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Why Online Customer Reviews Are the Ultimate Salesperson for E-commerce

Online Customer Reviews

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

With so many online products and services, it can take time for customers to make an informed decision when purchasing. That’s where customer reviews come in.

This blog post will explore why online customer reviews have become essential to any successful e-commerce business strategy.

Address Consumer Hesitation

Review sites provide insight into how well the product or service functions, how reliable it is, and how satisfied other users are with the purchase.

This helps customers make an educated decision about whether or not to buy a particular item or use a specific service.

Additionally, customer reviews often include detailed information about features and performance that may not be available elsewhere.

Customers reviewing products generally do so honestly without any external influence, meaning their opinions are genuine reflections of their personal experiences with that item or service.

Boost Your Ecommerce Business Strategy

Build Trust and Credibility

Customer reviews can help build trust and credibility for your eCommerce business, especially in overcoming common ecommerce challenges. When potential customers see positive reviews from other customers, they not only gain trust in your business but also gain reassurance in overcoming challenges, such as concerns about product quality, shipping reliability, or customer service. This increased trust and confidence can significantly impact their decision to make a purchase.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Customer reviews can also help improve your eCommerce business’s search engine rankings. Search engines like Google and Bing consider customer reviews as critical factors in determining the relevance and authority of a website.

Provide Valuable Feedback

Customer reviews can provide valuable feedback on your products and services. This feedback can help you identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes to your products or services. This process can result in better team performance and productivity. It’s essential to track the eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) as well, ensuring your teammates are also satisfied and engaged.

Increase Sales

Customer reviews can also increase sales for your eCommerce business. Positive reviews can persuade potential customers to purchase, while negative reviews can provide opportunities for you to address concerns and improve customer satisfaction.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Customer reviews can also enhance engagement with your eCommerce business. Responding to reviews and engaging with customers can help build a sense of community and foster loyalty among your customer base.

Enhance Your Search Engine Optimization Rankings 

Here are some ways in which customer reviews can enhance your SEO rankings:

Increase the Amount of Content on Your Website

Customer reviews add fresh and unique content to your website. This helps search engines recognize your website as a source of valuable content and can improve your rankings.

Improve Your Website’s Click-Through Rates

Positive customer reviews can help increase click-through rates (CTR) to your website from search engine results pages. This increased traffic can improve your website’s authority and relevance in the eyes of search engines.

Increase the Keywords on Your Website

Customer reviews often contain keywords related to your products or services. This can increase the number of keywords on your website, improving your website’s rankings for those keywords.

Build Trust and Authority

Positive customer reviews can help build trust and authority for your website. Search engines consider websites with high levels of trust and power to be more relevant and valuable to users, which can improve your rankings.

Provide User-Generated Content

User-generated content, such as customer reviews, is seen as more authentic and trustworthy than business-generated content. This can improve your website’s rankings by showing search engines that your website is a trusted source of information.

Seamless Customer Communication

Here are some ways in which customer reviews can improve customer communication:

Direct Feedback

A customer online review provides a primary feedback channel from customers to businesses. This feedback can help companies better understand their customers’ needs and preferences and make necessary improvements to their products or services.

Real-Time Responses

Online customer reviews allow businesses to respond to real-time customer feedback. This can help address any issues or concerns that customers may have and demonstrate that the company values their input and is committed to their satisfaction.

Increased Engagement

Responding to Ecommerce reviews can increase customer engagement and foster a sense of community around the business. This can help build customer loyalty and improve overall customer satisfaction.


Responding to good or bad reviews allows businesses to personalize their communication. This can help build a stronger customer connection and improve customer experience.

Improved Reputation

Responding to customer reviews can help improve the business’s offline and online reputation management. When customers see that a company values their feedback and is committed to addressing their concerns, they are more likely to perceive the business positively.

How to Highlight Your Online Reviews to Generate Sales

Social Media Platforms 

1. Cross-Posting Positive Reviews

Sharing the same review on different social media outlets simultaneously helps spread the word about a company’s outstanding products or services. This will increase the chances that customers will come across these reviews when searching for information about a business and be more likely to purchase from them because of the higher visibility. 

2. Posting Regularly

It’s essential to post regularly on all social media accounts so that potential customers will see your content in their feeds or timelines. This way, they can learn more about your company and see real-life examples where people have enjoyed your services or products instead of manually searching for them.

3. Using Hashtags

Hashtags help make content easier to find and track by giving it added visibility on social platforms and search engines like Google. Using hashtags allows microblogging sites like Twitter or Instagram to group threads related to user experiences with your business.

4. Responding Quickly

It is crucial for businesses not only to post frequently but also to respond quickly whenever customers write a review – whether good or bad – so that they know you are listening and considering their opinion.

Product Pages

1. Place reviews prominently on your product pages

Make sure customers can easily find reviews on each page. Consider placing them above the fold, so potential buyers can quickly scroll down the page to find them.

2. Use visuals

Include images of people using the product, or related products, next to their review for added context and visual engagement.

3. Display verified purchase information

Showing customers that others have purchased the same item can boost trust in the product and compel them to buy. Verified purchase info also helps weed out fake reviews and encourages customers to leave honest feedback in exchange for being marked as verified customers.

4. Include customer ratings

Give customers the option to rate your products on various criteria such as quality, ease of use, value for money, etc., so potential buyers know what they’re getting before they click buy.

5. Use testimonials

Feature longer-form testimonials from satisfied customers on your website or in email campaigns to provide additional evidence of your products’ greatness and why people should buy them now!

Abandoned Cart Follow-Up Emails

When using abandoned cart follow-up emails, businesses should include customer reviews in the email.

  • Studies have found that including authentic customer reviews in emails, increases click rates and encourages customers to return to the company’s website and complete their purchases.
  • Furthermore, according to research conducted by Revoo, including customer ratings in emails increases sales conversions by at least 10%.
  • Social proof involves showing off positive customer experiences from other users and can effectively influence customers’ decisions to purchase from a business.

How to Manage Negative Reviews 

  • The first step towards managing negative reviews is to understand how your customers can leave them and how they can be ordered and responded to.
  • Many companies have social media pages that customers can use when expressing dissatisfaction with a product or service.
  • Hence, businesses must remain active on these platforms and monitor customer feedback.
  • Companies must also make sure their customer service representatives are equipped to handle negative feedback to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are customer reviews critical in e-commerce?

Customer reviews are essential in e-commerce because they provide valuable insights into product quality and customer satisfaction. Reviews act as social proof and help build trust with potential customers, increasing conversions and sales. 

What is the rising effect of online customer reviews on e-commerce sales?

Online customer reviews have a powerful effect on e-commerce sales, providing potential customers with insights into the product or service and helping them make an informed purchase decision. Consumers are more likely to trust and purchase from a business with positive online reviews, and companies can use this feedback to improve their customized products and services. 

Why are online reviews good for business?

Online reviews benefit businesses by giving customers an unbiased opinion of a product or service, which can help them make informed purchasing decisions. Reviews also help companies build trust and credibility and boost their visibility on search engines and social media platforms. 

What is the impact of online customer reviews?

Online customer reviews can have a profound impact on businesses. Positive reviews can build trust in the brand and encourage more people to purchase or use its services. Negative reviews can lead to reputational damage and lost sales if not addressed quickly and effectively.

Concluding Thoughts 

If you’re looking to boost your e-commerce business, leveraging the power of customer reviews is one of the best ways to do so. Take advantage of this invaluable asset today by asking satisfied customers to leave feedback on your website!

Joe Troyer

Joe Troyer is the Founder of Review Grower. He is leading expert in all things Internet Marketing: Pay Per Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google Business, Reputation Management, Landing Page Conversion, and Call Tracking.

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