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Veterinary Reputation Management

Let’s talk about BIG data. Our team searched for the key phrase “veterinary in [city]” using the top 200 cities in the United States.

 Using the data we gathered, we found that:

Veterinary with the highest rating:

The veterinary with the highest rating is Private Veterinary Services/Mobile Pet Doc with a rating of 5.0 on Google with 84 positive reviews. Here’s their most recent positive review:

I met Dr. McKendry when I switched to a different Veterinary Hospital in the 90s, after a very reputable Vet Clinic, made an unforgivable surgical mistake mistake on one if my Min-Pins. A few years later, that same dog experienced a blockage, and was diagnosed with diabetes. When they mentioned injections, I began to panic. But Dr McKendry seemed to understand, and was very patient with me, unlike most Vets I had experienced. After she taught me how to give the insulin shot correctly, she even made herself available after hours, that first week. It was a relief just to know I had her number if a problem did arise. I followed her all the way out to Volvo Pkwy  for a few years, and then to the V.B. SPCA clinic, where she cared for my dogs, until she went to work for VB Animal Control. My diabetic dog, lived for over six years. I’ve never met anyone yet, who had a diabetic pet who lived longer, and I attribute that all to Dr  McKendry. Incidentally, she was also right there to support me through the emotional moments, when I had to make the decision to let them go. Around a year later, I decided to get a little JRT, and may not have, if I had known she was going to Animal Control.Though I am glad I did now. I finally found a Vet I liked, and after a few years, he retired and sold out near the beginning of the Pandemic. Because of their drop-off outside policy, I never even got to meet the new owners, who were the DVM’s, and that’s fairly important to me. But when I found that Dr. McKendry had started this mobile clinic, that was all over. We had our first appointment the other day, and nothing has changed. Dr. McKendry still looks like she just got out of Vet School, same as nearly twenty years ago, when I first met her. I was surprised at how reasonable the prices are, though it wouldn’t have mattered to me. If you love your pets; then you should give them a try.


Veterinary with the lowest rating:

The lowest rated veterinary is Cottage Animal Hospital with a rating of 3.9 stars on Google and 88 reviews. Here’s their most recent negative review, where the customer gave a 1-star review:

The worst experience I have ever had they verbally insulted me called the animal control on me for refusing their outrageous treatment amount.

This is after I agree to a over $500 treatment they came back and wanted $1000 more I said to them I would take my dog somewhere else they became outraged and verbally insulted with “ f bombs “

Beware of this place they just want your money they don’t care for your pet not sure how they can sleep at night specially the vet  and one nasty a.


Veterinary with the most number of reviews:

Central Veterinary Hospital has the most number of reviews from Google, which is 993 and has a rating of 4.8 stars. Here’s the highest-rated, most recent review they received:

“I am in the process of changing each of my pets care to Central Veterinary Hospital. We love our previous vet but the distance is just too far. I was nervous not knowing what to expect, but we have actually had to take two of our dogs within 3 days of each other as new patient/sick visit. Not only did they get us in quick, they made us feel so welcome. You can tell that each employee truly loves animals. The pricing was more than fair and I was very touched to see a sign on their door asking clients to remain quiet upon entry as they had a family helping their baby cross the rainbow bridge. So much respect all around for the entire facility. We have definitely found our new vet home.”

And their lowest:

“I really don’t  agree with the high prices of this place! I took my five month old dog and they charged me almost $600 USD and told me he had nothing! I brought him home and he hasn’t stopped crying! THEY CHARGED ME TO WAKE HIM UP AFTER SEDATION! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL!”


Veterinary with the least number of reviews:

The veterinary with the least number of reviews is Hearst Veterinary Services with 8 reviews, and a rating of 4.6 stars. Here’s the most recent review:

“They are very friendly and very good with our furry friends!!”


The average number of reviews for the top 200 veterinaries:

The average number of reviews for all top 200 sites is 232.95 reviews.


The # 1 review site for the top 200 veterinaries:

There’s no doubt that Google is the top review site. They have over 63,000 employees and own some of the world’s top sites, including YouTube and Blogger. Plus, they’re constantly innovating, with new products and features being released all the time. But what makes Google so successful? Here are some key factors:

  • They have a huge user base. Over 2 billion people use Google each month, which gives them a lot of data to work with.

  • They’re constantly improving their algorithms. Google is always tweaking its algorithms to make sure they’re providing the best results for users.

  • They’re good at promoting their products. Google does a great job of promoting its products and getting them in front of users.

  • They have a simple design. Google’s design is clean and simple, which makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for.

All of these factors contribute to Google’s success as a review site. They have a massive user base, they’re always improving their algorithms, and they’re good at promoting their products. Plus, their simple design makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. Consequently, it’s no surprise that Google is the top review site.


If you’re an veterinarian or a veterinary clinic, then you know how important online reviews are, which is essentially the biggest factor when it comes to online reputation. Positive reviews can bring in new customers, while a bad one can drive them away for good. That’s why it’s important to have a review management platform in place to help you get more reviews, keep track of your reviews and respond quickly to any negative ones.

With ReviewGrower, veterinaries automatically get more 5-star reviews, market them on social media, increase conversions by embedding them on their websites, and be protected from negative reviews. It’s the only online reputation management platform you need


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