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Google Maps Ranking Factors and Tips to Rank Higher in 2023


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Want to reach more customers with your brand? The best place to start is Google Maps.

There are many ways to sell your brand online today for local businesses. Most of your prospective clients still utilize Google to identify nearby companies where they will invest.

Simply put, Google Maps may make you stand out from the competition and draw in new clients on a local level.

What’s best? It is completely free (who can resist free advertising?)

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Google Maps Marketing

The practice of improving your company so that it appears on Google Maps is known as “Google Maps marketing.” This kind of marketing aims to increase your website’s visibility and traffic by placing it higher on Google Maps. 

More people will find you thanks to a better listing, which will result in more leads and sales for you.

Making the most of every chance to use Google Maps marketing to share information about a business and engage with customers is crucial. That entails making sure your listing is current and complete. Reviews are permitted on the platform, allowing you to peruse user comments and formulate responses.

What Is Google Business?

Google offers a free listing for local businesses called Google Business Profile (previously called Google My Business). You can provide details and pictures about the location, services, and products of your business.

Making this free profile is a wise move to increase your visibility across Google services. Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping may display data from your Google Business Profile.

Only businesses that engage with customers are eligible to create Google Business Profiles. That includes establishments with a physical address and those that offer services by meeting with customers elsewhere.

Benefits of Ranking Higher on Google Maps

Brand Awareness

Every day, new businesses spring up here and there, and they all have websites and social media presence. People won’t be able to stay on top of every enterprise. However, if your company appears in the first spots on Google Maps for pertinent queries, it will stick out.

The Google Maps Pack’s compactness is just another fantastic feature. You will be able to examine the box’s contents, including the business information. Their business names, addresses, and all their information, along with customer reviews, will be available. If you want to spread the word about your business and attract more potential clients, this is quite helpful.

Attracts Potential Customers

When customers see your Google Maps ranking for the first time, you can be one of the first things they think about if you have a strong brand and name recall, even if they haven’t made any purchases yet. People will trust you more if you’re someone with authority and a solid reputation, and that will make them more willing to pay you for goods and services. Additionally, individuals will be more confident in the products or services they purchase if there is social proof.

Improves Authority and Reputation

Top search results are valuable, and you don’t have to be a digital marketer to understand that. Even common people who have no experience with SEO are aware that the companies appearing at the top of search results, including those listed in the Google Maps Pack, are the most qualified and pertinent.

In the end, you won’t be at the top even if you prepare for the top-ranking variables. Therefore, those who are acting in a way that others are not.

If you have a ranking like that on local search, your industry authority and overall business reputation will improve. 

Your Google My Business profile is super customizable, which is fantastic. You can enter crucial data about your company. When the profile appears in the Google Maps Pack, you are promoting your company and the pertinent data associated with it. That might promote your company more widely and even subtly boost your organic rankings.

You can include links to your websites and social media pages in your profile. You can use this to your advantage by directing clients back to your community, which enhances the likelihood that they convert.

Social Proof

Some people are more nosy than others. Before making any purchases, they will rely on social proof and first do some research on the companies. Reviews are one of the numerous factors they consider. To gauge the caliber of your goods and services, they are interested in hearing about previous customers’ experiences.

That is why having a good Google Maps rating is so beneficial. It facilitates reviews. Searchers will be able to read reviews and see star ratings with only a few additional clicks. Being among the first in the Google Business listing is excellent since it appeals to lazy and nosy customers.

A large number of reviews on your page also demonstrates your online activity, which is beneficial to both customers and searchers.

Google Maps Ranking Factors

You must first comprehend Google Maps ranking factors to raise your company’s rating. That enables you to concentrate your efforts, which improves the effectiveness of your Google Maps marketing and keywords.

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The algorithm’s three primary Google Maps ranking factors are as follows. 


You will rank higher if your company is geographically closer to the user. Other than making sure that the address is appropriately listed, there isn’t much you can do to influence this. You will receive the appropriate traffic if your Google Maps profile includes the correct address. 


Your company will appear higher in local rankings if the terms you use for Google Maps accurately match the inquiry. By making sure your Google Business Profile is filled out with correct, informative information, you may benefit your company with this ranking criteria. If not, whether or if potential customers conduct pertinent queries will largely determine your visibility in local search results using this set of requirements. 


Your company will rank higher with a more noticeable internet presence, better reviews, and an all-around better reputation. With regards to Google Maps SEO, this is where you should concentrate your efforts. That is because there are numerous possible courses of action, like posting material, constructing backlinks, and launching review campaigns.

Review Signals

Potential customers evaluate your reviews to determine whether or not to purchase from you, and Google considers them an indicator of local relevance. Having positive reviews and a strong reputation management plan in place is essential.

Search engines can determine how valuable your website is by looking at link signals. It can be enhanced by implementing a backlinking strategy that uses tactics like producing high-quality content and publishing guest posts.

How to Rank Higher in Google Maps

Add Your Business to Google Maps

In the absence of a Google Maps listing, it is impossible to rank higher or carry out effective Google Maps promotion.

Perform a Google or Google Maps search for your company name to get started, and if you haven’t already, claim your listing.

To claim your company’s presence on Google Maps, you must first sign up for a free Google My Business account. Access your Google Maps business listing, choose “Claim this business” or “Own this business?” from the menu, and then follow the on-screen instructions if you already have an account. 

You may now update a listing after creating it and signing into your Google account, even from the search results.

Add Pictures

When you add photographs to your listing, Google appreciates it. First of all, it shows that your listing is active and deserving of being ranked higher in the SERPs. Second, Google is beginning to display images in local listings as its photo-recognition technology develops. Thirdly, since Google prefers content that users enjoy, and users enjoy visual content like images if you don’t include them in your item, a generic map will be displayed.

Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

When searching locally, consumers rely on internet reviews to identify amazing businesses. For this reason, reviews play a significant role in how Google conducts searches and ranks: they provide a company with additional credibility.

Reviews encourage people to click on your listing in the search results, helping your brand stand out. Therefore, making review generation a crucial component of your online review management strategy makes commercial sense.

Respond to Reviews

In addition to soliciting feedback, you should learn how to address complaints and reference positive review response examples.

Consumer opinions of your company can be quickly enhanced by your review comments. On the other extreme, failing to respond can be interpreted as purposefully neglecting the opinions that matter most: your clients.

Regularly Update Your Google Maps Business Listing

Posts you create can be published directly to your Google Maps business listing. Such consistent posting informs Google that you are actively handling your listing, which it takes into account when ranking. Additionally, consumers have high intent while using search engines, so by using Google posts, you may put your products and services in front of customers who are eager to engage.

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Why Isn’t My Business Ranking in Google Maps?

You might have to claim your online company profile, and further improve your website and local SEO, or your website might be too recent to rank.

Can Small Businesses Benefit from a Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is undoubtedly a crucial tool for any small business looking to increase its internet presence. It is the only way for businesses to show up in Google Maps and local search results, where customers may find local companies.

What Should I Do to Improve Local Search Signals?

It’s beneficial to structure and extend your website in a way that strengthens your local search signals if you only manage one business location.

You can also provide distinctive and pertinent regional content, like:

  • An “About Us” section
  • A good business description
  • Details about the group or employees 
  • Business hours

The Wrap-Up

Google Maps’ business listings are becoming more sophisticated, making it easier for customers to rapidly find the information they require and make wise selections. You may use the information and advice in this article to get your company to appear at the top of Google Maps and enjoy the improved visibility, interaction, and income that comes with it.

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