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Top Doctor Review Sites You Should Be Monitoring

doctor review sites

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Patients often discover about you online first in this digital age through medical review websites. A good online presence on several review sites is one of the best strategies to raise your standing and draw in new clients.

Prospective patients might not determine if you can meet their healthcare demands without enough internet reviews. It is crucial to continually acquire reviews and enhance your online reputation because of that. Today, we gathered the top doctor review sites on the World Wide Web to make it easier for you to learn how to monitor them, and if you’re a patient, these are a must when you want to get all the information you need.

What Are Doctor Review Sites?

To make it straightforward for people looking for a new provider, healthcare and doctor review sites are internet business directories that feature your business information and reviews.

Things to Consider Before Looking for Doctor Review Sites

  • Ask your healthcare professionals any questions you may have. They can aid in deciphering the meaning and absence of the rankings.
  • These websites solely rate physicians based on patient feedback. In other words, evaluations are more reliant on personal judgment than on information about how successfully a doctor treated or cared for patients.
  • Some rating services could favor doctors with sponsored profiles over those without.
  • Make a decision using the facts at hand. However, don’t rely solely on it. Take into account all of your knowledge.

Best Doctor Review Sites

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Nineteen million people visit the medical review website Healthgrades each month. You may advertise on Healthgrades to help grow your business.

It is also one of the few doctor review sites with a toolkit that enables you to target and tailor your posting to appeal to potential clients in your neighborhood.

You may add a review or look for a rating since A 5-star rating system is available on the website. Both the personnel and wait time at the doctor may be rated. You can assess the doctor’s ability to explain medical issues and listen to you. 

Please take note that this website accepts providers’ sponsored ads. At the top of your search results are doctors who have paid a fee to the website and are designated “featured.”

Google My Business

With Google My Business, an essential feature, local businesses can control their online exposure across Google Search and Maps. Using Google My Business, you can find a company’s essential local information and its products. According to a study, 77% of individuals begin their search for a doctor on Google.

You will have several possibilities for building a listing for your healthcare business when you validate your Google Business Profile.

Facebook Ratings

Another effective channel for publicizing medical practices is Facebook, which has over 2 billion monthly active users.

On Facebook, people are always seeking nearby medical professionals. If you have more favorable reviews than your rivals, you will show up first in these searches.

Gaining positive reviews on Facebook is one method to build your reputation and career in health. As each review matters, encourage your old and new patients to provide thorough feedback on Facebook about your services.

Vitals Reviews

With around 3.5 million monthly visitors, Vitals is a modest but potent force in medical review websites. In addition to searching by name and practice specialty, patients may also see which insurances are accepted. Consumers are attempting to maximize their healthcare budgets due to escalating expenses (however, many do not bargain if it’s a highly recommended doctor).

Reviews can be up to five stars, although Vitals does screen out disparaging comments to safeguard reviewers.

Optimize your profile by entering all the required information, just like with other platforms that allow patients to review doctors. Then, public documents, particularly those kept by state bodies, are used to confirm the information.


On WebMD, you may identify nearby healthcare facilities by using doctor ratings and patient reviews, accurate information, a hospital and doctor directory, and public forums.

Like other websites that offer doctor reviews, make sure your content is accurate, comprehensive, and current. Because the area will already be filled in for many WebMD doctor search boxes, make sure all of the practice locations are provided.

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Yelp has millions of user ratings on several businesses and services, including dining establishments, dentists, and other home services. Which reviews are the most useful and reliable for the network are determined by an algorithm. Although when you hear Yelp, you think about restaurants, you can also rate physicians and medical services there. Yelp is so popular that more individuals may turn to it to discover reviews of medical services.

To start your Yelp page, go to the page and register or sign in. Look up your profile or your profession’s name. Claim your profile after logging in. They will send you an email whenever someone leaves a review or asks a question of the viewers on your page. The user may give a company a star rating between 1 and 5 and include more details in a free message while posting a review.


On the social media site RealSelf, patients may discuss different medical procedures in-depth and rate and review providers. RealSelf verifies that reviewers are clients and allows them to write evaluations under pseudonyms.

Using the website, you can make direct appointments with doctors and contact them without a problem.


This website is free to use for both patients and doctors. Due to a lack of doctor reviews, RateMDs serves more as an online medical directory than a review site. There are several options for gathering patient input.

Following the consultation, follow-up activities may include, but aren’t restricted to, emailing, calling, adding links to bills, or paying in person. The most reliable way to encourage reviews is to automate the process of asking patients for feedback after a visit and notifying you whenever a new review is received.


Users of ZocDoc may restrict their search results to doctors who accept their carrier or plan. So, this doctor review site is ideal for your company if you want to emphasize all the insurance options your clinic offers.

 Appointments can also be made immediately for premium ZocDoc members. ZocDoc is one of the most popular doctor review platforms, so you don’t need to worry about the validity of its reviews.


ScoreDoc looks at reviews on the seven most well-known websites where patients may rate and review doctors, including Google Reviews and Yelp. ScoreDoc uses its methodology to produce the overall score based on patient review behavior, taking into account the average review rating, the number of reviews, the most recent reviews on each platform, sentiment analysis of the reviews, and the amount. On ScoreDoc, you may request a thorough evaluation of any medical professional in your neighborhood.

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Real Patient Ratings

Businesses in the healthcare sector frequently face SEO challenges related to the reliability of some reviews. Real Patient Ratings checks all of its reviews before allowing them to appear on the listing for your healthcare company as a defense against this.

Since the doctor review site focuses on services like plastic surgery, it also allows consumers alternatives to discover answers for both long-term care and one-time operations.


A rating system for medical practices’ online reputations is called RepuTally. After rating appraisal and analysis, it compiles internet evaluations from eight websites and generates a thorough scorecard for each healthcare provider. You may get a thorough evaluation of your future healthcare provider based on some variables.


How Can You Manage Doctor Review Sites?

  • Create a plan: Decide on the format and frequency of your request for reviews. Steer clear of unscrupulous strategies like purchasing reviews. Additionally, provide links in every electronic contact to make it simple for customers to leave reviews.
  • Discuss concerns privately: If you want the patient to call you to talk with you privately about their worries, leave your phone number in your answer or ask them to. HIPAA rules still apply to your company and prohibit you from exposing private patient information online, even if a patient exposes their medical history in a public forum.
  • Respond to all reviews: Decide how you will deal with comments before they come in. Every review is equally important and should be acknowledged right away, but some call for a little more. These are written by a real individual who has interacted with your clinic or paid for your services, so keep that in mind. 

Why Are Doctor Review Sites Important?

A prospective patient can learn everything there is to know about your medical practice when they locate it on a doctor review website.

Additionally, having a listing in these directories aids in increasing the number of evaluations for your clinic, which is essential for any healthcare enterprise to succeed.

How Can You Improve ZocDoc Ratings?

ZocDoc was created by physicians, therefore, they are aware of how to maximize your time. It is best if you can give as much information as you can about your practice, your specialty, your availability, and your level of experience.

The Wrap-Up

Patients may easily shop around for the best doctors using review websites. They frequently turn to the Internet to find important details about your care offerings. That presents a fantastic chance to make sure your internet reputation as a doctor is favorable for keeping current patients and attracting new ones.

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