip.

For you, we have selected 30 of the best apps that will be useful for hiking enthusiasts. Choose, download, and use these applications to make your vacation, for example, in the Tour du Mont Blanc, even more comfortable and easier. Here are the lists categorized according to their specific functionalities.

Finding bargain plane, train, or bus tickets is a challenging task. Some mobile applications collect information from different travel companies, sort the options, filter them, and offer them to you. Thus, by selecting the desired destination and travel dates and by adding other important information with the help of filters, you can find fairly inexpensive tickets. Some apps can also help you book tickets and then buy them.


It is a handy app for finding airline tickets, as well as information about discounts, promotions, and special offers.


It is one of the biggest systems containing information about almost all airlines. The application allows you to find several flight options on the same route and compare prices, conditions, and times, allowing you to choose the best and most comfortable flight.

Flight Tracker +

This app lets you find airport information, terminal maps, and specific flights by number or route. You can also track the status of your flight and the movements of loved ones.


An app for finding bus routes between cities and countries in Europe. It contains information about time, place of departure, and route features, which is very important for independent travelers.


Service for finding fellow travelers. Suppose you are going on a tour of du Mont Blanc. Thanks to BlaBlaCar, you can find a driver traveling in the same direction as you and go with him for a small amount of money. If you are a driver and want to save on gasoline, you can also leave your application to find passengers and company simultaneously.

My Train Companion

This app allows you to plan your train trip, buy tickets, save them to your phone, and find information about all flights and stations.

Top Travel Directories: Accommodation

The second important part of a hiking trip is finding accommodation. Special apps can help you quickly and inexpensively find a comfortable hotel, motel, inn, hostel, apartment, or private room. Additional filters and features will help you find the ideal travel business option, even if you have specific or non-standard requests.


It is an application that will help you quickly find comfortable and inexpensive hotel accommodations nearby. It contains hundreds of offers from a dozen different accommodation booking systems.


It is one of the most famous platforms for booking accommodation. It contains information on more than 450,000 hotels. Search by various criteria; convenient filters help you find what you need.


A great service that helps you find accommodation from private individuals at great prices. You can rent an apartment or just a room!


Trivago is an accommodation search app that will help you find good accommodation even the day before your trip. The database contains over 700,000 offers, so every hiking enthusiast will find something based on their budget and preferences.


It is an app that helps you find free accommodation in any city on a lonely planet, make new friends, and create fond memories.


A hotel search app with a huge database. The app’s quick and easy search, huge database of hotels, and convenient booking system make it so popular.

Hotel Tonight

It is an app for those who have a sudden change of plans and have no place to stay. The service will find you an inexpensive hotel and help you book a room the same day.

Top Travel Directories: Maps

It is not always convenient to carry traditional maps, and the information on them is not always so detailed and up-to-date. The best way out of this situation is offline maps, which you can download to your phone or tablet and then conveniently use to make marks and record comments. We have selected the most famous and convenient map apps for you.

Around me

An indispensable assistant in a foreign country. It will help you find the nearest ATMs, parking lots, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Select from the list the type of institution you need, and the program will prompt all places with working hours, contact information, and coordinates.

Google Maps

It is the most famous and widespread application. Easy navigation, photos, route guidance, information about objects, and other useful features are in one application. The only disadvantage is that you need internet access (if you can’t connect to the internet permanently, you can download a section of the map and use it on the road).

MAPS.ME: Offline maps GPS Nav

One of the most famous map apps. Works without internet access. You download the necessary cities or countries from home to your device and then use it without worrying about traffic.

City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps 

Analog of MAPS.ME, but less detailed. It is very convenient and well-made.

Pin Drop – Map Your World

A service that allows you to put marks on the map in places where you have been. This way, you can record your impressions or small comments as a keepsake.

Top Travel Directories: Guides With Travel Articles

Where to go? What to see? What should we pay special attention to, and what is not worth the time? Travel guide apps will answer all these questions. They contain a lot of helpful information. You, as a traveler, just need to download the necessary countries to your phone or tablet and then use them even without connecting to the Internet. Here is the list of the best travel guide apps.

Sygic Travel Maps Trip Planner

Going on a spontaneous trekking trip with nothing planned? No problem! Sygic Travel app is a universal planner that will help you organize your vacation and find the most interesting destinations, places, and attractions.

LoungeBuddy Airport Lounges 

An app that tells you how to entertain yourself and pass the time at the airport if your flight is delayed. It is an awesome travel guide app.

World Explorer

Sightseeing guide. Shows the nearest places of interest, as well as the ratings of users who have already visited them.

Other Useful Apps for Hiking Enthusiasts

There are many useful apps for modern hiking enthusiasts! Below, we have tried to collect the most necessary and useful applications for hiking. With them, you can pack suitcases, call a cab, find a toilet in an unfamiliar city, and transfer currency at the current exchange rate.  


The app helps you control your expenses when hiking. Record your spending regularly or take photos of receipts if you want to do it later.

Toilet Finder

An app that helps you quickly find toilets that are nearby. It works in many countries worldwide and has a huge database of toilets.


Thanks to the app, you can compare prices and different offers for your route to choose the most suitable one. You can also monitor the car’s location in real time.

XE Currency

It is a fast and handy currency converter that is always with you. Every traveler must have it on their mobile.

TripIt: Travel Planner 

It is a handy app for personal travel planning. It contains detailed information about your trip: flights, hotels, dates, and tickets. It reminds you of important events, activities, and scheduled meetings.


Transportation navigator for major cities. It helps you create the best route from point A to point B (by public transportation, with transfers, on foot, or by bike), as well as find out the price of transportation and arrival time in real-time.


It provides accurate data on temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation, and atmospheric pressure. Subscription is paid. There are several usage options (regular and premium).


Love wine and want to know for sure what to try when trekking? This app will help with wine selection in any country in the world. You can set parameters and see the rating with prices and reviews. It also has a separate feature – scanning the label in a store or restaurant and learning users’ opinions about this drink.


The application is created to help you find interesting places like shopping malls. Its address, photos of dishes, its interior, and, most importantly, other users’ reviews are included. After reading a few of them, you can draw a conclusion about the cuisine, attitude to visitors, coziness, and general level of the cafe or restaurant.


Mobile apps have revolutionized the hiking experience for enthusiasts, offering many tools and resources to enhance safety, navigation, and enjoyment on the trails. The accessibility and convenience of these apps empower individuals to explore the travel industry while fostering a sense of community among outdoor adventurers. As technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for enhancing outdoor experiences are limitless, leaving hikers eagerly anticipating the innovations yet to come.

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