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LinkResearchTools Review: An SEO Platform for SMBs

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

LinkResearchTools (LRT) proclaims itself to be an all-encompassing search engine optimization (SEO) platform tailored for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), but in actuality, its feature set and cost do not reflect this. It starts at a steep €359 per month with the Superhero Small tier, yet bills itself as an “off-page SEO toolkit” that is supposedly a crawler. After testing LRT’s domain analysis, link tracking, and site comparison tools however we found they are actually designed predominantly around backlinks. This LinkResearchTools review is going to look into its pros and cons in detail.

LinkResearchTools in Summary

LinkResearchTools is a collection of 25 individual tools that, when used together, can provide valuable insights into the quality and structure of your backlinks. With this suite, your SEO team can easily identify which pages are succeeding and failing in organic search visibility—as well as how they compare to competing brands on particular keywords. Backlinks form an essential part of any successful SEO strategy; with LinkResearchTools at their disposal, you’ll have all the data needed to move forward quickly and effectively.

Pricing and Plans

LinkResearchTools’ Superhero Small plan starts at €359 per month when you opt for an annual billing cycle. It provides comprehensive domain analysis, with up to 1 million links crawled each month. Furthermore, it projects a competitive landscape of the market and provides email support for up to 5 team members giving you access to all its features!

This SEO tool offers varying levels of tool access and functionality, depending on the plan you choose. Regardless of which one is selected, all plans come with full access to Link Detox Screener, Link Detox Boost, Competitive Link Detox tools., as well as comprehensive competitor research.

The introductory plan offers email and telephone assistance, as well as access to online handbooks and tutorials, free instructional videos, the LinkResearchTools Associate Certification Program, and Certified Professional Program. However, if you need full-price training workshops for these programs then it will not be included in your entry level plan.

As you advance through the multiple tiers of the pricing plan, you can expect significant upgrades. To give a glimpse of what each tier offers:

  • Superhero Standard plan: Get 6 million links crawled for the low price of €599 per month, with extra support from both emails and telephone calls. 15 team members are allowed access to our services at no additional charge.
  • Superhero Plus plan: For €1,499 per month, you get full access to a maximum of 20 million links crawled as well as creating up to 25 team members. In addition, enjoy top-notch technical support via phone and email and receive personalized onboarding with white glove service.
  • Superhero Ultra plan: Get the maximum of 30 million links crawled, up to 40 team members with white glove onboarding and neck massage services included for only €2,499 per month. 

There are detailed caps and limits for every LinkResearchTools product listed on their pricing page. It is noticeable that the prices of this fantastic product have seen an immense boost since our first review, with the least expensive cost being $169 per month while the most expensive plan costing a whopping $1,999 monthly. So if you’re looking to get your money’s worth without breaking the bank then unfortunately this platform won’t be ideal for small business owners.

User Experience and Report Configuration

In contrast to SpyFu, SEMrush, and Searchmetrics which all tie their disparate tools into a single unified platform with an easy-to-navigate dashboard, LinkResearchTools is packaged like Moz Pro and Majestic: as separate but related tools.

The “dashboard” compiles all of the product’s effective tools into one easy-to-navigate list: Backlink Analysis, Audit & Recovery, Monitoring (alerts and link checking), Competitor Analysis, Quality Checks, Link Prospecting—plus three free browser extensions included with your purchase. Everything you need to build quality links is right here.

The top navigation bar provides access to the Reports dashboard, Link Alerts, any recurring reports you’ve organized ahead of time, bookmarked URLs and the Help section.

LinkResearchTools mainly offers features comparable to Ahrefs, DeepCrawl, and Majestic in terms of functionality. LinkResearchTools is more analogous to Majestic as they both offer related functions for bulk backlink tracing and comparative link profiling. However, what makes the platform unique from its counterparts is that it consists solely of crawling tools instead of a collection of dashboards and other apparatuses!

To run a report in any tool, you have to take additional steps and wait on the Reports dashboard. Unfortunately, there are no pre-filled or customizable dashboards that will provide immediate access of domain analytics or backlink metrics. Majestic, however, provides an effortless process by allowing queries from one instrument to be transferred directly into another – creating a natural workflow for users!

After studying my reports, I managed to take certain data from one report and use it in another tool. For example, selecting keywords with the Competitive Keyword Analysis tool and then running those URLs through the Bulk Analyzer tool. LinkResearchTools provides superior SEO reporting for backlinks yet is not a monitoring-focused program like KWFinder – rather an ad hoc research platform specifically built for links analysis.

LinkResearchTools has launched an advanced user management dashboard to make it easy for users to invite multiple members and view reports on their activity. However, the company is yet to introduce a unified dashboard. To ensure that LinkResearchTool’s SEO and backlink arsenal provide customers with the best experience possible going forward, we’d love for them to join forces in one comprehensive interface!

Backlink Tracking and Domain Analysis Tools

LinkResearchTools is made up of several tools, so instead of looking at them in their entirety, I’m going to examine the features, ease-of-use, and general performance of each tool within its different categories. But before we dive into that, it’s important to note that just like Moz, Majestic and other SEO platforms out there LinkResearchTools uses a variety of unique metrics which require some explanation.

Numerous reports encompass LinkResearchTools Power, Trust and their combined metric of PowerTrust. Specifically, Power is the measure of united link strength on a page according to LinkResearchTools while Trust illustrates an implied “trust” in line with the renowned TrustRank algorithm. By employing both segments, businesses can gain valuable insight into improving their online presence.

The Flow Metrics algorithm, which is composed of Majestic’s Citation Flow and Trust Flow metrics as well as LinkResearchTools PowerTrust metric act as a sort of substitute for the discontinued Google PageRank algorithm. This offers an easy way to assess website performance without relying on Google’s now-outdated system.

LinkResearchTools Power and Trust are only rated on a 1-10 scale, whereas Majestic’s PowerTrust is calculated by multiplying those two variables for an even more accurate measure of link credibility – this metric uses a 1-100 rating system. On top of that, LinkResearchTools also makes the helpful data from their PowerTrust available to users as a free browser extension alongside both their SEO Toolbar and Redirect Trace extensions.

LinkResearchTools Features

LinkResearchTools provides the unique benefit of gathering metrics from some of the top SEO and ranking keyword tools, including Page Authority (PA) from Moz and Domain Authority (DA) from SEMrush. You can also set up email-based alerts to monitor backlinks for activities such as tracking new ones or checking active links. While standard monitoring tools are mentioned, they will not be covered in depth due to their largely automated nature.

Get ready for the extensive list of what LinkResearchTools has to offer – these tools have been enhanced with new features since our original review and are outlined tool-by-tool.

  • Backlink Analysis: LinkResearchTools provides two indispensable backlink and domain analysis tools – Backlink Profiler and Quick Backlinks. When I was creating a backlink profile report for PCMag.com, the customization capabilities of LinkResearchTools allowed me to select single pages or subfolders as well as the entire domain while also selecting metrics from its extensive list which included link ratios, Google indexing, on-page linking evaluation and social voting information related to links.
  • To begin with, this report provided me with a variety of custom metrics. I was able to analyze the link profile and anchor text based on PowerTrust via data visualizations. And at the end, there was an enormous table that could be filtered and customized according to my needs as well as exported for further analysis; truly powerful!
  • Ahrefs and Majestic may provide some support for those unfamiliar with SEO, yet LinkResearchTools takes it to a whole other level by presenting the most thorough metrics of any backlink. Moreover, this renowned service has further boosted its capabilities through expanded profiles as well as data visualizations that enable more detailed link profiling.
  • Audit and Recovery: LinkResearchTools’ Link Detox, Link Detox Boost, Link Juice Recovery Tool, and Strongest Sub Pages tools are unparalleled in terms of their capabilities. Majestic is the closest competitor when it comes to backlinks functionality; however, it pales in comparison to what you can achieve with the target abilities provided by LRT’s suite of tools.
  • Utilizing Detox and Link Juice tools, DeepCrawl can break down a website to recognize mistakes or problems that could be causing harm. Unlike regular DeepCrawl, the focus of these two is on taking away specific backlinks and sub-pages within your domain in order to help you recover from an unfortunate Google penalty or even quickly rebuild after relaunching or moving into another domain name.
  • The company has dramatically improved the capabilities of its SEO tools with the addition of automatic keyword classification. You can now automatically classify keywords for all your backlinks during a link auditing process, making it easier to re-run or start reports on new domains. Just go into Settings and click on Auto Keyword Classification Settings to add in which domain you want this feature enabled for!
  • After several hours of running the Link Detox and Link Juice Recovery Tools, I found that they had identified several hundred below-average domains ranked with our trademarked DTOXRISK metric as disavowed, very low, below average, average or high. When I reviewed these results later in the day it was clear to me why this tool takes longer than most – its accuracy is unmatched!
  • Every rank link has its own set of associated rules that it violated, such as low domain strength or duplicate pages. This is the most important feature of LinkResearchTools and can help your business swiftly identify and eliminate any SEO risks through backlink crawling.
  • Competitor Analysis: Tools such as Quick Domain Compare, Competitive Landscape Analyzer, and Competitive Keyword Analyzer allowed me to do head to head or multiple-site domain comparisons on the major metrics and backlink profiling LinkResearchTools provides. For instance, in the Quick Domain Compare tool, you can compare PowerTrust scores for ranked keywords, all of which boost a site’s backlink profile and trust. The Competitive Landscape Analyzer tool is a game changer for researching multiple domains. You can easily add competitors, and the report will automatically generate interactive charts with a table layout that clearly breaks down your data points. Simply choose from the list of metrics to get started.
  • The Competitive Keyword Analyzer tool was the only place I discovered ad hoc keyword research. When I put in four test keywords – IT consultant, online shopping, digital marketing and small business accounting – instead of a typical search volume and difficulty metrics like KWFinder.com, SEMrush or Moz Pro offers, the tool gave me an exhaustive backlink profile with LinkResearchTools custom metrics along with a breakdown of each position’s URL on the results page. Although, it is not a reliable technique to recognize target keywords as those committed tools are. With the help of Star icon and adding URL to your famous list, you can do basic keyword management but lack in other aspects.
  • Link Prospecting: These unique backlink-oriented instruments, including the SERP Research Device, Get in touch with Finder, Common Backlinks Tool, Missing Link Tool and also Connect Juice Robber is actually crafted for sales as well as advertising crews. After I entered my target key words into the SERP device once more and checked off all the metrics for the document electrical generator to utilize, this provided me a lengthy list of URLs that seemed on Google search results page along with their corresponding web link totals and metrics just like those found in various other resources.
  • The Contact Finder is an efficient scan that uncovers the contact information and webmaster details for any website, allowing you to leverage it as a potential lead. Similarly, with Common Links and Missing Links tools you can locate backlinks shared by your competition but missing from your own domain; thereby enabling you to reduce the SEO gap between yourself and other sites. LinkResearchTools offers SEO lead management and ROI tracking capabilities that can’t be matched by other tools, setting it apart from the competition. It’s uniquely equipped for digital marketing initiatives with features far exceeding those of SEMrush or SpyFu.

A Report-Based SEO Linking Toolkit

LinkResearchTools have the ability to compete with Majestic when it comes to tracking backlinks, and its collection of audit and recovery tools along with link prospecting instruments that focus on sales set it apart from other crawlers. Additionally, Ahrefs and DeepCrawl possess an edge in terms of their overall crawling capability outside of merely measuring backlink metrics.

LinkResearchTools is an incredibly exclusive tool that provides unparalleled SEO value when it comes to backlink tracking from various angles. Even if you opt for the higher tiers so as to access all 25 tools, LinkResearchTools still proves itself a cost-effective investment compared with other SEO tools created primarily for small and medium businesses.

While it may not offer the same wide-scale SEO value as Editors’ Choices Moz Pro, SpyFu, and AWR Cloud for ongoing rank tracking, keyword research and crawling – its extensive suite of backlink tools makes it a worthy choice to add to your business’s arsenals of SEO suites.


  • Completely analyze and track backlinks to determine the holistic website link structure.
  • Audit and recovery tools offer a special solution for those affected by Google penalties or who are looking to relaunch their website.
  • Tools designed to help generate leads and increase sales through link prospecting.


  • Our reporting system is solely based on reports, and does not include any configured or pre-populated dashboards.
  • There is a lack of integration between the standalone tools in this suite.
  • Without a clear and unified navigation system, the user is left to navigate through an array of tools without any direction.


LinkResearchTools, a European-based solution that caters to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), is highly competitive in the market of backlink optimization. Although they may advertise themselves as an all-around SEO solution for SMBs, their pricing and features are tailored specifically towards analyzing website backlinks. Despite its higher price point than some other solutions on the market, LinkResearchTools provides powerful insight into your site’s link profile – making it well worth considering if you’re primarily focused on improving your search engine rankings through effective link building strategies. We hope this LinkResearchTools review helps you decide if it is suitable for your SEO needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

LinkResearchTools is a suite of SEO tools that helps users analyze and improve their website’s link profile and identify potential link building opportunities. Here are some frequently asked questions about the tool:

  1. What types of analysis does LinkResearchTools offer?

LinkResearchTools offers a variety of analysis tools, including:

  • Backlink analysis: This tool allows users to see all the backlinks pointing to their website and get insights on the quality and relevance of those links.
  • Competitive analysis: This tool helps users understand their competitors’ link profile and identify opportunities to outrank them.
  • Penalty risk analysis: This tool helps users identify potential issues with their link profile that could lead to a Google penalty.
  • Link opportunity analysis: This tool helps users find link building opportunities based on their target keywords.
  • Link alert monitoring: This tool sends users notifications when new backlinks are discovered or when the status of their existing backlinks changes.
  1. How accurate is LinkResearchTools’ data?

LinkResearchTools uses a variety of data sources to provide as much accurate and up-to-date information as possible. However, it’s important to note that no tool can provide 100% accurate data, as the search engines’ algorithms are constantly evolving and data can be unreliable at times.

  1. How often is LinkResearchTools’ data updated?

LinkResearchTools updates its data on a regular basis, but the frequency of updates can vary depending on the specific tool and data source. In general, the data is updated more frequently for tools that rely on data from the Link Detox API, which is updated every few hours. Other tools may have data that is updated less frequently, such as the penalty risk analysis tool, which is updated every few weeks.

  1. Is LinkResearchTools suitable for all websites?

LinkResearchTools is a comprehensive SEO tool that can be useful for websites of all sizes and industries. However, it may be more suitable for larger websites or businesses that are focused on link building and competitive analysis.

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