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Free Local SEO Audit

What Are Local Business Citations?

Gain Valuable Insights Into the Key Factors That Influence Your Local Search Ranking With Our Comprehensive Local SEO Audit

Some Of Local SEO Audit Checks We Do

Links & Website Authority

An examination of several important SEO indicators that influence your local business site’s organic performance.

On-Site SEO

We’ll review on-site SEO factors of your website, either visible on the page or in the code of your website (which you can’t see, but search engines can) that affect the site’s local search rankings.

View Online or Download the PDF

You’ll be able to review your report anytime via a link right after you submit your company information. You’ll also have a chance to download a PDF version to share around the office.

More Local SEO Audit Resources

We’ll look at how consistent your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is throughout the web. This is a key factor in Local SEO rankings.

Local rankings have evolved and today are more complex than just a single ranking number… see how your business ranks in every corner of your city.

We’ll pull all your reviews, and present your aggregate rating and total count of reviews. We’ll show your most recent reviews and your most recent negative reviews. Lastly, we do sentiment analysis on all the reviews to help you understand from a high level what’s happening.

We report back on your total reviews, avg. rating and score on each site. We also display the most recent 10 reviews across all these sites.

Google My Business Listing Audit (Coming Soon)

We’ll go over your Google My Business Listings, examining a number of critical metrics and standards. We compare your website to the top ten companies in your region.

Select your location, add your keywords and we’ll bring you back localized search results.

Who Should Be Doing Comple Local SEO Audits

When it comes to a local business, a local SEO strategy and ranking in the local search results should be their #1 priority. Why? Because no other marketing channel will deliver a higher return on investment for the volume of customers it sends. Our free tool will give you a local SEO audit checklist of improvements to make, to help your local business listing rank inside Google Maps, and in the organic search results.

Frequently Asked questions

Yes! We want to help you improve your local SEO ranking. We also want to show you how our tool can be valuable for tracking progress over time.

We’ll send you an email with a link to your report right away. The whole process takes about 30 seconds.

We’ll still show you the report. But with the report, we will recommend ways that you can improve your local SEO ranking and fix issues we find.

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