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GetFiveStars Alternatives: Compare GetFiveStars vs Review Grower

Which is better: GetFiveStars or Review Grower? Compare the white label reputation management platforms, head to head,  learn their similarities and differences, and see which of the numerous GetFiveStars competitors is right for your business.

About GetFiveStars (now GatherUp)

Founders: Naveen Mike Blumenthal, Don Campbell and Thomas Hasch
Year Founded: 2013
Number of Employees: 50


In 2018, GetFiveStars became GatherUp. In 2019, GatherUp joined ASG MarTech, a group of marketing technology businesses.


White Label Reputation Management Comparison


Review Grower


Includes 20 Locations



Includes 1 Locations

Price Per Location$10$60
Free Trial Offered?
Training Offered?
Review Monitoring
Review Generation
Review Marketing
White Label
Third-Party Integrations
Lead Generation Tools
Frequency Of New FeaturesWeeklyNo Data Available

GatherUp pricing starts at $99.00 as a flat rate, per month. For a minimum of 5 locations it’s $300/month, and then $60 per location. For a minimum of 11 locations it is $495/month, and then $45 per location. They do not have a free version. GatherUp offers a free trial.

What Agencies Love About Review Grower

Direct Contact With The Founders & Developers

Customer support can be very frustrating as a software customer. Getting customer support reps who understand the software, and also understand a marketers wants, needs and use cases is very very difficult. At review grower when you contact us via live chat theres about a 90% chance you’ll be speaking with a co founder, and a developer of the platform. So rest assured our support will be better, we understand your use cases better, can help you make the most of the platform, and last but not least can understand where your provided use case could lead to a new feature or improvement to Review Grower.

Product Being Updated Non Stop

The reputation management software companies out there belong largely in 2 buckets. Those who are innovating and always adding to their platforms and those that are not. Review Grower is pushing the boundaries of whats possible, and pushing new features, and customer suggestions live to the platform each and every week since its launch!

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