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Local SEO: How to Rank Higher for ‘Near Me’ Searches

how to rank for near me searches

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

You’ll gain a competitive edge from local SEO and be able to direct targeted visitors to your website. Local search traffic is more likely to increase your conversion rates and grow your customer base.

It’s vital to optimize for local search! People will locate and access you quickly if everything is done correctly, placing them just a few steps away from converting.

It takes a lot of technical and creative work to convince search engines that your website is the best option to rank for “near me” searches. So, how do you rank for ‘near me’ searches? We’ll dive into the details here.

Understanding ‘Near Me’ SEO

When customers search for the good or service they require, the algorithm used by Google ranks results based on local businesses that fit those keywords. That is known as local SEO. Ranking your business for local searches can boost local sales and allow you to reach a larger audience.

Some companies do not require a high ranking for “near me” searches. Exclusive online merchants and other businesses that aren’t linked to a certain area to sell goods and services, for example. However, if you own a physical store, influencing your community is critical. You want others to be aware that your business exists.

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According to statistics from Think with Google, 76 percent of consumers who use their cellphones to find a nearby business visit it within a day, and 28 percent of these people end up buying something. Thus, if you want to reach a local audience, you must be able to target local keywords.

No doubt, ranking well on Google for near-me queries can help your business. Near-me searches have grown so popular nowadays that some business owners have incorporated the phrase “near me” into their business names.

More Foot Traffic

Increased local visibility can help drive more foot traffic to your physical business, whether a restaurant, clothing store, or hardware store. If you’ve spent a lot of money on specialized equipment, created an inventive environment, or have a physical presence because your items are most enjoyable in person, increasing the number of people who stop by can help you build an interest in your place and earn more sales.

Builds A Network

Networking potential is one of local SEO’s main benefits. You may boost your company’s internet presence and generate opportunities for collaboration by creating relationships with other local companies. You will be able to reach a broader audience and earn more customers as a result. It also lets you cultivate relationships with influencers and broaden your client base.

Increased Number of Calls and Visits from Maps Users

Improved presence on Google Maps is another benefit of optimizing your Google Business Profile. Given that Google Maps was created expressly to assist users in finding local services and route planning, this might result in more calls and in-person visits. 

As a result, any Google Business Profile optimization you undertake will immediately improve your Maps presence, boosting your call volume and in-person traffic. Google Maps is generated using information that Google gathers from Business Profiles.

More Local Reviews

Receiving suggestions from customers closer to you is a primary benefit of utilizing local SEO. Enterprises can enhance their standing and acquire knowledge about customer contentment through these appraisals. Since favorable evaluations often lead to improved rankings, evaluations can also boost your local search engine rating. Furthermore, by accumulating multiple positive ratings on reputable platforms like Yelp, a business can establish credibility and outshine its competitors. 

Profit from the Boom in Local Commerce

The shopping patterns of consumers have seen a significant shift in recent years. One of the most significant is that shoppers now give local companies a higher priority when choosing which products to buy.

Instead of choosing larger, well-known brand offers or experiences, consumers are instead choosing to prefer small, local, independent enterprises. 

One of the main advantages of local SEO is that it places you in front of nearby customers at the moment when they require your goods or services. That will enable you to capitalize on the change in consumer behavior and expand your business. 

Increased Local Conversion Rates

One of the primary benefits of local SEO is a rise in conversion rates. By optimizing for local searches, businesses can ensure that their products and services are being viewed by the appropriate individuals within their community. This enhances the likelihood of potential customers taking action and becoming paying clients. By employing a successful “near me” SEO approach, businesses can amplify the amount of leads they garner from local searches. 

“Near Me” Ranking Factors


Relevance, according to Google, refers to “how well a local Business Profile matches what someone is searching for.”

Google utilizes a straightforward initial check to determine which results correspond to the audience’s intent. If a searcher looks for plumbing services, there is no reason why Google would show you bakeries, for example.

It’s essential that your website’s content closely resembles what a person is looking for when it comes to local searches.

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Naturally, more nearby results will stand out more and have preference over nearby but less relevant ones.

Google focuses on geo-modified and non-geo-modified searches, two categories of queries that imply closeness to estimate proximity.

Google tries to display results that are as pertinent as feasible based on how close they are to the user’s location using either of these two characteristics. However, modified searches frequently receive higher rankings in search results.


Given that it involves topics like authority, brand image, customer ratings, etc., this one is a little more difficult to measure. It depends on how much information about your company is available online. Your company appears to be more well-known the more information that is available.

Best Practices for Ranking In Local Search Results

Optimize Your Profile On GMB

Your address is pulled from your Google My Business page so that Google may determine whether your establishment is close to the searcher’s location. If you own a restaurant your Google My Business page is optimized and your business is nearby, when someone searches for “Restaurants Near Me,” you have a good chance of appearing in the local pack.

Information about your business (phone number, hours of operation, customer reviews, and business location) is included in your profile. You can change, update, and add to this information after you validate your firm to provide as much information as you can about your product or service.

Double-Check the NAP

NAP is an acronym for Name (of your company), Address, and Phone. Make sure the NAP is on your website as well as the Google My Business listing.

Use Schema Markup

When schema markup is used correctly, it can help your company stand out.

Your website contains code known as schema. That code enables Google to extract additional data from your websites. Users are then presented with samples of the information that was retrieved.

Search engines can more quickly crawl through your site, comprehend its layout, and maximize how it displays your information for the most pertinent queries if your site’s schema matches the data on it and the GMB listing.

Location-Specific Pages

Developing location-specific sites is an effective local SEO tactic that can make you appear in Google search results for “near me.” Your local SEO can be improved if your location pages feature headlines that mention the city or suburb and other local cues like your address, open times, and directions. 

On-Page Optimization

Your website’s content can be tailored for “near me” searches and regional SEO. Write a list of the terms you wish to concentrate on after doing some preliminary keyword research.

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Your business may appear more prominently in local searches by including “near me” in the title tags of your location pages, anchor texts, rich snippets, and alt tags. Keep in mind that employing your keywords naturally to help your audience is more important than being spammy or engaging in “keyword stuffing”.

Make Mobile-Friendly Pages

If your pages don’t load in three seconds on mobile devices, we’re sorry to inform you that your visitors will depart. Make sure your pages are completely functional to avoid getting penalized by Google, and encourage customers to explore alternatives. Google takes site speed into account when determining your ranking.


Google can identify the source of reviews. When your GMB page has a lot of local reviews, this is another strong localized SEO signal that can raise your local pack rank and give you more exposure in local listings.


Is It Favorable to Use the Keyphrase “Near Me”?

When you use the phrase “near me” on your website, it sounds strange, even if it’s natural for customers to do so. Using nearby,” “near you,” or “near city/place” when doing so results in a less clumsy read. Don’t worry; Google will understand, and you won’t mislead anyone.

On average, How Many Google Searches Are Local?

An SEO statistic reveals the importance of local search marketing for Google searches: Google searches with local intent make up about 46% of all searches.

Why Do People Prefer Nearby Businesses?

Locally owned businesses frequently offer more individualized and attentive customer care than multinational corporations. They are more inclined to form ties with their clients and meet their specific needs.

The Wrap-Up

Despite recent changes, it’s still quite likely that your business or location will rank for relevant “near me” searches. Even though they might not be used as keywords anymore, they are nonetheless generating significant bottom-funnel intent and drawing in high search volumes.

So, how can you rank these terms the best without focusing on them specifically? Represent your company’s information accurately on your website and throughout the internet, and Google will handle the rest.

Joe Troyer

Joe Troyer is the Founder of Review Grower. He is leading expert in all things Internet Marketing: Pay Per Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google Business, Reputation Management, Landing Page Conversion, and Call Tracking.

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