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100+ Reputation Management Statistics

+ Reputation Management Statistics

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The influence of the digital world expands along with the number of individuals using the internet. Our online reputation increasingly precedes us, in addition to having an impact on our “real world” reputation. With more and more individuals logging on every second, understanding the digital world will be essential in 2022.

An online review is a key tool for a successful selling campaign. The digital market is constantly transforming the way people shop and buy products in the marketplace.

To keep you informed in 2022, we’ve assembled the most crucial online reviews & reputation statistics below.

Online Reviews & Reputation Facts

  • “Overall rating is most important to 41.4% of consumers when reading reviews to select a restaurant.” – 2018 Restaurant Reviews Study
  • “When reading reviews to select a restaurant, consumers: value positive content (29%) look for details/depth (22%) find reviews they like (7%)” – 2018 Restaurant Reviews Study
  • “Even with restaurants possibly being the easiest industry to acquire reviews for, over 50% of guests still never write a review.” – 2018 Restaurant Reviews Study
  • “66% of Americans trust an anonymous, online review more than they trust a recommendation from an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.” – 2018 Word of Mouth Report
  • “62.9% of consumers were not likely to choose an insurance provider that had negative reviews.” – Blumenthals
  • “83.5% of shoppers would not consider a business with a 3-star rating or below.” – Blumenthals
  • “49.7% of consumers need to see a 4-star rating or higher to consider a business.” – Blumenthals
  • “68% of consumers have left a review for a local business after being asked to do so.” – Brightlocal
  • “86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses 95% of people aged 18-34” – Brightlocal
  • “Buyers require an average 40 online reviews before believing a business’s star rating is accurate (up from 34 in 2017)” – Brightlocal
  • “85% of consumers think that online reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant.” – Brightlocal
  • “57% of buyers expect a business to have more than 11 reviews.” – Brightlocal
  • “91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” – Brightlocal
  • “86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses (including 95% of people aged 18-34).” – Brightlocal
  • “86% of customers would consider leaving reviews for businesses.” – Brightlocal
  • “57% of consumers won’t use a business that has fewer than 4 stars (up from 48% in 2017).” – Brightlocal
  • “78% of customers who read reviews were satisfied with their purchase.” – Broadly
  • “Reputation makes up over 25% of a brand’s market value.” – Deloitte
  • “73% of customers value the written review over the overall star rating.” – Fan and Fuel
  • “When dealing with a local merchant, 34% of customers will complain due to lack of or poor customer service and 23% will complain due to rudeness and a bad attitude.” – GatherUp
  • “It takes roughly 40 positive customer experiences to undo the damage of a single negative review.” – INC.com
  • “Users reading reviews on a mobile device are 127% more likely to make a purchase than desktop users.” – Martech Zone
  • “89% of customers won’t take action before they read some reviews.” – My Testimonial Engine
  • “72% of customers won’t take any buying actions until they’ve read reviews.” – My Testimonial Engine
  • “The likelihood of purchase peaks at a star rating of 4.0 – 4.7, then decreases as the rating gets closer to 5.0.” – Northwestern.edu
  • “Having five reviews results in purchase likelihood increasing by a factor of almost 4.” – Northwestern.edu
  • “The purchase likelihood for a product with five reviews is 270% greater than the purchase likelihood of a product with no reviews.” – Northwestern.edu
  • “74.6% of people have looked online to find out about a doctor, a dentist, or medical care.“ – PatientPop
  • “According to business reputation facts, more than 50% of people consider that at least half of a company’s market value depends on its reputation.” – PR Week
  • “When customers interact with negative reviews, they spend five times as long on a business’ website.” – Reevoo
  • “Big surveys are a big mistake: 75.4% of consumers are willing to answer 1-5 survey questions.” – GatherUp

Key Reputation Management Stats

  • “89% of local consumers read businesses’ responses to reviews.” – Brightlocal
  • “Not replying to reviews risks increasing customer churn by up to 15%.” – Chatmeter.com
  • “For renters, 51% of potential residents expect to see management responses to all online reviews.” – NMHC/Kingsley Apartment Report
  • “Review volume increased by 12% and ratings went up by an average of 0.12 stars just because the brand started responding to reviews.” – StreetFightMag.com
  • “Businesses that respond to even just one review earn 4% more than average.” – Womply
  • “Businesses that don’t reply to any reviews earn 9% less revenue than average.” – Womply
  • “75% of businesses don’t respond to any of their reviews.” – Womply
  • “People spend up to 49% more money at businesses that reply to reviews.” – Womply

The Impact on Business Revenue

  • “After a few months of automating review requests and following up with our customers we became the go-to brand in our market and we moved to the first page of Google for multiple keywords. (grossing $60k+/month, 16 months old)” – Review Grower
  • “Customers spend 31% more when a business has positive reviews.” – Broadly
  • “For every one-star increase that a business gets on Yelp, they see a 5-9% increase in revenue.” – Harvard Business Journal
  • “Quality reviews correlate to more than a 2% higher conversion rate for paid search.” – Location3
  • “A single business review can lift its conversions by 10%.” – RevLocal
  • “When higher-priced items display reviews, the conversion rate increases by 380%.” – Spiegel
  • “Locations that move their Google My Business profile’s rating from a 3.5 to 3.7 stars experience conversion growth of 120%.” – Uberall
  • “Businesses with more than 9 fresh reviews (posted within the past 90 days) earn 52% more than average and those with more than 25 earn 108% more than average.” – Womply
  • “Businesses with more than 82 total reviews earn 54% more in annual revenue than average.” – Womply

Consumer Behaviour Stats

  • “Over 58% of customers use reviews to help make a restaurant selection at least one quarter of the time, with 36% using reviews to inform their decision half of the time or more.” – 2018 Restaurant Reviews Study
  • “Reviews make customers 71% more comfortable purchasing a product.” – 3D Cart
  • “Negative reviews stop 40% of buyers from wanting to use a business.” – Brightlocal
  • “92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review.” – G2 and Heinz Marketing
  • “67% of B2B buyers want to see a mix of both positive and negative reviews when checking out a business.” – G2 and Heinz Marketing
  • “Consumers will spend up to 31% more money on a business that has excellent reviews.” – Invesp
  • “85% of customers actively search for negative reviews before deciding to buy a product.” – Neil Patel
  • “59% of respondents stated that online reviews from other patients contribute to their decision when choosing a doctor, dentist, or another healthcare provider.” –  PatientPop
  • “When choosing a healthcare provider, 69.9% of people consider a positive online reputation to be very or extremely important.” –  PatientPop
  • “Between similar products online, 35% of consumers said better reviews have driven them to spring for the higher priced option.” – Salsify
  • “78% of consumers (respondents) focus on the most recent reviews by fellow travelers.” TripAdvisor
  • “81% of consumers will pay more for and wait longer to receive a product with online reviews.” – TurnTo
  • “88% of buyers are influenced in their buying decision by reviews.” – Zendesk
  • “69% of diners would leave direct feedback or a review using various channels if asked. You can no longer dictate that they leave it in one certain way.” – 2018 Restaurant Reviews Study
  • “Previously, Star Ratings were based on clinical care and health outcomes. But experience now takes the top priority, with 34% of a health plan’s rating based on scores from the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey through Stars 2025. ” – Binary Fountain
  • “By implementing a company-wide, automated process to help originators and branches ask for online reviews, Waterstone Mortgage increased its online presence, including its search ranking. This has both boosted their loan originators’ visibility online and generated more referral business.” – Birdeye
  • Norwood Chiropractic Centre was receiving less than one review per month. Reviews received increased by 920% and they now have 10X the reviews to their closest competitor. – Chekkit
  • Customer Service & Employee Behavior Causes The Most 57% of Concsumer Complaints – getfivestars
  • “Vanessa Bohns of Cornell University and Mahdi Roganizad of Western University found face-to-face requests were 34 times more effective than emailed requests.” – grade.us
  • “3.4 is the average star rating required for a consumer to consider engaging with a business” – podium
  • “Only 11% Of Visitors Visit A Testimonial Page” – Rep Kahuna
  • “A SIMPLE HALF-STAR IMPROVEMENT on Yelp’s 5-star rating makes it 30%-49% more likely that a restaurant will sell out its evening seats.” – reputation loop
  • “If you send your review request in the morning you can see a 5% gain in response rates!” – reputaiton.com
  • “83% of respondents expect revenue to increase at least 1% with a one-point star improvement” – reviewinc
  • “Research says at least half of a company’s market value depends on its reputation among customers.” – reviewpush
  • “Brands that display product reviews have a 18% higher conversion rate and a 11% higher average order value (AOV).” – reviews.io
  • “88% of all reviews come from only 4 review sites. The long tail doesn’t provide as valuable a return as it used to. Marketers should focus on top directories that hold domain authority and impact reputation.” – reviewtrackers
  • “Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers.” – revleap
  • “Reviews make up 17% of the local pack ranking factors.” – whitespark
  • “76% of diners are more likely to choose a restaurant that has provided specific information — like price range, dress code, or meals served — directly in search results.” – Yext
  • “We found out that asking questions is great for getting more reviews. Including question marks in review request subject lines leads to an average increase of 15.7%” – yotpo

Trust in Online Reviews Stats

  • “64% of customers believe that a good reputation can motivate them to try some product, but trusting the company is essential for becoming its loyal customer.” – Edelman
  • “After having a positive experience with a company, 77% of customers would recommend it to a friend.” – Experiencematters.blog
  • “Consumer reviews on products are trusted almost 12 times more than the manufacturers’ descriptions.” – Martech Zone
  • “95% of customers get suspicious of a rating if there are no negative reviews.” – Reevoo
  • “Shoppers across all age ranges expect an average of 112 reviews per product when they search online.” – Retail Touchpoints
  • “66% of consumers stated many online reviews make them trust a brand online.” – Salsify

Top Review Sites Stats

  • “When hotels start responding to reviews, they receive 12% more reviews and their ratings increase, on average, by 0.12 stars.” – Harvard Business Review
  • “When a patient’s negative feedback is addressed by the practice, the rate of patient satisfaction roughly doubles, increasing 99%.” – PatientPop
  • “89% of travelers said a thoughtful response to a negative review improved their impression of a business.” – TripAdvisor
  • “Shoppers are most likely to read restaurant reviews on: 29.2% Yelp 28.1% Google 16.2% Facebook 14.2% Trip Advisor 9.8% Open Table” – 2018 Restaurant Reviews Study
  • “51% of restaurant customers said that service was the biggest reason they would write a bad review, with food quality or taste a distant 2nd with 31.6%.” – 2018 Restaurant Reviews Study
  • “60.9% of shoppers use Google to find local businesses and 11.4% of use Yelp.” – Blumenthals
  • “Consumers ages 18-65+ prefer to leave reviews on: 36.8% Business website 32% Google 17.1% Facebook 12.5% Yelp 1.6% Other review sites” – GatherUp
  • “Consumers ages 25-34 prefer to leave reviews on: 40.8% Google 24.3% Business website 19.4% Facebook 14.1% Yelp 1.4% Other review sites” – GatherUp
  • “97% of the travel industry businesses on TripAdvisor claim that reputation management is essential to them.” – PR Newswire
  • “158.03 million US consumers use Google My Business every month, making it one of the top consumer review sites.” – Vendasta
  • “Consumers are most likely to look for reviews on healthcare providers on Google (48.8%) and WebMD (32.8%).” – PatientPop
  • “63.6% of consumers visit Google to check for reviews of a business.” – ReviewTrackers
  • “63.6% of consumers examine Google reviews before visiting a business.” – ReviewTrackers
  • “Businesses appearing in Google’s top 3 local positions have an average of 47 Google Reviews.” – Brightlocal
  • “Low ratings on Google and TripAdvisor have the largest negative impact on revenue for small businesses.” – Womply

Reputation and Local SEO Stats

  • “55.1% of consumers were likely to choose a local car repair center that had positive reviews.“ – Blumenthals
  • “Positive reviews make 68% of buyers more likely to use local businesses.” – Brightlocal
  • “91% of consumers will more likely use a local product or service with positive reviews.” – Brightlocal
  • “Reviews account for 15.44% of how Google ranks a local business.“ – Moz Local Search Ranking Factors
  • “27% of people that look for local information are actually looking for reviews about that particular store.” – Streetfightmag.com
  • “For “near me” searches, a star rating increase of just 0.1 could increase the conversion rates of a business location by 25%.” – Uberall
  • “When enterprise locations increased their reply rate for Google reviews from 12% to 32% of reviews, they achieved 80% higher conversion rates in local search than direct competitors.” – Uberall

Social Media Stats

  • “When choosing a restaurant, Gen Z and Millennials are 99% more likely to rely on social media and online reviews than are Gen X and Boomers.” – 2018 Word of Mouth Report
  • “Facebook affects more than 50% of consumers’ purchase decisions.” – Revlocal
  • “58% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by social media.” – Statistica

Review and Reputation Management Stats

  • “Brands can expect their average star rating to increase after emailing buyers a direct link to submit reviews.” – Northwestern.edu
  • “Up to 80% of reviews originate from follow-up emails urging shoppers to review their purchases.” – Spiegel
  • “Brands can expect their average star rating to increase after emailing buyers a direct link to submit reviews.” – Spiegel

Recruiting and Employment Stats

  • “Employers with a bad reputation ended up spending 10% more per hire.” – Harvard Business Review

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