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Here’s how you can transfer your Google Business Account to Another Email

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Are you attempting to switch the email address connected with your Google Business account? If so, as the holder of a Google Business Account, it’s easy and straightforward to transfer Google Business Account ownership to another email.

This blog post will take you through all the steps necessary for transferring your google business account over to another associated email in just minutes!

 What Is Google Business Account?

Google is the world’s biggest search engine, facilitating millions of easy requests for users. Research points out that 95% of people look up Google to seek answers to their queries. That’s why having a business account on Google has become an invaluable necessity for businesses – it allows entrepreneurs to build local presence by revealing their physical address and opening times as well as boosting brand visibility among customers.

What Can A Primary Owner Do?

Owning a Google Business account comes with numerous responsibilities, including managing the listing details for their business such as name, address, hours of operation and website. The primary owner can also respond to customer reviews left on the company’s page. Furthermore, they have control over who else has access to manage the account and what level of permission these users are granted. Verifying one’s location in Google Maps is additionally part of this role – usually requiring mailing in a postcard containing an authorization code.

Things To Know Before Transfer Google Business Account To Another Email

Before you transfer the primary ownership of your Google Business account, there are a few essentials to keep in mind: You must be an existing user. If that is not the case, then you need to be added as such before changing any ownership details.

  • The only way to transfer ownership of an account is to assign it to another user who already has access.
  • You will be unable to assign authority over a location that is awaiting authentication.
  • Don’t forget to have the email address of the new owner ready!
  • Once ownership is transferred, it cannot be reversed.

Transfer Google Business Account To Another Email

Ready to transfer your Google Business Account? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Log into your Google Business Account

2. Click on the “Users” tab

3. Select a user who will take over ownership of the account

4. Press the “Make Owner” button

5. Click “Done”, and voila! You’ve successfully transferred ownership of your Google Business Account!

Explaining ‘Primary Ownership’ of Google My Business

In order to protect your Google My Business account, it is critical that you transfer primary ownership. Whoever owns the profile has absolute authority over it, surpassing the abilities of a Manager. Therefore, transferring primary ownership should be taken very seriously.

When creating a Google My Business account, you can opt to be the Primary Owner, Manager, or Site manager – three unique user roles with distinct privileges.

Creating roles is essential to categorizing users into a chain of command, with solely the Primary Owner having full control over deleting an account. Google has gone above and beyond by presenting us with this chart that highlights how primary owners are instrumental in managing accounts; thus, it’s important to understand their role fully.

How To Manage Other Users In A Google Business Account?

To successfully manage multiple users on your Google business account, you must first transfer the account to another email address and register it as a primary owner. This will allow you to address all of the users who are associated with this new account.

Add User To A Google Business Account

  • To grant another individual access to your Google Business Account, follow this easy process:
  • Log into your verified Google Business Account with the designated email address.
  • Select “Ownership Transfer” and subsequently choose the “New User” option.
  • Press on “Add New User” in the next window that opens up.
  • Fill out the user’s personal email address you wish to transfer ownership of your account to and click “Add New User”.
  • The new owner will receive an invitation from Google containing all of their necessary credentials for accessing the relevant account.

Process for Removing Users From Google Business Account

Need to delete a user from your Google business account? Simply carry out these steps:

  • Log in with the registered email address and navigate to the “existing users” section.
  • Then, choose which existing user you’d like to remove
  • Enter their email address into the pop-up window, click on “remove”, and voila!
  • The selected individual(s) will receive an automated notification from Google confirming that they have been successfully removed from the business account.

Should I Monitor Users On The Google Business Account Daily?

As the primary owner of a business page, it’s essential to monitor users consistently and vigilantly. This way, you can ensure that your Google Business account remains safe from any unauthorized activity. Perform routine checks on changes made to the information displayed on your page, new reviews added by customers or visitors, and signs that someone is attempting to access ownership rights without permission. With these measures in place, allowing only yourself full control over your listing will be easy!

How Long Does It Take To Transfer A Google Business Account To Another Email?

The transfer of a Google Business Account to an alternative email address takes only 5-10 minutes and is swift, straightforward, and secure.

All you need to do is complete the above-mentioned steps; after doing so, you will receive an email from Google with instructions detailing how to gain access to your new account.

Then all that’s left for you to do is follow those instructions in order to log into the business account using your newly added email address!

Points to Keep in Mind When Transferring a Google Business Account to Another Email Address

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you perform this process.

Ensure your email address is correct

When transferring a Google business account to another email address, it is critical that you enter the correct information into the form. Even one tiny typo can cause your business page to be transferred incorrectly! To ensure accuracy and prevent any mishaps, please thoroughly double-check the new email address prior to submitting your transfer request.

Assign The Correct Roles

An absolute must to keep in mind is assigning the right roles to new users. Ensure that you provide the tasks that they should undertake on your Google Business page. Allocating roles is paramount when it comes to managing your entire business account efficiently.

Check All The Business Information

Prior to executing the transfer option, be sure to carefully review each detail of your account – personal and business information alike. Make certain you have all pertinent data that will need to be shared with new users. Additionally, it is highly recommended that payment or any confidential information remain undisclosed when transferring a Google business account from one email address to another.


With this post, you can now transfer a Google business account to another email seamlessly. The advantages of doing so are numerous; not only will it reduce your workload, but also save you time and energy! We hope that the step-by-step guide provided here helps make the transition process easier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why transfer primary ownership of your Google business listing?

If you’re relocating to another city and won’t be able to maintain your business listing, or if the owner is being handed over to someone else, transferring primary ownership of your listing doesn’t have to be complicated. In only a few steps, you’ll successfully transfer primary ownership with ease!

Q. My google business profile is not verified. Can I still transfer ownership?

Although unconfirmed, you can still transfer ownership of your Google Business Profile. In order for it to be recognized as verified though, the new owner must go through its verification process. Until then, sadly that profile will stay unchecked.

Q. Do I need to be the owner of a business listing in order to transfer ownership?

To give away your business listing, you must be a verified owner. Your account is connected to the listing and its ownership can only be transferred through it.

Q. What will happen if I delete my Google Business profile?

Exercise caution before deleting your business listing from Google, as it cannot be undone. Once gone, your email address associated with the listing will vanish forever too. So please ensure that this is what you truly desire to do prior to confirming any actions.

Q. How google groups can help with business?

Google Groups provides a unique platform for businesses to connect, network, and share ideas. Create your own group or join an already existing one to stay abreast of the latest trends in your industry and make valuable connections with other organizations. With Google Groups you can collaborate in meaningful ways that open up new possibilities for growth and development.

Here’s how to transfer Google My Business Ownership

Before we dive into the details of transferring your Google My Business profile ownership, it’s crucial that you make sure this is the best decision for you. Here are a few steps to follow: Log in to your GMB account, select “Users” in the tab, look for and click on the icon beside the user name you’d like to transfer ownership to; update their role by choosing “Primary Owner,” and lastly confirm this change.

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