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Geo Grid Local Google Business Rank Tracking (Coming Soon)

Local Rankings Have Evolved And Today Are More Complex Than Just a Single Ranking Number… See How Your Business Ranks In Every Corner Of Your City

See Where You Rank Across Your Entire Addressable Market

Google has made significant changes to how it delivers local search results during the previous several years. It places a higher value on the searcher’s location than ever before. It’s no longer about where you are on the page or what listing number you have; it’s all about where you rank in your city now.

Our geogrid rank tracking software has unique technology to assist you to track your visibility in local search. Our coordinate-based grid displays your Google Business, “GBP”, “map pack”, “snack pack” local pack rankings in a location-based map to help you visualize your results.

Who Is Google Business Geo Grid Rank Tracking For?

  1. Business Owners & In-House Marketing Teams – Visually see how your local search engine optimization efforts are working, track local rankings and get the insights to adjust and grow your strategy
  2. Marketing Agencies & Freelancers – Great way to visually show your clients how you’re helping them, get more eyeballs on their GMB listing, which in return gets more calls and sales

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I track service area businesses (SAB’s)?

Yes, you can even track service area businesses with Review Grower’s Grid Rank Tracker with our SAB add-on.

Can I schedule automated reports?

Of course, an important part of a google local search strategy is tracking your local search visibility over time with regularly scheduled reports.

Can I export my Grids?

Sure can, you can export a pdf or an image of each of your local rankings grids.

How do credits work?

You’ll pay for your Google Places API through the Google Places API Platform. The GeoGrid SAB module will eventually use a system of credits in the future, but not yet.

Can I export a white-label geo grid report?

Yes, of course, we make it easy to add your own logo, and or completely unbrand the reports and image exports.

Can I track a business’s rankings that have multiple locations?

If the business has multiple Google Business Profiles, formerly Google My Business Profiles, don’t fret we can in fact track all your listings and local search results.

Will I still need a regular local search rank checker?

Yes, you will still need a local rank tracking service to track the bigger picture efforts of your local SEO marketing campaigns.

How do you compare to local viking? local brand manager, bright local, local falcon, or surfer local?

Local SEO, and local serps have been our teams livelihood for over a decade. Review Grower started in the reputation management side of the industry because reviews are the #2 ranking factor in Google.

As we’ve quickly risen in the industry and released a ton of new features competing with the venture-backed and vc backed companies we decided it was time to roll out our logical next set of features.

We’re excited to bring you a new solution that’s highly competitive on features, and pricing. Plus gives you a whole arsenal of tools built for local businesses not just geo-grid rank tracking.

We’re excited to be the new addition to your favorite rank tracking tools.

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