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The Best Google Ads Tools for Leveraging Your Ad Campaign

Best google ads tools

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Advertisers have been boosting interest, revenue, and traffic from their clientele for years using pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. PPC marketing positions involve placing bids on the automatic AdWords, which then activate their advertising. Advertisers pay each time an ad is clicked, and this process is done automatically.

Although PPC has shown to be an excellent marketing tool, running campaigns may be tedious and challenging, especially for larger companies. Tools for Google Ads automation can help with that.

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an Internet advertising solution that enables you to market your goods, services, or company to the people you want to see them. Google AdSense allows you to display advertisements on YouTube, other websites, and in Google’s search results.

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Google Ads Automation

To save time and effort, Google Ads Automation is a tool in Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) that lets you automate some processes in your advertising campaign. For instance, you can install customized automation tools to make using Google Ads and managing advertising campaigns easier. Alternatively, you can automate your bid approach after setting performance targets to change it in response to your agency’s and the market’s changing needs.

That implies that you can run and update your advertising campaign without worrying about having to manually make modifications each time. Such automation can assist you in optimizing your marketing initiatives and enhancing the general effectiveness of your operations.

In essence, these tools help you automate some components of your marketing campaign, plan of action, and analysis, reducing time and effort.

Benefits of Using Google Ads Tools

  • Competitive edge: You can see how your rivals are performing using a dependable Google Ads analytics tool, including their top keywords, spending plans, positions, and CPC. You can rearrange your Google Ads ads for improved performance using these insights. 
  • Increases ROI: You will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign using Google Ads analytics. You can determine which terms are converting the best by looking at the important indicators, which will increase prospect clicks. Additionally, you will know where you stand in paid search and what, if anything, needs fixing. You may quickly scale and optimize your ad expenditure using that data. 
  • Helps with decision-making: You will be able to make judgments about Google Ads based on current information. Otherwise, your marketing objectives will not be met, and your efforts will be expensive. You should purchase a Google Ads analytics tool before spending money on sponsored search as a result.
  • Prevents fraudulent clicks: A good Google Ads analysis tool will reveal the timing and origin of your clicks. Additionally, it will identify questionable clicks and stop them to help you save money on Google Ads. 

The Best Google Ads Tools 

Google Keyword Planner

One of the best free tools for finding target keywords is, without a doubt, the Google Keyword Planner. It is the hub of the world of Google data and the starting point for everything. For planning purposes, it also offers estimated bids for each keyword. The ability to test target keywords against a set budget afterward is super helpful with budget management.

You must search, and the tool will assist you in locating the most pertinent types of keywords for your business. Additionally, it will show how frequently particular terms are looked for as well as how these searches have changed significantly over time.

You can narrow down the keywords you want and require for search engine results by using this as a general guideline when creating a keyword list.

Google Analytics

Almost everyone in digital marketing relies heavily on Google Analytics. Google Analytics could be helpful for PPC campaigns because it tracks the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing efforts, calculates conversion rates, and more.

Anyone may use Google Analytics for monitoring their PPC ads because it is entirely free. To begin obtaining useful insights into how your campaigns are performing, all you need to add is a small bit of data collection code to your website or advertisements.

Answer The Public

You may get direct search insights from Google right away using Answer The Public. With a technology like this, you could respond to the millions of inquiries that users ask Google every day with your PPC advertisement. And while this isn’t a Google Ads service explicitly, it’s an excellent tool for ad ideas.


You can “spy” on the advertisements of your rivals with Adbeat. With Adbeat, you can view the campaign-enhancing creatives, landing pages, ad copy, and even bidding tactics that your rivals are employing. You may even look at their past bids to see how their spending priorities have changed as time went by.

It is a highly sophisticated technology that focuses on displaying adverts across several ad networks. 

PPC Protect (Now Lunio)

Lunio (formerly PPC Protect) offers click fraud detection and security. It is an anti-fraud tool to identify and guard against affiliate frauds, including click fraud brought on by bots, harmful click farms, and dishonest competition.

Using “industry-specific fraud prevention algorithms,” these types of services protect your clicks from fraudulent actions and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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Google Ads Editor

The highly helpful automation tool that Google Ads owns is called Google Ads Editor. Advertisers have the option to manage their ad campaigns offline and upload modifications once they are connected again. With the ability to extract and analyze data from your live campaigns, it can be utilized to make significant modifications to single ads, ad campaigns, and more.

You only need to download the app and log in to use this potent tool. You can then evaluate and change the data in your Google Ads account by downloading an offline copy. Your updates will then be live once you’re online again and upload and sync those changes.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is an amazing all-purpose program that any advertiser, expert, or beginner, could use. This tool lets you manage and produce advertising while keeping track of how effectively the ad campaign does across various platforms.

The ability for marketers to run their ads on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Audience Network, and other social media platforms is the tool’s best feature. Your advertising campaign is also subject to adjustment and pertinent revisions. The software’s reporting features also let you know if the advertising is accomplishing the objectives you set for your firm.


Voluum is a comprehensive ad tracking and optimization platform designed to offer detailed analytics and insights into the performance of your marketing campaigns. With Voluum, you can track various key metrics such as clicks, conversions, and ROI across multiple advertising channels. This powerful tool centralizes your campaign data, allowing you to identify which campaigns are delivering the best results and where adjustments are needed.

Voluum’s robust features enable you to create detailed reports and visualizations, facilitating a deeper understanding of your campaign performance. Additionally, it offers real-time tracking, enabling you to make timely and informed decisions to optimize your advertising spend.

By leveraging Voluum’s capabilities, advertisers can enhance the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, ensure better budget management, and ultimately achieve higher returns on investment.

WordStream Advisor

Another PPC management tool that provides all of Google’s features and much more is WordStream Advisor. That is a ground-breaking Google Ads management tool, of course, thanks to its Google Ads performance assessor. It enables advertisers to track the performance of their advertising campaigns based on the landing page, quality score, negative keywords, and click-through rate, which improves the management of PPC campaigns.

WordStream Advisor will focus on areas of your campaign that require changes to enhance its overall performance statistics and raise your overall ROI. Despite being a free tool, it provides a thorough analysis.

WordStream provides a wonderful set of tools for Google Shopping campaigns and ad production capabilities for your shopping campaigns, in addition to being terrific for Google Search Ads.


A thorough analysis of the competition for each particular keyword is provided by the effective SEO and keyword research tool Ahrefs. Additionally, it enables you to track your rankings, examine your backlinks, and research your competitors.

They do not offer a free trial, but Ahrefs Webmaster features (for smaller websites) provide some free features.


Another top-notch Google Ads automation tool is Swydo. Your PPC campaigns’ reporting component is automated. In addition to Google Ads, it also functions with many other platforms, including social media ad networks, Microsoft Ads, and Google Analytics. You will be able to produce detailed, rich automated reports as a result.

A/B Test Significance Calculator

This free utility may appear to be thick at first. It dabbles in theories with all the gimmicks like Bayesian statistics.

But do not be confused by concepts like posterior probability and p-value. That is because this instrument is basic in all practical applications.

You can use it on any portion or the entire content of your website as a good A/B testing tool. Although they acknowledge that the SmartStats engine may not be 100% accurate, it is quick.

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Why Is It Necessary To Manage and Optimize A Campaign Each Month?

The advertising environment is dynamic. Every time an advertisement is shown, millions of calculations are made in a real-time bidding. By optimizing it, your campaigns will keep getting better and more successful. Even if nothing changed and other advertisers launched brand-new ads, your results may vary greatly within weeks or months.

Can You Run AdWords by Yourself?

AdWords is incredibly powerful and constantly changing. If you use the incorrect metrics, it can also be quite risky. Even Google states in one of its support articles that the best statistic is a solid Click Rate. It is fantastic, but the ultimate is the return on investment. However, it typically requires a little more work to set up. That entails correctly setting up Google Analytics and combining several systems to obtain more data.

Google will not reward you if you are unaware of all these AdWords capabilities, so your campaigns may suffer, and you may end up overspending. 

Can Keywords Be Omitted from Google Ads?

To conduct app advertising, Google does not require keywords. Instead, it creates advertising for various formats and networks using information from your app store listing. The app store will be used for Google Ads’ text ideas, videos, photos, and other assets. The advertising will run on the GDN, YouTube, Google Play, and Google Search Network.

The Wrap-Up

You can optimize your Google Ads campaigns with the different tools we have covered, and you can also obtain personalized performance reports and diagrams of your results. 

Use Google Ads analytics tools to improve conversions, stop fraudulent clicks, track performance, assess KPIs, and look up your rivals’ Google Ads plans. 

Get a user-friendly tool that can give you insights on how to manage budgets, analyze Google Ads campaign performance in greater detail, and feed feedback signals into bidding algorithms for further optimization. 

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