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A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Add Photo to Yelp Review on Desktop or Mobile

how to add a photo to yelp review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Have you ever visited a restaurant, salon, or shop and wanted to tell others about your experience? If so, you may have left a review on Yelp, a website that connects customers with local companies. But did you know you can also include photographs with your review? Photos can help people find your review more useful, engaging, and trustworthy.

In this article, we will teach you how easy adding photos to your reviews is and, in that way, help other people get feedback.

What Is Yelp?

It is a website review platform where customers can rate businesses and provide in-depth reviews. The business could be cafes, restaurants, bars, gas stations, etc.

It is comparable to Google because members can provide reviews and feedback on companies they have used. They must provide a star rating of one to five, and uploading images is optional.

A potential customer can visit a business’s Yelp profile and get a good sense of whether or not it can be trusted when a sufficient number of reviews have been placed. Assessing the professionalism of the company owner can also be done by reading their responses to customer reviews.

It has a tight rule that states no reviews can be removed. If a review is malicious, offensive, or false, it is taken down by Yelp.

How Does Yelp Work?

You may search Yelp using its website or the official applications for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Filtering options include location, price range, and extras like seating outside, delivery service, and booking acceptance. Listings are arranged according to company type.

Additionally, because it has a large social component, it promotes users to provide textual reviews, ranking stars, and images of their experiences with each company they visit.

Adding contacts to the Yelp account’s friends list involves connecting the app to Facebook and the phone or tablet’s address book. Other users may also review reviews that have been submitted on Yelp and popular reviewers may be elevated to Yelp Elite rank.

Yelp Content Guidelines

To connect with fantastic local companies, people use Yelp and they should respect other people and the platform. Here are some guidelines that help you to create accurate content.


Make sure that your contributions fit the forum. Reviews are not the appropriate forum, for instance, for ranting about political ideology, a company’s hiring methods, unusual events, or other topics that do not directly relate to the heart of the customer experience.

Inappropriate Content

Challenges, bullying, lewdness, hate speech, and other acts of intolerance have no place in this environment, even if the language and pictures used are colorful.

Conflicts of Interest

Writing a review on Yelp should be impartial and unbiased. For instance, you should not post reviews of your own company or employment, that of your friends or relatives, that of your industry’s peers or rivals, or that of companies in your networking group. Then, never request clients write a review from a business.


Do not make people’s personal information public. For example, we ask that you refrain from posting up-close pictures or videos of other customers without their consent and refrain from posting their complete names unless you are mentioning someone who is frequently referred to by that name.

Promotional Content

Posting promotional content is prohibited unless it is done so through a business account and is related to a Yelp advertising product. Let’s prevent excessive advertising noise from users and make the site beneficial for consumers.

Post Your Content

Be careful not to copy content from other websites, users, or companies. Only share your photographs and videos and write your content. It implies that you should not generate reviews using chatbots or other AI techniques.

Yelp Photo and Video Guidelines

Images Source

They show the casual customer experience and be related to the business (how the firm appears, what it offers, etc.) Following that, what do you offer, and what makes your business better than others? The guidelines below could help you improve your local businesses.

Keep It Relevant to Everyone

Take a photo or video out of the business’ photo gallery that shows off a special personal experience that is not relevant to other people, but it might still show up next to your review if you submit one.

Keep It Clear

Even if the photographs are a true portrayal of the company’s services or goods, you should not utilize any images that depict violence, drug use, nastiness or near-nastiness, or suggestive behavior.

Keep It Friendly

Do not criticize or denigrate anyone in your pictures or videos. It is advisable to carefully choose your words and express your viewpoint in a review, personal message, or review answer.

Can You Share Photos?

When submitting an image to an existing company listing on Yelp, log into your account and search for the listing. It allows users to contribute photos to be featured with their ratings and reviews of businesses.

How to Add Photo to Yelp Review on Desktop

Follow the next steps to add a photo on your desktop:

1. Go to Yelp.com in your web browser after opening it

2. On the top of the page, log in using a Yelp account or register one if you do not already have one

  • You will be requested to join in or register an account when you begin writing the review if you choose to skip this step.

3. Locate the company profile you want to examine, then click the link

4. When you are ready to write your review, click the red write a review button

5. When finished, click Post review

6. You will arrive at a screen stating that your review of the company is now visible. To begin adding your photo, either select Check out your review or the business’s link

7. Once you have reached the company’s page, click Add Photo to begin uploading one or more pictures

8. Insert your photo by dragging it into the window. To choose an image from your computer, you may click the Browse link at the bottom of the page

9. To explain the subject of your photo, enter a caption (this is not required)

10. At the bottom right, click the red Upload button

11. It will submit your picture, which will then show up in the review

12. After uploading your initial batch of photos, if you are inclined to add more, you must repeat Step 4 to do so. Add extra photographs by locating the Attach Photos section underneath the review box. When finished, click Post Review.

How to Add Photo to Your Yelp Review on Mobile

Image Source

Now with the following steps, you can add a photo on your mobile:

1. On your Apple or Android device, launch the browser or the Yelp app

2. Log in to your account or register a new one on the homepage

3. Look for the company name you want to review

4. To rate something with stars, press the number of stars you want to give it (one is the lowest, and five is the greatest)

5. Write your review by tapping the Add Review button

6. Tap the camera symbol with the + sign at the bottom of the message box after finishing the review

7. A new window will appear with the options Take Photo or Select from Library

When you click Take Photo your camera app launches. Take a picture of the company’s goods, services, or setting.

If you select Select from Library, your device’s Gallery will open. Choose the company photo(s) you want to upload.

8. Under What’s in this photo? Enter a caption for the image. To post, click Post in the top right corner

9. After finishing your review and including your photo, select Post Review in the bottom right corner of the window.

How to Add a Business Photo?

Following the steps below, you can add business photo(s):

1. Regardless of where your photos are saved or stored, scan them into your computer or upload them directly from your camera

2. Check out the website

  • There are several regions of the page and numerous text boxes to search once it has loaded

3. Use your company name and location to search for it

  • You can locate your business search suggestions on the web page that is shown
  • If the company you are looking for is not listed, you will need to put in a little more effort

4. Find the company’s photo section for business

5. Select Add Photos from the menu

6. Click the Choose Photos button (red with white text)

7. Select the image that you would like to upload

8. Wait a little while for the picture to appear in the database of the company’s images

9. Select Save from the menu

Importance of the Photos

Image Source

Business owners can market their goods and services by using relevant and user-generated visual material (like images), which will increase their company’s visibility, traffic, and earnings.

The amount of interaction and conversion rates are impacted by adding photographs and videos, whether on social networks or online review sites.

What Should Be the Size of the Photos?

It is recommended that photographs be at least 1080 pixels wide in size. A 3:2 aspect ratio for the image suggests that the length should be 1.5 times larger than the height. As photographs can be compressed during upload and because the dimensions of the photo cannot be changed, this could damage the quality of the image, so is preferable to post photos at the full size you took them at for the greatest resolution.


Can You Delete a Photo on Yelp?

It allows users and business owners to add images because it is a community website; only the person who submitted the photo can remove it.

Are Yelp and Google the Same?

The dominant search engine, Google, gathers information from a variety of sources such as social media. On the contrary, Yelp resembles a significant internet bulletin board. Customers must register for an account on Yelp’s website or app to submit reviews.

When Should I Add My Business to Yelp?

It should be made as soon as the company is operating so that it can show up in results for searches when clients can come and utilize the services. However, you may register your company up to a month before the scheduled open date if you are in the middle of opening one and have a set open date.

Can You Have Two Businesses in One Location?

As long as the blend does not violate any laws or hurt the company, there is no excuse why you can not operate two distinct firms in the same space. For instance, it is often forbidden to combine a bar and a daycare center.

Who Are the Top Competitors of Yelp?

We provide a list of the top competitors

1. Google Search

2. Bing

3. Facebook Recommendations

4. Zagat

5. TripAdvisor

6. Angie’s List

7. Nextdoor

8. Yellow Pages

9. HomeAdvisor

10. Groupon


Including images in your reviews allows you to share your experiences with other users while supporting local businesses.

Photos can assist you in illustrating your ideas, capturing the mood, and emphasizing the best qualities of the places you visit. By following the methods indicated in this article, you may quickly add images to your reviews. You can upload photographs from your device or snap new ones with your camera whether you use the app or the website.

You may also edit, caption, and rearrange your photographs to make them more educational and visually appealing. You can make your reviews more valuable and enjoyable for the community by including images.

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