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The Easiest Way To Send Texts To Email

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Don’t you hate missing important text messages? I know I have, a lot of times. Being a business owner, we can’t stay on top of them 24/7. One minute you’re on your phone, the next minute you’re on your computer.

It’s worse if you have multiple phone numbers. If there’s a way for all of them to be in one place other than your phone, a place that you can constantly check, then that would be perfect, right? What if you can get these text messages sent to your email too? Or better yet, what if you can automatically forward text messages to your email?

How Do You Send Text To Email Automatically?

If you want to send text to email, all you have to do is use SMS Auto Forwarder.

SMS Auto Forwarder is a tool that lets you forward text messages that you receive from your phone (or any number) to an email address.

All you have to do is sign up, add your phone number, set up the rules, and specify the email address you want the texts to get forwarded to – it’s that simple!

You just set it once and you’re good to go!

That’s not all that SMS Auto Forwarder can do. You can also:

  • Automatically forward to other numbers
  • Automatically post SMS to a URL
  • Create rules:
    • Only forward inbound SMS from a specific phone number
    • Only forward inbound SMS that contains a specific word
    • Toggle rules on and off as needed
    • Edit or delete rules with ease
    • Use wildcards (*) to match any inbound phone number


Business owners need to keep up with the times so their business can keep up as well. Having your texts automatically forwarded to your emails is one of the best ways to keep track of all communications in one place.

Alex Contes

My past experience is as a Senior Full Stack Developer/Tech Lead. I have 16+ years of experience working in web development. Now I’ve transitioned to a SaaS product owner. Successfully launched my first product ReviewGrower as a Co-Founder after working on it for almost two years.

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