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Whatsmyserp Review: An SEO Tool that Helps You Get Ahead

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What is Whatsmyserp?

When you invest time and energy into creating internet content, tracking its performance is essential. If not, all of your efforts would be in vain! Fortunately, Whatsmyserp is a fantastic tool that ensures you’re always aware of where your website stands in Google rankings. Using Whatsmyserp has been invaluable to me as I have seen a dramatic improvement in my search engine visibility thanks to this powerful software.

A key element of any website or blog is to acquire an audience and then use that platform for advertising, marketing, selling or doing whatever it may be. Ranking on Google significantly influences the number of web visitors you receive from this crowd – so owning a tool like this is necessary if you want your site to prosper.

Today, we’ll be introducing you to a free SERP checker and rank tracker from Whatsmyserp. We will go through the amazing features it offers and how one can utilize them for maximum benefit. So don’t miss this comprehensive Whatsmyserp review – it is so much you need to know!

How to Register for Whatsmyserp

Joining Whatsmyserp is fast and easy – sign up with Google or create an account using your email address and a password of your choice.

Signing up for Whatsmyserp is a simple process that doesn’t require you to provide any unnecessary details or your credit card information – it’s completely free! We understand how annoying it can be when all you want to do is explore a tool and are suddenly asked for payment. With Whatsmyserp, we make sure this isn’t the case with our no-obligation version. After signing up, simply check your email where you’ll find a confirmation link directing you straight back onto the site; easy as pie!

Whatsmyserp features

Until now, we’ve only briefly discussed the capability of whatsmyserp. Today, let’s explore some of its remarkable features in more detail!

  1. Free SERP Checker

The Free SERP Checker lives up to its name, allowing you to use the feature without so much as needing to sign in. Initially, I assumed this was too good to be true and that the only way for me to access accurate results would involve creating an account or paying money. How wrong I was! The tool is completely free of charge yet still provides reliable SERP tracking outcomes – just like any other such service on offer today.

While logged out, you are only allotted 10 searches daily. To access unlimited results, simply log in or sign up!

How Does It Work?

With the free SERP tracking tool, you are able to effortlessly monitor your website rankings with no difficulty. It is sectioned out into 4 simple elements: a website URL of your choice, location, and device preferences as well as keywords that need monitoring. After adding all this information, it’s time to put it back and watch the process unfold! As soon as complete, Serp Checker will show on the right-hand side screen up to 100 google search results for whatever keyword was inputted. Simple yet effective – try it today!

They have made it simple for you to access your Google SERP by making it blue-highlighted and easily accessible. To further enhance the user experience, Whatsmyserp offers users a choice of devices when using the SERP Checker – either a desktop or mobile device. Keep in mind that since search habits on mobile are distinct from those on desktop, this could influence the results obtained.

2. Rank Tracking

With a free account to the Search engine checker, you will have access to all of its powerful features. As soon as you sign in, the domain section will be front and center, making it easy for you to enter your URL. After that simple step is complete, Whamsyserp will direct you right on over to their keyword online search area were tracking your website’s rank has never been easier! Acquire the results-driven insights today and see how this tool can benefit your business’s SEO strategy!

In order to complete this section, take the time to add each of your desired keywords. Just beneath that, you can select a location and device on which the search will be based on.

I suggest starting with desktop before switching over to mobile – but it’s entirely up to you! After these steps have been completed, all relevant results should appear; and just like that, you’re finished.

Whatsmyserp’s rank tracker offers precise results on your Google search rankings, delivering detailed data regarding the total number of times you appear in the top three, ten, and fifty SERP positions. You will also receive an estimated website traffic figure as well as a concise average position interpretation – all derived from real-time analytics!

For each keyword, whatsmyserp displays:

  1. Your Google ranking.
  2. Any rise and fall in ranking for the day, week, and month.
  3. The website URL.
  4. A keyword’s search volume.
  5. Last update time.

This rank tracking SERP checker is always up to date, with daily updates. If you need information sooner than that, you can refresh the data at any time yourself. Plus, connecting your Google Search Console account and adding some of your favorite keywords makes it even easier!

Not just that, with a bit of keyword research, you can come up with an array of related keywords to get an insight into what your target audience is typing in the Google search box. This helps optimize your content and increase traffic to your website!

With Whatsmyserp, you can gain access to visually captivating graphs that illustrate your ranking progress; these charts will show data for the last month or even year! Unfortunately though, if you want to keep track of all your rank history, then Pro is a must – limited only to 3 months without it.

3. WMS everywhere

WMS Everywhere, a Whatsmyserp browser extension, is the perfect fit for any keyword tracking needs. Not only does it give you access to search volume and cost per click of your chosen keywords – but best of all? It’s totally free! With WMS Everywhere you can easily check up on your keywords in one simple location.

To take advantage of this amazing tool, simply download the Whatsmyserp browser extension from its website and install it. With just one Google search per keyword, you now have access to incredible features such as volume tracking, CPC analysis, keyword research capabilities, and related keywords!

Why use WMS everywhere?

  1. It’s free.
  2. It is accurate with results.
  3. Never again will you have to leave the Google search results area in order to examine the results.
  4. It gives you the ability to select an ideal location for a place on local results.
  5. With an abundance of related words and phrases to the target keyword, it’s no wonder why it is so effective.
  6. WMS is the perfect complement to Google searches, seamlessly blending in without disrupting your everyday search routine.

4.PDF reports

For convenience, you should always choose a SERP checker that either sends or allows you to download your ranking reports. This is especially beneficial for big companies that can print out and store the data for presentation purposes when needed. Having such information outside of the tool’s website will make it easier to access and review whenever necessary. Whatsmyserp does it all.

5. No limit to the number of domains

Completely free of cost and accessible with a simple sign in, this SERP checker permits you to add an unlimited number of domains. So don’t delay any longer – log in or create your account right now!

Other WhatsMySERP Features

If you’re seeking the most up-to-date, accurate keyword rankings available, Whatsmyserp is your solution. Every day its user data updates automatically to guarantee accuracy and relevancy. Plus, it offers unlimited keyword rankings for users so that if immediate results are what you require; a quick refresh of the rank tracker can be done on demand as often as desired!

Whatsmyserp is uniquely user-friendly, even for those without programming knowledge, making it an ideal choice for anyone.

Let’s look into some of Whatsmyserp’s key features:

1. Regional Searches

Whatsmyserp’s tracker utilizes a straightforward yet impressive approach to query and analyze user-selected regions. With private proxy servers located in the US, results may vary based on your location since browsers can bring localized effects. For instance, if you’re searching keywords related to services such as barbershops, chances are that you’ll observe various results because Whatsmyserp’s proxies aren’t situated within the same local area as its users.

2. Infinite domains and on-demand checks

With Whatsmyserp, you can easily add and monitor up to 25 keywords; continuing to expand your reach even further! Need an extra rank boost? Refresh the keyword with one click of a button – it’s that easy!

3. Localized tracking

Are you looking for a way to track your website ranking in various local regions? Look no further! With Whatsmyserp, you can track rankings from any place in the world. Plus, it supports over 100 Google regional areas and continuously adds Local Listings so that you always get up-to-date data. Investing time into running localized SEO campaigns has never been easier with this powerful tracker.

4. Desktop and Mobile Tracking

Your site’s Google ranking is sure to differ based on many variables, like geographical location, user behavior and preferences, environment, search history, and more. Whatmyserp’s Mobile & Desktop tracking offers you a convenient way of keeping tabs on how your website appears for all device searches – easily monitor the performance of your webpages right from your dashboard!

How to use Whatsmyserp?

Signing up is easy, and fast and it won’t cost you a penny!

Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Enter your email address and create a password.
  2. Once confirmed and logged in, Whatsmyserp’s homepage will appear where all the necessary information needs to be filled out for using their product.
  3. Specify the domain name, choose desired tracking location(s) as well as devices that should show ranking results
  4. Add keywords relevant to what type of business or website you are managing!

Whatsmyserp offers a new level of freedom with its ability to add dozens of domains. It is truly trailblazing; you can visualize, trace, and analyze SERP history for up to 500 keywords! Plus, if you are registered in Whatsmyserp there will be no extra charge: 25 keywords per domain available in up to 20 exact locations – all free of cost.


Whatsmyserp offers two plans to choose from Basic and Premium. The Basic plan is freely available with many features; however should you crave further capabilities or more keywords, the Premium version may be right for you!

Here’s how much it costs to upgrade to the SERP checkers’ premium packages:

  • 25 keywords – $4.99 per month
  • 200 keywords – $19.99 per month
  • 500 keywords – $29.99 per month
  • 1000 keywords – $59.99 per month

Be aware that the paid version of this package is much more convenient than its free counterpart—you won’t need to enter a Captcha before conducting keyword searches. In addition, you can cancel your subscription at any point and receive a full refund within 30 days of using it.

If you’re hesitant about investing in the premium plans, why not try one out for a month to evaluate it? Then, you can decide if paying will be worth it after that time.

Whatsmyserp vs. Other Tools

Whatsmyserp vs. Ahrefs

Whatsmyserp stands out from its competitors for many reasons, one of them being the user-friendly interface that is totally free and offers a certain level of accessibility. Unlike Ahrefs which requires users to sign up before using their features and also costs 7$ for a week-long trial period.

Whatsmyserp vs. Keywordseverywhere

Keywords everywhere, once a free tool prior to October 2019, now requires registration and payment in order to access its features. On the other hand, Whatsmyserp offers an entirely complimentary checker service that allows users ten keyword searches per day plus unlimited domain inquiries with a domain account!

Customer support

Whatsmyserp’s customer service is prompt and responsive, so don’t hesitate to reach out right away. Simply leave your message at the link below for immediate assistance: https://whatsmyserp.com/contact-us!


Taking a quick look at SERP ranking tools on the web will give you endless results, most of them paid and costly. Whatsmyserp stands out as an effortless to use tool that offers some extraordinary features for free. The only issue it has is the fact that its performance examination centers mostly around the Google search engine; however, we anticipate that in due time Yahoo and Bing search engines will be supported too! Despite this limitation, Whatsmyserp remains worth checking out, especially with all of its features available at no cost.

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