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What are Verified Reviews?

What are Verified Reviews

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Verified reviews provide customers with honest feedback about products or services so they can make informed decisions when shopping online. It also helps businesses build trust with their customers by providing unbiased information about their offerings’ quality.

With this blog post, we will explore what verified reviews are and why they are essential for consumers and businesses.

Let’s Compare Verified and Unverified Reviews

Verified Reviews

Verified reviews are those verified by the website or online store where they were written. This means that the review was written by a customer who purchased and used the product, service, or website. By verifying this information, customers can be sure that the reviews they read are genuine, honest opinions from real people about their experiences with a particular brand or product.

Unverified Reviews

Unverified reviews, conversely, are not backed up with proof of purchase and are usually posted without any verification. These types of reviews can be written by anyone, including competitors and even bots. Therefore it is essential to take unverified reviews with a grain of salt since there is no guarantee of authenticity.

How to Manage Fake Reviews

Monitor Customer Feedback

Pay close attention to any sudden spikes or dips in ratings or reviews and investigate further if necessary. It’s also essential to frequently search for negative comments or malicious reviews online, as some customers may post them on other websites rather than through official channels.

Respond Quickly

It’s essential to respond promptly and politely to positive and negative reviews. Showing that you are open to customer feedback will encourage honest conversations about your products or services and discourage malicious reviews from being posted out of frustration with an unanswered complaint.

Use Automated Tools

It’s also wise to consider using automated tools such as alert systems that inform you when new content mentions your business or brand name online, so you can take swift action against any fake reviews before they can affect your online reputation.

Build Relationships

Finally, it is essential to develop good relationships with customers to reduce the risk of receiving fake reviews in the future. Customers who feel valued are more likely to share their authentic experiences with others, meaning fewer fake reviews need to be dealt with down the line.

How to Spot Fake Reviews

Check for Exaggeration

Many fraudulent Google customer reviews overly praise the product or service, using superlatives such as “amazing” or “the best.” It is also essential to watch out for using exclamation marks and other punctuation to emphasize exaggerated statements.

Evaluate Grammar and Typos

Poorly constructed sentences with incorrect grammar and spelling may indicate that the verified customer review is unnecessary. Additionally, some fraudulent reviews may appear written by someone who needs to speak English as their first language, so look out for any strange phrasing or unnatural construction.

Look for Valid Claims

It is also essential to consider whether the verified review contains information that a user would only know about the product or service. If the individual claiming their review cannot back up these claims with factual evidence, likely, they are not forthcoming about their experience with it.

How to Remove Fake Reviews

Use AI Algorithms

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can be trained to identify patterns in reviews that indicate that they have been generated by bots or influenced by financial gain. Reviews that are found to be suspicious can then be manually reviewed for accuracy and removed if necessary.

Track Responses Frequently

Another technique for removing fake reviews is monitoring customer feedback closely, looking for any suspicious activity from the same IP address or other similar factors. Suppose multiple people have left similar negative reviews on a product or service.

How to Generate More Verified Reviews

1. Ask For Reviews

The most straightforward way to generate more verified reviews is to ask your customers for feedback. Businesses should do this in a polite and non-intrusive manner, as aggressive soliciting can hurt customer relationships. Sending out automated emails or SMS messages thanking customers for their purchases and asking them to write a review on a third-party site.

2. Offer Incentives

Offering incentives such as discounts or other rewards in exchange for leaving positive verified reviews is another great way of driving up your ratings. However, this approach should be used sparingly, as offering too many incentives can negatively affect your credibility.

3. Monitor Social Media

Monitoring social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can give insight into how people feel about your business, helping you gain valuable feedback from customers who may have yet to leave a review. Responding quickly and positively to negative comments is critical in turning unhappy customers into satisfied ones who will leave and enable customer reviews online.

4. Follow-Up With Customers After Purchase

Follow-up with customers after they’ve purchased something from your store or website allows you to thank them for their purchase and remind them to leave a review if they’re satisfied with it. Additionally, following up proactively will enable you to resolve any issues quickly before they spread through word-of-mouth or social media posts.

How to Generate Verified Reviews Using Data-Driven Strategies

Run Customer Surveys

This data should include questions about the customer’s experience with the product or service, their level of satisfaction, and any suggestions for improvement. This information can then be used to verify the accuracy of customer reviews, ensuring that they accurately represent the customer’s experience.

Gather Data from Social Media

Monitoring Facebook or Twitter for mentions related to your business or products will allow you to respond quickly to customer feedback and address any issues that may arise. This research can also help you identify potential influencers who have already praised your business or product.

How to Sign Up for Google Verified Customer Reviews

  1. Sign in to your Google account. You will need a business account verified by Google My Business to begin the verification process. If you don’t have one, you can create one at https://www.google.com/business/.
  2. Once logged in, go to “Google Reviews” and click “Verify Now.”
  3. Enter the requested information to verify your business, such as your address and contact number.
  4. Select “Continue with Verification” and agree to the customer review policy before submitting your review requests for verification.
  5. Google will then review your request. If approved, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your verified customer reviews program activation code within 24 hours or less after submission of the application form.
  6. Enter this code into your Google My Business dashboard to validate the program and its features so that customers can leave reviews about their experiences with your business on your page or website directly from it. 
  7. Share the link where customers can leave their reviews so that others can see what people think about doing business with you!

Best Tips for Getting More Positive Reviews

  • Ask your customers for feedback.
  • Answer any negative reviews.
  • Encourage positive reviews on social media.
  • Offer discounts and other incentives to get a positive review.
  • Make it easy for customers to leave a review.
  • Follow up with previous customers.
  • Send personalized Thank You notes after each purchase.
  • Highlight recent positive reviews on your site/social media.
  • Give coupons in exchange for positive product or customer service experience ratings.
  • Respond quickly to all customer communications.

List of Business Review Sites 


It is a community-based website that allows customers to write reviews about businesses based on their experiences. Customers can search for companies by name or location and read reviews that other members of the Yelp community have posted. Yelp also provides valuable information such as contact information, hours of operation, photos, and more.


Tripadvisor is similar to Yelp in that it allows users to post reviews about experiences with businesses. However, Tripadvisor is also one of the best hotel review sites, restaurants, and attractions worldwide. Users can filter their search results by price range, ratings, and more to find exactly what they want.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is an online directory that contains verified customer reviews about local service providers such as plumbers, electricians, roofers, landscapers, dentists, and doctors. Members must pay an annual fee to access the List, which contains detailed descriptions of each service provider and customer ratings and reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are verified reviews on Google?

Verified reviews on Google are customer reviews checked by Google to ensure they are from real customers. They can be found on business profiles in Google Search and Maps, as well as in other places around the web. Verified reviews contain a checkmark next to them, indicating that Google has confirmed them.

Are verified reviews legit?

Yes, verified reviews are typically more reliable as they are confirmed by actual customers and not generated artificially. They can accurately represent the customer’s experience with a product or service, helping you make an informed decision when shopping.

What is the importance of verified reviews?

Verified reviews are essential because they help people determine the quality of a product or service. Verified reviews provide an unbiased, reliable source for insights about a company that can’t be found elsewhere. 

What are verified purchase reviews?

Verified purchase reviews are customer reviews for a product confirmed from a valid purchase. This helps prevent false or fraudulent reviews from being posted online and gives potential customers more confidence in the accuracy of the product reviews they read.

Concluding Thoughts 

Verified reviews have become essential for any business looking to build customer loyalty and gain new clients through positive word-of-mouth marketing. With this knowledge in mind, take advantage of these powerful tools when it comes time for your next product launch!

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