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Local Viking Review: The GMB Posting Software to Boost Your Google Ranking

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Are you searching for a tool to manage your Google My Business accounts and rank better on local searches so that more customers can find you? Then look no further. Read this Local Viking review to check out one of the best ways to manage your GMB accounts.

In this article, you will learn how to increase your GMB’s visibility exponentially and draw in more prospective clients, ultimately resulting in higher profits.

What is Local Viking?

Local Viking simplifies GMB management with a comprehensive software suite, allowing you to effortlessly schedule your GMB posts, rank locations, manage reviews and protect listings from malicious user edits – all on one dashboard. Plus, the platform offers an array of tracking capabilities to make reporting incredibly convenient.

GMB platform’s primary goal is to boost your visibility among those looking for the products and services you offer, thus maximizing revenue growth.

A team of experienced developers and SEO experts created this system to provide agencies, local businesses, and other organizations with a proven solution for increasing visibility on Google. Their track record speaks for itself – building robust SEO solutions that generate more customers quickly.

Local Viking has been a crucial asset for hundreds of companies striving to conquer their search engine optimization objectives. They claim to leverage the industry’s most cutting-edge technology, practices, and tools to produce an unparalleled system that gives entrepreneurs and small businesses access to invaluable marketing solutions all in one place.

Perfect for teams dispersed across multiple regions, Local Viking’s dashboard offers a seemingly limitless number of sub-users. With the basic plan, you can easily assign certain members as admins to different locations while managing up to 10 listings – perfect if your business is an agency.

This intuitive system offers numerous features to help you tackle obstacles that regularly plague businesses when using Google My Business – making it simpler than ever before.

Who are the people behind Local Viking?

Two people made this GMB management software. Mark Luckenbaugh and Chaz Edwards own Local Viking.

With a prominent presence in the SEO realm, these two owners have helped thousands of local companies to be more visible and build an automated reporting system for Google My Business. Their expertise has proven invaluable as they are considered go-to local SEO experts.

Their impressive portfolio of brands includes Web2.0 Ranker and the highly successful Local Client Takeover brand.

Is Local Viking Legit Or Another Scam?

To put your minds at ease, no Local Viking is not a scam. It is used by top local SEO experts in the industry.

Local Viking was established when its founders identified that the software solutions for local businesses were far too expensive and provided unsatisfactory results. To combat this, they created a comprehensive GMB posting tool tailored to meet their clients’ needs – one featuring integrated reviews, photos, and attribute editing capabilities. Thousands of local companies have already benefitted from Local Viking’s cutting-edge technology. It also makes it easier to improve local pack rankings.

With the most effective GMB software management system, organizations can manage over 50,000 listings worldwide. This influential GMB posting tool gives agencies and businesses an all-in-one answer to any Google My Business issues they may have. Agencies can effortlessly arrange posts, trace rankings, and supervise every aspect of their GMB account using this platform with ease.

Getting started with Local Viking

Here’s how you can connect Your GMB Listings To Local Viking:

  • Go to your Google Accounts Tab
  • Connect your business account via Add Account
  • Choose your GMB location associated with that account.
  • Observe as Local Viking fetches data and suggests more steps to enhance your online business listing.

Local Viking enables seamless communication with Google My Business by leveraging an API key. If you scroll down to the lower part of your location page, you will find a connected RSS feed for all your GMB posts. It is a comprehensive GMB management software that can manage multiple GMB listings.

With each account having an RSS feed, you can effortlessly spread the word about your posts across Google Search and Maps! This helps to market your content with greater efficiency.

For companies with multiple branches, the “multi locations” feature provides an excellent opportunity to upload several images to their GMBs quickly. Moreover, this convenient function also works for “multi-location posts.”

Local Viking Features

With a broad range of features meant to assist you in overcoming GMB obstacles, this software can propel your business further.

Here are some of its key elements that you can use to maximize growth:

GeoGrid Rank Tracker

GeoGrid rank tracker is a remarkable feature that distinguishes Local Viking from other GMB management tools. With GeoGrid, you can monitor your website’s performance and rankings in real-time and make necessary adjustments to improve SEO positioning.

With the GeoGrid Rank Tracker, you can easily observe your keyword rankings on Google My Business and derive useful insights to help improve your local ranking.

Local Viking GeoGrid Rank Tracker is incomparable to other rank trackers for GMBs. It gives you a comprehensive overview of multiple scan points and conveys accurate search results from your exact pin location.

This feature simplifies agency analytics by presenting the data in a beautiful and easy-to-understand user interface. Gaining access to these insights has never been easier.

By leveraging GeoGrid, you can obtain an accurate view of a keyword’s performance in terms of local rankings. This is more precise than traditional methods and offers a visually engaging way to interpret results and track progress over time.

The multi-point geogrid may be right for you if you’re looking for reliable insights into your Local GMB SEO endeavors.

Their geospatial data feature reveals precisely where your GMB ranks concerning the competition. See a clear, custom-sized view of accounts rank on an easy-to-use map according to their location – allowing you to gain insight and understanding about how well you’re performing.

The comprehensive functionality of this application allows you to observe those who rank higher than you. The insights clarify how to improve your account’s ranking and exposure, thus drawing more customers toward your business.

Utilizing GeoGrid points, each account—from the most basic to the priciest plan—can display their current competition ranking above them. Imagine the power of demonstrating this information to potential clients and closing a deal immediately.

Location Content Calendar 

The Location Content Calendar within the software provides a comprehensive way to plan and monitor your GMB content. This tool is specifically useful for teams that are part of numerous locations; it allows you to effectively administer each one’s content assets from just one dashboard. The calendar itself displays pictures, posts, as well as other material relevant to your business operations.

Local Viking Google Insights

With its powerful analytics, Local Viking Google Insights can help you exceed your expectations by providing comprehensive data that surpasses any restrictions found on Google My Business insight dashboard.

Furthermore, it allows you to compare performance metrics between different periods to determine when is best for engaging with customers and prospects.

The Local Viking Google Insight allows you to measure progress. More importantly, this feature lets you know what’s working or not. That way, you can tweak where necessary to improve your ranking and visibility.

Reporting Features

Viking’s full-white label reporting option permits you to produce an extensive report of their performance over a given timeline, making it the perfect choice for companies who need to communicate this data with their customers.

In the reports tab, you can quickly generate one on a pre-set basis and forward it directly via email. This feature is also incredibly customizable, allowing you to choose which information will be included in your personalized report.

Local Viking Edit Tab

With the Local Viking dashboard, you can now swiftly and conveniently edit your GMB attributes without hassle. Google My Business is always changing its rules which may lead to account suspensions. Still, with this helpful feature in place, you can adjust accordingly and avoid being suspended.

Local Viking’s Editing Tab is equipped with a lock feature that safeguards your account from any potential alterations by competitors. Additionally, you will be notified of modifications to your GMB if they occur. The lock provides peace of mind knowing that no one can alter the attributes of your account without you being aware.

GMB Profile Photos

With this feature, you can quickly and easily upload or change profile pictures on your GMB. To access it, head over to the Single Photo Tab on the Local Viking dashboard – an excellent option for agencies managing clients in multiple cities or businesses that own several accounts.

Easily upload a photo and choose the appropriate category for showcasing it. Then, you can quickly modify your photograph’s metadata directly on your dashboard with just one click of the Edit tab.

Business Review Management Feature

With this feature, you can effortlessly attend to all the reviews that come into your GMB with Local Viking’s dashboard. With its review feature, you’ll be able to monitor replies and use positive feedback to correct any scenarios that might impede your client’s business ranking. Reviews allow you to track how successful or unsuccessful your online presence is.

As a business owner, you can effortlessly upload your CSV file of questions/answers to be featured on Google My Business. Local Viking takes the hassle out of managing multiple websites and offers an all-in-one dashboard for effortless task management! With this revolutionary tool, there are endless possibilities at your fingertips.


Verification of your GMB account is only the first step to success. Local Viking allows you to remain up-to-date on how people interact with your business online so that you can take full advantage of all opportunities.

With the “Notification” feature, you or your sub-user can be informed of any changes to your GMB listings by email and SMS. This allows for quick responses should any malicious edits or other harmful SEO activities occur, ensuring that all potential threats are mitigated promptly.

Rank Tracking

Local Viking’s rank-tracking software is a game-changer in the industry and boasts all of the features necessary to monitor your keywords effectively.

Here are the features:

  • Track Local Rankings
  • Track Organic Rankings
  • Location Based Targeting
  • Manual Spot Check
  • Mobile & Desktop Tracking

Local Viking’s rank tracker utilizes a credit system, and with the starter plan, you will receive an incredible 1600 credits to start. This is plenty if your business targets solely local customers.

With Local Viking’s Historical Grid, you can astound clients by demonstrating the progress of their campaign over some time. This remarkable tool will leave them in awe as it vividly reveals how your Local SEO efforts have come to fruition.

Listing Management

Dream of the day that you no longer need to sign in to Google My Business ever again? That is precisely what Local Viking’s software offers. Managing all your locations through a single platform makes tasks more efficient and streamlined – especially if you are running an agency.

Regardless of whether you have one office or two hundred, Local Viking can optimize your Google My Business and automate mundane tasks that used to take up time for you to get more done faster.

GMB Review Management

With the help of Local Viking’s dashboard, you can effectively manage and respond to all Google My Business reviews. Doing so will heighten your online presence as a result of increased GMB participation.

The Review management tool conveniently alerts you to all new reviews so that responding and maintaining your reputation is a breeze. You can use it for managing multiple GMB listings.

Reviews can enhance your Google My Business profile and boost your brand’s overall reputation. By leveraging reviews, you can increase customer trust and confidence in your products or services.

Schedule GMB Posting

With Local Viking, you can easily and quickly create a daily posting schedule to get your GMB posts visible at optimal times of the day. Maximize your reach with this convenient feature.

Google My Business Posting Functionality allows you to bulk schedule and automate GMB posts, which can dramatically improve your visibility in Google Maps. This feature is also an important ranking factor that should not be overlooked!

Additionally, it provides extra on-demand tools to automate content with a simple calendar view.

Upload Images

With Local Viking’s Image Upload Posting, you can easily schedule daily posts at any time. This convenient feature is one of the most critical assets for enhancing your Google My Business ranking performance!

By using this amazing tool, you can add EXIF data and geo-tagging to your images. It’s not only a great way to improve your local SEO, but it will also help expand the visibility of your GMB Listing in its target service area.

Utilizing this image upload feature not only heightens geo-relevancy but maximizes the chance of achieving local ranking success.

Attribute Locking

The Local Viking dashboard enables you to lock in the data that has been added to your GMB. The locking feature thwarts competitors and other users from attempting client reporting with your Google My Business categories or any other listing information which could impact rankings detrimentally. Utilizing this powerful tool safeguards anyone who seeks to disrupt your listing’s position in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Q&A on Google My Business

Questions and answers are one of the most underrated methods to optimize a Google My Business account.

If you’re overseeing a GMB listing, you must populate it with helpful questions and answers so that potential customers receive all the information they require. Doing this will set you apart from competitors and increase your visibility in search engine results pages.

Local Viking has made adding questions and answers to your Google My Business listing seamless. Before Local Viking, you could only perform this task on mobile phones and had to switch between multiple accounts for asking and answering queries. Now, with a streamlined approach, Local Viking simplifies everything.

It was a hassle. But thankfully with Local Viking, you can easily upload all of your FAQs and responses into the dashboard – saving yourself hours of effort. Local Viking has stepped up to make life easier for businesses like yours.

White Label Reporting

Having a White Label solution is essential for any business offering client services. With Local Viking, you can have the complete package- even your emails will be sent under your label! This means that clients are always engaged with the brand and don’t need to worry about the source of their communication.

This report is amazingly versatile – you can customize it with any metrics you desire and remove whatever doesn’t fit your needs.

Most companies don’t allow for this type of automation, but with Local Viking, you can schedule regular reports to run on a weekly or monthly basis. This way, your clients will consistently receive the information they need without any extra effort from you!

Pricing Plans

Check out these Local Viking Pricing Plans:

  • Single GMB Package – $20 monthly, which includes one Google Maps Listing
  • Starter GMB Package – $39 monthly, which includes 10 Google Maps Listings
  • Pro GMB Package – $69 monthly, which includes 20 Google Maps Listings
  • Agency GMB Package – $99 monthly, which includes 40 Google Maps Listings
  • Enterprise GMB Package – $149 monthly, which includes 70 Google Maps Listings

For as low as $20 a month, you will have access to the full range of Local Viking’s amazing features.

Local Viking Cons

  • No Data Aggregator service included
  • Lack of a complete review management system that helps you attract reviews.
  • Confusing pricing plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local Viking GMB Tool?

Local Viking SEO Tool is a software tool designed to help businesses improve their search engine optimization (SEO) and local search results. It offers features such as local directory submission, review management, and citation building to help businesses improve their online visibility and ranking in search engine results.

What are the benefits of using the Local Viking Tool?

Local Viking SEO Tool provides businesses with several benefits, including:

  • Improved Local Search Rankings: By using the tool to manage citations and improve local directory submissions, businesses can improve their local search rankings and increase their online visibility.
  • Reputation Management: The tool also offers review management features, allowing businesses to manage and respond to customer reviews, helping to maintain a positive online reputation.
  • Time-Saving: The software automates many of the manual tasks involved in local SEO, saving businesses time and effort.

Who should use Local Viking SEO Tool?

Local Viking SEO Tool is designed for businesses of all sizes that want to improve their local SEO and online visibility. It is beneficial for businesses with multiple locations or those relying on local search traffic for success.

Is Local Viking SEO Tool easy to use?

Yes, Local Viking SEO Tool is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for those with limited technical expertise. The software features an intuitive interface and step-by-step guidance to help users make the most of its features.

How does Local Viking SEO Tool differ from other SEO tools?

Local Viking’s focus on local search sets it apart from other tools and makes it valuable for businesses looking to improve their local search visibility.

Is Local Viking SEO Tool a one-time payment or a recurring subscription?

The pricing model for Local Viking SEO Tool varies depending on the package and features selected. Some packages require a one-time payment, while others require a recurring subscription. It is best to check the Local Viking website or speak with a representative for more information on pricing options.


The Local Viking platform is ideal for entrepreneurs, startups, SEO experts, and businesses of all sizes striving to capitalize on GMB. Not only does it maximize your online presence, but it also generates more sales in the process. After reading this local Viking review, you will be in a better position to understand what you can do with this powerful software. You’ll be able to effectively coordinate and manage activities across all your accounts – helping local businesses secure new customers with minimal effort.

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