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Simple Hacks to Delete a Google Review

how to delete a google review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Deleting a Google review is essential for maintaining a positive online image for businesses. Negative reviews can damage a company’s reputation and impact potential customers’ purchasing decisions. Fortunately, Google provides a mechanism for business owners to remove problematic reviews that violate their policies. However, it is essential to note that not all reviews can be deleted, and there are specific guidelines that must be followed. In this article, we will explore the steps a business can take to remove a Google review, the circumstances under which removal is possible, and how to deal with reviews that cannot be removed.

What Is a Google Review?

A Google review is a user-generated rating and feedback system that allows individuals to publicly share their valuable insights. With Google being the go-to search engine for millions worldwide, it has become crucial for businesses to have a strong presence on this platform. These reviews contribute to forming an online reputation for a company or organization. Potential customers rely on Google reviews to make informed decisions before engaging with a particular establishment. These reviews provide specific feedback about experiences on Google and the quality of products, services, cleanliness, customer service, and other aspects of a business. Overall, Google reviews are crucial in shaping customer perceptions and influencing their choices in the modern digital age. 

Reasons for Deleting a Google Review

There are several reasons why someone might consider deleting a Google review. First, it could be against Google’s review policies, such as containing inappropriate language or personal attacks. Second, deleting a negative review can help protect your online reputation, particularly if it was unjustified or based on a misunderstanding. Finally, if a customer had a bad experience and expressed it in a review, resolving the issue and receiving positive feedback may make deleting the negative review a worthwhile option.

Knowledge is power, we recommend you take the necessary steps to browse through important policies Google has set, to help you better understand what it’s permitted and when it is possible to defend yourself from malicious comments that can hinder your business online success. 

Content Policy

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Typically, review analyses are done automatically to identify unsuitable content, such as fake engagement and spam. Google has the authority to remove flagged reviews to adhere to guidelines or legal requirements. 


Google has a strict policy against harassment, hate speech, offensive or derogatory content, and the unauthorized sharing of personal information such as names and email addresses. Users are prohibited from engaging in any form of bullying, discrimination, or abusive behavior on Google platforms. The company actively moderates its services to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all users. Any violations of these policies may result in account suspension or termination.

Fraudulent Content

Fraudulent content refers to materials containing misleading or deceptive information, often created with the intent to deceive or manipulate. It can involve various tactics, such as fake engagement, where online interactions are artificially generated to falsely increase popularity or influence. Additionally, impersonation may occur where individuals pretend to be someone else to deceive others. Fraudulent content encompasses misinformation and misrepresentation, which aim to spread inaccurate or false information and portray a distorted reality.

Rated Content 

Mature content refers to materials that contain obscenity and profanity, sexually explicit content, adult-themed content, violence, and gore. Such content is often prohibited or restricted due to its potentially harmful influence on specific audiences, especially children and vulnerable individuals. It is essential to exercise caution and responsibly consume mature content to ensure its appropriate use and impact.

Ilegal & Dangerous Content 

Google has a clear policy when it comes to content on its platforms. They strongly prohibit restricted, dangerous, and illegal content from being displayed or shared. Moreover, they are committed to ensuring child safety and have robust measures to protect young users. Additionally, Google actively combats the spread of terrorist content and collaborates with law enforcement agencies to maintain a secure online environment.

Quality Content 

Google’s policy aims to provide its users with relevant and high-quality feedback. To achieve this, Google discourages off-topic content unrelated to the service provided. The policy also prohibits excessive advertising and solicitation, ensuring that users are not bombarded with unwanted promotions. Additionally, gibberish and repetitive content are flagged to maintain the integrity and usefulness of reviews. These policies collectively improve user experience and uphold the credibility of Google as a search engine. 

Is It Possible to Delete Google Reviews?

Unfortunately, Google does not allow businesses to eliminate individual reviews displayed in their profile. 

The platform is determined to provide unbiased information to users, including poor reviews due to unpleasant experiences. If establishments had the option to censor a negative customer, Google reviews would lose their credibility and would ultimately defeat the purpose of seeking helpful insight from others. 

That being said, not all hope is lost. There are two ways to delete a review. One way is flagging inappropriate reviews that contain policy violations. The alternative would be asking the person to take it down after resolving their concerns, hoping they had a change of heart. 

How Can a Business Owner Delete a Google Review?

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Remember, you can’t remove a bad review simply because you don’t like it. However, if you feel a particular comment goes against the terms and policies, there are many ways you can report and request removal by Google.

Ways to Flag a Google Review

Google Maps

  1. Open Google Maps on your device.
  2. Search for your business profile (tap profile picture on mobile devices).
  3. Enter the reviews section.
  4. Locate the review you’d like to report.
  5. Click the three dots for more.
  6. Flag/report 
  7. Choose the reason best describes the violation.

Google Search 

  1. Head to Google on your device. 
  2. Find your business profile (tap profile picture on mobile devices).
  3. Select Google reviews. 
  4. Locate the review you’d like to report.
  5. Click the three dots for more.
  6. Flag/report.
  7. Choose the reason best describes the violation. 

Business Account

  1. Confirm you have created a Google my business account. 
  2. Sign into your Google business profile.
  3. Access the manage option.
  4. Select the Google account you wish to manage. 
  5. Find the reviews section on the menu. 
  6. Locate the review you’d like to report.
  7. Click the three dots for more.
  8. Flag/report.
  9. Choose the reason best describes de violation. 

Reviews Management Tool

  1. Access your Reviews Management Tool.
  2. Confirm email belongs to your business profile. 
  3. Click on your business.
  4. Select “Report a new review for removal”.
  5. Locate the review you’d like to report. 
  6. Flag/report. 
  7. Choose the category for the review. 
  8. Submit. 

After your request is submitted, you will have to wait for Google to respond. Keep in mind, Google will not get involved in any disagreement between any of the parties involved. The verdict could go either way since it is difficult to determine who is right about a particular experience. 

How Can I Edit or Delete a Google Review That I Wrote?

There is always room to compromise. If a customer, in fact, had a bad experience with a business, it is in their right to be able to share discomfort with others and warn them of possible neglecting behavior from a business.

It is in businesses’ best interest to address a customer’s disapproval as soon as possible. An effective approach is to respond to the review calmly and professionally. Apologizing for the inconvenience and offering a solution to make things right will help. Who knows, the customer could feel cared for and have a change of heart – perhaps you can take the lead and request the customer to remove the review.

If you are in luck, and clients change their minds and want to remove on Google, here’s how to delete those distasteful comments. 

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Access the main menu located in the top left corner of the page.
  3. Tap the “Your Contributions” option.
  4. Locate the “Reviews” tab.
  5. Select the review you want to edit or delete. 
  6. Hover over the drop-down menu next to the review. 
  7. Select “Edit Review” or “Delete Review” 
  8. Continue to follow instructions to either make changes or delete the review.

Once deleted, reviews on Google can no longer be accessed or retrieved. 

What to Expect After Requesting Google to Remove a Review

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Sadly, there are no guarantees in this process, and inconveniently enough, there’s also no way of knowing how long Google will take to respond to your request, regardless of which decision they determine to take – that being approving or denying the petition. 

If Google ends up siding with you, congratulations, you have beat the odds and managed to protect your establishment’s reputation. 

On the other hand, what happens if Google rejects my request? Is that a final decision? Well, if you are reluctant to accept the outcome, you can take one last shot and submit a one-time appeal with the following steps: 

  1. Access the Reviews Management Tool.
  2. Confirm your email belongs to the business profile. 
  3. Click on your business. 
  4. Look for review status and appeal options.
  5. Scroll down and select to appeal eligible reviews.
  6. You can choose up to ten reviews to appeal. 
  7. Continue to confirm the appeal. 
  8. You will be prompted to fill out a form.
  9. Complete the form and submit it. 

If the platform dictates any review goes against the terms, Google will remove them. If not, the review will remain visible with an “escalated” status in the reviews management tool. 


How Long Do Google Reviews Last?

Google reviews do not expire. They will remain visible indefinitely unless the reviewer decides to remove them or Google determines they violate policy. 

Are There Fake 5-Star Google Reviews?

Any review site that offers a star rating system can be the subject of fake reviews, including Google. Phony five-star ratings are often shared by establishments and people to purposely increase the overall rating of a business listing.

How Many Google Reviews Can Someone Leave?

Only one review is allowed per business. If you’re not satisfied with your review, you can edit it or delete it. 


Getting rid of reviews on Google is not as simple as one would hope, but it is possible. Following these steps you can have a fighting chance if you decide to take action, Google’s customer service team is always available. 

Negative feedback. It isn’t always a bad, it helps businesses discover weaknesses and reinforce products or services. 

It is important to note that healthy client interaction is essential for business success. Keep a humble and respectful tone, and always thank the customer for sharing valuable information with you – that way you’ll never have to worry about removing reviews. 

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