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Top Google Ranking Software for 2023

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Your business needs to attract traffic online and, by extension, customers. To accomplish this, it is imperative that you focus on your content and SEO strategy. Ranking on Google is essential, no doubt, and for that reason, it makes sense to invest in the top Google ranking tools.

This post will look at the best Google ranking software that can boost your chances of being on the first page of Google searches. Website owners and businesses know how tough the competition is to be first. Organic search traffic can help you get there faster.

FirstPageSage reveals that pages that rank #1 on Google’s organic search results enjoy a click-through rate (CTR) of 39.6% on average.

In short, if you have a website, you should prioritize your efforts on ranking high on search results and avoiding low website traffic. Having the right Google ranking software makes all the difference.

Here are the top Google ranking for new websites tools you need to invest in to beat your competitors.

SoftwarePricing (starts from)Keyword ResearchBack -linkingCompetitor AnalysisRank TrackingTechnical SEOOn-Page SEO
Surfer SEO$59/month
SE Ranking$49/month
Screaming Frog£149/year
Google AnalyticsFree

What is the best Google Ranking Software?

There are three types of SEO tools that need to be part of your digital marketing arsenal:

  1. Semrush and SE Ranking are examples of all-around SEO tools. Use them to measure and monitor site metrics.
  2. Surfer SEO is an example of on-page SEO tool you can use to optimize your website content.
  3. Google Analytics is a data tool that helps you measure site data.

In short, you need these three kinds of tools to rank your articles.

We will look at some of the best Google ranking software and why you need them.

SEMRush (for all-round SEO)

Best for – backlinking, rank tracking, technical SEO, keyword research, competitor analysis

SEMRush is considered one of the most powerful Google ranking software out there, and for a good reason. It has almost all the tools you need.

It can handle content, SEO, and link building. It is also great for doing keyword research on any topic. If you are looking for keyword tracking or backlink analysis, SEMRush handles all that too.

One feature that is of particular interest to digital marketers is SEMRush’s market research feature. It exposes all the strategies your competitors are using for their websites. You can compare domains and do organic research for other competitors too.

The Keyword Gap tools help you discover gaps. Find the keywords your competitors are ranking for and discover what areas you can do better with.

Use the Site Audit tool to check your website mobile version, subdomains, and any other issues that escape your notice.


  • Pro Plan – $119.95 / month
  • Guru Plan – $229.95 / month
  • Business Plan – $449.95 / month

SE Ranking (for affordable all-round SEO)

SE Ranking deserves a look if you are looking for an affordable alternative to an all-in-one SEO tool.

It can do everything from the competitor analysis, rank tracking, backlink tracking, and technical audits, to state a few.

It is also geared towards beginners who want to use an easy utility. SE Ranking comes with a 5-step process to get up and running.

It also helps that SE Ranking can easily connect with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You can view dashboards for every need – choose from customized views for Summary, Detailed or Overall.

If you want to improve your marketing efforts, their marketing plan feature features a tidy list of things you can do for keyword research, content strategy, and more.

Want to track data for social media channels? They have it too.


SE Ranking comes with a unique pricing plan. They have standard plans as well as discounted rates.

For standard monthly plans:

  • Essential: $49/m
  • Pro: $109/m
  • Business: $239/m

It gives out discounts based on:

  • Rank Tracking frequency – choose from daily, 3-day, or weekly.
  • The months in advance you pay for.

The more months you pay in advance, the higher the discount. Same for how frequently you want to use rank tracking.

Surfer SEO (for on-page SEO)

Best for – rank tracking, backlinking, content optimization, competitor analysis, keyword research

Your website needs top-tier content and published articles. But what about keyword ranking and optimizing it for Google search engine results?

That’s where Surfer SEO comes in. It is an on-page keyword ranking tracker tool that ensures you are using all the right keywords throughout your website. Enough for Google to consider you over the competition.

How does it work? It analyzes any keyword you are targeting and then searches through the top-ranked content out there to help you outrank the competition.

To do this, it gives you metrics like word count, images, headings, keywords, and more to help you rank on the top SERPs. An optimized content score helps you make changes to your content before you can publish it.

There are other neat features that make Surfer SEO a breeze to use. It features deep integration with Google Docs, WordPress and other third-party utilities. You can also make use of browser extensions.

Bottom line, you need a tool like Surfer if you are doing SEO/content/blogging.


  • Free plan: $0
  • Basic: $59/m or $49/m annually
  • Pro: $119/m or $99/m annually
  • Business: $239/m or $199/m annually


Best for – analyzing meta description, title tags, mobile optimization, competitor analysis, page performance, error tracking, keyword tool

If you are looking for an SEO tool that gets you quick results, WooRank is right up there.

It analyzes both on-page and off-page SEO, and offers you specific solutions to help tackle anything that needs improving.

You enter your site on WooRank and it does the rest. You can check out what the competition is doing with the Competitors feature.

You can also see any errors on your website with On-Page SEO tools, allowing you to take care of missing meta descriptions, title tags, alt attributes, etc.


WooRank’s pricing is divided into:

·  Pro: $79.99/m,

·  Premium: $199.99/m,

·  Enterprise: for large teams.


Google Analytics (for measuring website data)

Best for – information about all the data, all the pages, organic traffic, search analytics

Need all the information about how your website is doing? That’s where a free tool like Google Analytics comes in.

With insights from Google Analytics (GA), you can track everything from a powerful dashboard. This includes website traffic, visitors, sessions, bounce rate, and more.

You can also make use of its advanced data measuring features to understand audience behavior, CTA conversions, top pages, and traffic acquisition sources.

If you are relying on local SEO, GA is a must. It gives you further insight into how you can improve your web pages and how you can reach your target audience.

In fact, the Demographics tab gives you further information regarding user journeys. You can find out where your visitors live and what is their preferred language. The Acquisitions tab gives a peek into which channels your traffic is coming from, i.e., organic search, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Want to know what devices your visitors are using to access your website? You can see all that from the Technology tab.

Google Analytics gives site owners an accurate idea of how popular their website is. When used in conjunction with other free SEO tools like Google Search Console and Google PageSpeed, you can find unique ranking opportunities for your content.


It’s a free tool for web pages on your website. It might not be sophisticated like other competing data tools out there, but don’t let that fool you. It is accurate for determining search traffic, and it remains one of the best SEO tools of its kind out there.


There was a time when you had to leave it up to mysterious Google ranking factors and pray for the best. Now, you have tools that help you put together a comprehensive SEO strategy so that you can augment your chances of being at the top of search engines.

Google ranking software helps you by providing you with crucial insights, tracking performance, error correction, and testing methods that can help you make the necessary adjustments to your website and content.

We have given you information about the best ranking tools that can be used for link building, competitor analysis, technical audits, keyword searches, and more.

All these things will help you finetune your content that is of value to your audience. These ranking tools help you by putting your customers first as you research keywords, check domain authority, do backlink analysis, figure out keyword difficulty, and so on. So make sure you invest in only the best Google ranking software.

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