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Pet Hotel Reputation Management

Let’s talk about BIG data. Our team searched for the key phrase pet hotel in [city]” using the top 200 cities in the United States.

 Using the data we gathered, we found that:

Pet Hotel with the highest rating:

The pet hotel with the highest rating is Cozy Cats Hotel with a rating of 5.0 on Google with 187 positive reviews. Here’s their most recent positive review:

Wonderful boarding experience. I always feel comfortable boarding here long term. Your cat is treated with love and care. Aziza loves every minute she spends there! If anything, they spoil her too much 🙂


Pet Hotel with the lowest rating:

The lowest rated pet hotel is Wag Hotels with a rating of 4.1 stars on Google and 325 reviews. Here’s their most recent negative review, where the customer gave a 1-star review:

On Memorial weekend 2022, I was invited to work in Ohio for the weekend  I am recently separated and find myself living alone with my two year old Cesky terrier, Maisey.  As was a holiday weekend I didn’t want to ask my friends to look after Maisey while I went to Ohio.   Maisey had been to Wag on a day pass the week before and came home happy.  I called and booked her in last minute  and decided I’d pay the $63 a night for the basic package as was all I could afford really due to my home situation.  From what I ascertained the packed gave Maisey 22 hours a day  in a small private room, and I had to pay extra for additional walks etc. I thought it’s only three nights and  I really had no choice.  I purchased long lasting chews, one for each day so I wouldn’t feel so guilty.

She was dropped off at 11 am Friday   there was a. man collecting his dog complaining,  his dog can’t have been fed and I thought. ‘yeah right, overprotective owner obviously ‘

Maisey is fed ‘my Ollie’ human food for dogs and it’s brilliant. It’s measured out exactly with a pack of food indicidually packaged for each day.  I dropped exactly enough food to do Maisey  until Monday evening as one never gets extra.

I felt so bad I checked my flight and came home 24 hours early.

When I collected her she seems down and  I asked for the two portions of food for the next day to which I was told  “there is none”   I asked  what was she “going to eat tomorrow?‘.  then i remembered had I left the food in the ‘my ollie’ container which i liked ,  so went back in to get that. Eventually  all the food and the treats were returned to me untouched   MAISEY HAD NOT BEEN FED OR GIVEN THE TREATS IN THE 48 HOURS SHE WAS THERE”

I am still beyond furious  ‘DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT USING WAG HOTELS’

Leave your dog at home on the sofa  if you have to, at least they’d have some chance of feeding themselves.

I tried to speak with someone and after 5 emails someone called but I was working and I have not been able to connect as yet.  This may help.


Pet Hotel with the most number of reviews:

Henderson Pet Resort has the most number of reviews from Google, which is 751 and has a rating of 4.8 stars. Here’s the highest-rated, most recent review they received:

“My dog Bella had a wonderful stay at Henderson pet resort this past weekend. Staff was super friendly and accommodating. They have webcams so you can login and watch your doggo play, which I was super happy to see. Highly recommend!”

And their lowest:

“Don’t waste your time trying to book a reservation for this year. My dog has stayed here a few times in the past and had no issue making a reservation. However the last 3, today makes the 4th attempt to book a reservation in ADVANCE and I get immediately “waitlisted”. I need to find another pet boarding place that I can rely on. This place has unfortunately lost my business.”


Pet Hotel with the least number of reviews:

The pet hotel with the least number of reviews is Rita’s Grooming & Boarding with 5 reviews, and a rating of 4.6 stars. Here’s the most recent review:

“Does a great job with my two dogs. Never any problems at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


The average number of reviews for the top 200 pet hotels:

The average number of reviews for all top 200 sites is 161.40 reviews.

The # 1 review site for the top 200 pet hotels:

There’s no doubt that Google is the top review site. They have over 63,000 employees and own some of the world’s top sites, including YouTube and Blogger. Plus, they’re constantly innovating, with new products and features being released all the time. But what makes Google so successful? Here are some key factors:

  • They have a huge user base. Over 2 billion people use Google each month, which gives them a lot of data to work with.

  • They’re constantly improving their algorithms. Google is always tweaking its algorithms to make sure they’re providing the best results for users.

  • They’re good at promoting their products. Google does a great job of promoting its products and getting them in front of users.

  • They have a simple design. Google’s design is clean and simple, which makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for.

All of these factors contribute to Google’s success as a review site. They have a massive user base, they’re always improving their algorithms, and they’re good at promoting their products. Plus, their simple design makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. Consequently, it’s no surprise that Google is the top review site.


If you’re a pet hotel, then you know how important online reviews are, which is essentially the biggest factor when it comes to online reputation. Positive reviews can bring in new customers, while a bad one can drive them away for good. That’s why it’s important to have a review management platform in place to help you get more reviews, keep track of your reviews and respond quickly to any negative ones.

With ReviewGrower, pet hotels automatically get more 5-star reviews, market them on social media, increase conversions by embedding them on their websites, and be protected from negative reviews. It’s the only online reputation management platform you need.


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