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Do Google My Business Posts Expire: An Explainer

Do Google My Business Posts Expire: An Explainer

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Attention all Google Post users, you now have a six month expiration date for your posts! To keep up with the latest updates on this feature, make sure to check out incoming email notifications from Google.

A user shared this screenshot on Twitter that read “Did you know that after 6 months, your most recent posts won’t be highlighted on your Business Profile?”

Google goes on further to say that “to keep attracting customers, get into the habit of sharing updates, exclusive events, and more.”

There was a time when some Google Posts would expire in only seven days. But that didn’t last long.

Here’s what you need to know about Google My Business Post expiry.

Do GMB Posts Help SEO?

Google My Business posts are a fantastic way to bolster your SEO efforts, as they help build up topical authority for any GMB listing. Here’s why these posts can make such an impact:

  • Posting on Google My Business is the clearest way to indicate to Google that your business is open and primed for customers.
  • You can drive traffic towards certain pages on your website from there. As a result, you will be rewarded with increased rankings for your site!
  • By having a business listing, you are inviting customers to engage with your product or services and provide feedback in the form of reviews.
  • Supercharge your SEO by connecting Google My Business posts to forms and collecting relevant user information. Furthermore, drive additional web traffic back to the site through blog articles or newsletters for an even more impactful optimization strategy.
  • With a Google My Business listing, you’ll be able to optimize your mobile SEO and make sure it’s perfectly tailored for any device.

Ignite customer engagement and traffic with a well-maintained Google My Business profile.

Why is GMB Important for SEO?

Google My Business is an essential component of local SEO due to a variety of factors, including:

  1. Google My Business is readily accessible and doesn’t require any substantial investments, plus it’s free to use!
  2. GMB posts are a powerful way to foster connection with your customers and stimulate conversations. Plus, they generate significant social signals that have an undeniable impact on SEO!
  3. Leveraging Google My Business posts to drive customers directly to other elements of your GMB or website pages can have a major effect on your SEO ranking. When users click on these links, it increases the overall CTR which in turn improves your search engine performance.
  4. Top-notch SEO is all about working with Google. Google desires to offer searchers the most applicable responses possible, and your website can be the response they need! By utilizing SEO best practices and strategies, you are helping to ensure that people find answers on your site when searching online.

People often fail to recognize just how connected data is on the web. Your Google My Business listing, website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Instagram feed and Reddit answers can all be linked together!

Upgrading your Google My Business profile and connecting with other social media outlets amplifies your presence in the community. Let me give you an example:

In order to maximize visibility, a professional real estate agent should create and link their Google My Business profile with their website. On the page devoted to “About Us” on your website, include a hyperlink that directly connects viewers with your LinkedIn account as well. Furthermore, try engaging in weekly interaction on Reddit by responding to relevant questions about real estate – this will give you an opportunity to share links both back towards your site and also for people to learn more about you through your LinkedIn! By doing all of the above, it is likely that Google will bring these pieces together into one cohesive profile across its search engine platforms, ultimately allowing customers greater access when attempting to locate information regarding services related to buying/selling homes or land.

Linking your Google My Business listing to various other sources will fulfill the E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) criteria set by Google.

How Do I Use GMB to Boost My Content and SEO?

Leverage GMB posts to drive visitors and connect with your customers. Your Google My Business profile is a great tool that can be incorporated into your content publishing strategy. Here are two reasons this is beneficial:

  • Astonishingly, only 17.5% of businesses post content to their Google My Business (GMB) profiles on a regular basis and 40% don’t post anything at all! You now have the chance to jump ahead of your competition in local search engine rankings simply by actively sharing updates about your business through GMB posts.
  • Research demonstrated that people almost always click on GMB posts, so taking the time to craft a captivating and pertinent post will drive traffic to your website. This increased visibility is even more advantageous since traffic boosts search engine rankings as SEMRush studies have confirmed.

In summary, posting on Google My Business (GMB) is one of the best ways to get ahead of other local businesses in SERP ranking. Less than 20% avail of this opportunity and benefit from it- but you can be part of that minority! Your posts will help your business climb up in search engine rankings faster. Additionally, GMB posts are also great for customer engagement; answering questions, responding to reviews and providing a great experience all give positive signals which helps boost SEO even further. Therefore, visit your GMB page every week to maximize your potential reach out target customers and increase local SEO standing simultaneously!

How do Google my business posts work?

If you’re looking for a way to grab the attention of your target customers, utilize Google My Business posts! Every post that appears on your GMB profile and listing is an opportunity to reach out: whether it be specials/offers, new events or products – show off what makes you unique. As people search locally in their area, they’ll find these helpful snippets at the bottom of your business listing; all they need to do is scroll through them!

Here are a few ways to use post types to optimize your SEO and increase your revenue from search engine rankings.

How to Use the GMB update posts

Looking to increase your local SEO and search result visibility? It’s simpler than you might think! Utilizing the ‘update post’ feature can make all the difference for any business. Here are some simple steps to get started:

  1. Let the public know that your business is still in operation. After all, with lockdowns constantly changing, it can be difficult to stay on top of which businesses are open or closed at any given time. Make sure there’s no doubt about yours!
  2. To ensure your business shows up in local search results, make sure to mention the locations your company is open. Use place names along with prepositions like “in,” “around,” and “near” to authenticate that you specialize within a certain region. This way, people will be able to find out exactly where they can access your services!
  3. In the wake of COVID-19, you can craft a captivating landing page to emphasize safety and make visitors feel secure. Your landing page could be of anything.

Reassure your customers that you’re open and provide a safe experience on this page, not just try to sell them things! Utilizing these straightforward tactics will help preserve the relevancy of your Google My Business listing during a challenging time. These same rules can be used for additional special occasions including sporting events, meetings, or festivals.

Highlight Offers and Generate Leads

If you’re looking for more ways to boost revenue with Google My Business posts, special offers are your go-to. Entice people by advertising what’s on sale and let the purchases begin! Here are a few clever strategies to get even better results:

  1. If you’re an outdoor sporting goods store, here’s a special offer for you – get 10% off your purchase when you sign-up with your email address! This is a great way to boost leads and also grow your mailing list so that future marketing campaigns can be more efficient. Plus, don’t forget the direct clicks from emails are huge ranking factors for local SEO visibility.
  2. Boosting your business in the local pack can be achieved by regularly creating Google My Business posts. Rather than throwing discounts on every single product, consider providing a 50% discount on an upsell item instead! This strategy permits you to ascend within the search engine rankings without impacting your margins drastically.
  3. Maximize your efficacy by crafting templates for Google My Business posts to advertise recurring offers. For instance, if you own an Indian food joint, devise an automated Masala Monday Template that can be recycled week after week or month after month–just make sure to freshen up the specifics before reposting! Do this consistently and take control of local pack searches in no time.

If you want to get the most out of your Google My Business offer posts, don’t forget one important advertising secret – emphasize on the benefits instead of solely focusing on price! This will help secure long-term profit margins and stability for your business. Think outside the box and come up with creative ideas that illustrate what sets you apart from other businesses without giving away too much information!

Update Potential Customers with Information

Your business is constantly evolving and improving, so staying up-to-date with your customers should be a priority. You don’t even have to make drastic changes—any new hires, equipment acquisitions, product releases or hour alterations warrant an update! Even something as small as changing the company phone number warrants communication to keep everyone in the know.

It is paramount that you include your location when updating your business website. By employing prepositions such as near, around, and in, Google Maps pages will be sure to feature your enterprise! As more and more individuals are searching for local businesses with the aid of Google Maps lately, it’s certain that this step will increase visits to your site.

One of the most creative ways to make a minor update is to craft and release an in-depth case study. Compose an extensive analysis of one of your successful services, then share it with potential customers as either a download or free resource. If suitable for your business, this kind of content can be beneficial for marketing because people may submit their contact information on your website in exchange for access to the material.

Create Event Posts to Connect With Your Audience

Regardless of the type of event, this post can be tailored for your specific business needs. Utilizing SEO best practices, you can capture potential customers’ contact information and use it to send them targeted email campaigns. Through proven strategies such as these, your online presence is sure to get a boost!

If you’re looking to generate leads, one effective way is by including a call-to-action in your event posts and creating a landing page. Even if it’s free of charge, ticketed events are an excellent strategy for collecting contact information. Let’s say that a furniture shop wants to run an exclusive sale; they could host an event offering 10% off on purchases made during the set hours with tickets provided at the door!

Events posts remain visible during the event and can serve as a long-term marketing tool. Moreover, the recent Google update has extended the lifetime of other posts in your profile to six months! This means that you have more time than ever before for prospective leads and customers to find your content.

Show Your Competitive Advantage

To stand out in the online market and differentiate your products from competitors, it’s important to be strategic when adding them to Google My Business. Make sure you highlight engaging, relevant, or exclusive items that will draw customers’ attention. To get started quickly and efficiently try these tips:

  • Stand out in the marketplace by emphasizing seasonal items at peak times to attract curious customers.
  • Make sure these products are presented with noteworthy benefits for your target audience, allowing them to recognize why yours is a unique business.
  • Feature these singular offerings consistently and draw attention towards them!

We can’t emphasize this enough: driving more traffic to your website will help improve its ranking in search engine results. By leveraging Google My Business posts for product promotion, you are giving yourself a great opportunity to drive meaningful visitor quantities that will ultimately contribute towards improving the visibility of pages with higher priority on SERPs.

How Often Should I Post on Google My Business?

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, post on Google My Business at least once a week. But be aware that oversaturating the listing with posts can make your information appear less useful. Keep it fresh and engaging – when potential customers see an up-to-date GMB listing, they’ll feel like someone has answered their call even before they’ve arrived!

Tips on How to Optimize Google My Business Posts SEO

Keep these tips in mind

  1. Perfectly tailor your GMB posts to be exact in regards to the location and service radius of your business. Utilize key phrases such as “close by” or “near the heart of + targeted area” for a stronger match with what people are searching for, thus granting you an advantage over competitors!
  2. To increase the visibility of your posts, it’s wise to determine which geographical areas are sending you the most engagement. By including these locations in your post content, you can raise user interaction and expand your reach!
  3. Make sure to pick the appropriate categories. Each company is allowed a primary category and up to nine secondary ones, so compare yours with your competitors’ and make certain that you are in line with the top three rankings given by Google.
  4. When creating content for Google My Business, it is essential to include both your primary and supplementary classifications.
  5. Maximize customer engagement by including location-based keywords, such as the name of a city or town and its surrounding neighborhoods. Incorporate these details into your geo-mentions to ensure that those in the area are aware of what you have to offer!
  6. Staying ahead of the competition requires looking into Google search console data with respect to keywords that could help your target audience find what they need. Use these insights for drafting stellar copywriting content so you can come up with great GMB post pieces!
  7. Leveraging aged GMB posts can provide a boost to your local SEO. Google’s algorithm values these types of posts as evidence for local relevance, so incorporating them into your strategy is an effective way of increasing visibility in search results.
  8. It’s critical to be aware of which Google My Business (GMB) posts are driving your ranking results and order them into a spreadsheet for future reference.
  9. Consistency is key when managing your GMB posts. Note the type of content, length and frequency that each post requires; this will ensure you remain on top of all updates for optimal results. Pay attention to things such as head title and images alongside how often they were originally published in order to stay consistent with publishing frequency.
  10. Reposting the same content is never recommended. Our experience has shown us that Google My Business (GMB) posts with similar information are far less successful and may not even be indexed by Google at all.
  11. If you want to get up-to-date with your competition and gain an edge in the local market, analyze their 3pack rankings. Pay particular attention if one of them displays a local justification on their listing as this could just be the answer you need to increase yours!
  12. Maximize the impact of your GMB Posts by optimizing them for voice search. People are beginning to speak their queries instead of typing, especially on mobile devices where there is a microphone icon in the Google search bar field. In fact, 60% of searches now come from spoken questions! Make sure you consider that when writing content so it can be found more easily through voice search and reach even more people with your message.
  13. When you have questions and answers as GMB posts, they will be presented to customers in close vicinity of your business when they perform a search. This is especially effective if the customer is near your business.
  14. Make sure your GMB Posts are optimized for Voice searches! Start by auditing the keyword insights list to determine which near me keywords are triggering your listing. Then, craft a post that contains an H1 with one of these nearby words, as well as other relevant location mentions. By doing this you can effectively target people who would be interested in what’s going on around them and further increase visibility to potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Google my business posts expire?

With Google’s new feature, your posts will remain in your Knowledge Panel indefinitely! No longer do you have to worry about them disappearing after a week – now they can live on forever. This means that any of the content from weeks, months or even years ago won’t be lost and can still be seen on your Knowledge Panel. However, a recent Google update points that GMB posts remain up for six months.

Conversely, reviews are unlikely to disappear over any length of time; nevertheless, they may become removed for other reasons.

Where do Google my business posts appear?

Google My Business posts stand out from the rest of a local business’s knowledge panel, with newer ones appearing first and drawing in viewers. To create an even more significant impact on onlookers, it might be worthwhile to only have one active post up at once – this allows for larger images and longer captions that draw people in! Taking advantage of just one post will make your page look much more professional and enticing.


Google posts are not only great for connecting with your customers or updating them on recent events, but they also strengthen your local SEO. Since numerous business owners have already taken advantage of Google posts, success will now depend upon whether you can outshine the competition!

Knowing when your Google My Business Posts expire can help you make the most of your marketing and promotion efforts with proper planning and targeted campaigns.

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