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How to Find Your Google Reviews and Manage Them to Increase Your Sales

How to Find Your Google Reviews and Manage Them to Increase Your Sales

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Google reviews are to blame for some of the worst “what’s for dinner?” fights … are we right?

From hunting down the perfect cup of coffee during your first trip to Seattle to choosing between Paul’s Chicken versus Rita’s Down Home Cooking in Tennessee, Google reviews are the deciding factor, more often than we’d like to admit.

That’s why, as a business, it’s pivotal to understand how to find and manage your Google reviews, build trust with existing customers, and attract new sales.

If you’ve been slow to the game but are ready to take Google reviews seriously, stick around for a quick guide covering everything you need to know.

How to find your Google reviews  

Ready to see what reviewers have to say about your business? 

Here’s how to locate reviews on your computer, Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Locating business reviews on your computer

  1. Open your computer and head to Google Maps or use Google Search.
  2. At the top right, select your Account Circle and then your Business Profile.
  3. Choose “Reviews.”

Locating business reviews on your Android phone or tablet

  1. Open your device, then the Google Maps mobile application or Google Search.
  2. Open your Business Profile. 
  • If you’re in Google Maps, tap the Account Circle at the top right, then choose “Your Business Profile.” 
  • Enter your business name in the search bar if you’re using Google Search. 
  1. Tap Reviews.

Locating business reviews on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Open your device, then the Google Maps app or Google Search.
  2. Open your Business Account Profile. 
  • If you’re in Google Maps, tap the Account Circle at the top right, then choose “Your Business Profile.” 
  • Enter your business name in the search bar if you’re using Google Search. 
  1. Tap Google Maps Reviews.

Note: If you’d like to reply to reviews on any of the devices above, simply select “Reply.” Keep in mind you can’t respond to reviews from third-party sources. You’ll also need to ensure your business is verified before you can respond to any reviews. After verification, you can reply to reviewers directly from your business profile on Google Search or Google Maps.

Increase sales with these Google Reviews best practices

Here are six simple ways to nurture trust, boost reviews, and encourage Google to rank your business higher in the search results.

1. Build trust and show customers you value their reviews by responding to them

One way to get a boost from Google is by engaging with your customers when they leave a review for your brand. In other words, to increase interactions and sales, you need to respond to customer reviews. 

Take Watermill Flowers, a local shop that sells flowers in Fort Lauderdale, as an example. 

Example of a Watermill review.

(Image Source)

Watermill replies to its customers with personalized responses when they leave a review. 

Replying to customers doesn’t just help you build loyalty and solidify your brand’s value, but Google actually encourages it.  

Important note: Don’t forget the importance of responding to negative Google reviews, too. Responding to a bad review shows integrity and may help you win over a lost customer if you focus on finding a solution. If you notice a fake Google review, reply simply, “This appears to be spam. Reporting to Google as of (insert date).” More on this in a bit.

2. Add a QR code to your Google page on your business card

A simple way to encourage reviews when meeting with customers in person is to hand them a business card with a free QR code or URL to your Google page. 

Add a CTA to your card to motivate customers to take action. Choose something short and simple, like: “Happy with your service today? Leave us a review on Google!”

3. Implement the feedback you receive from reviewers when possible

Do your best to apply the feedback you receive from reviewers if it makes sense for your business and better serves your customers as a whole.

For instance, if reviewers commonly note that they love your dental clinic, but wish you’d accept a specific kind of dental insurance to help cover the cost of veneers, consider looking into the insurance plan they use to see if it could be a feasible option.

Here’s a real-life example of helpful feedback Luxury Presence (a SaaS brand recognized for designing some of the top real estate websites) received:

Example of feedback in Google review.

(Image Source)

In this example, the customer notes that they highly recommend Luxury Presence, but they may be on the hunt for a different platform that offers more robust search features in the future. 

This is invaluable advice Luxury Presence can use to retain its existing customers and attract additional leads who value SEO just as much.

4. Remind customers to leave reviews on your physical or online business

After doing business with a pleased customer, let them know how quick and easy it is to leave a Google review

A simple “Thanks so much for stopping in, we’d love to get feedback from you! Would you mind leaving us a Google review?” can motivate happy patrons to take a few seconds to show your business some love.

If you’re in person, hand over a business card or a quick instructional card that walks them through how to leave a review. 

You can create a shareable link for customers to leave reviews if you’re online. Include this link in your email signature line, thank you emails, online receipts, and chat interactions to encourage more reviews. If you see a new review after sharing the link, thank the customer for their generous words.

Here’s how to create a shareable Google review link:

  1. Select “Customers,” then “Reviews,” then “Get more reviews.”
  2. Share the link directly with your customers or choose one of the provided sharing options.

5. Use positive reviews in your marketing campaigns 

Screenshot every positive review you receive and save it in a folder for social proof in future marketing campaigns. Show these off in social media Stories, email marketing initiatives, ads, and anywhere you show up online.

6. Retain a competitive edge by monitoring the feedback your competitors receive in their Google reviews

No matter what types of competitors you’re up against, monitoring the feedback they receive can help shed light on valuable insights and solutions you could apply to your business to help maintain a competitive edge.

More FAQs about Google reviews

And in case you still have more questions, here are some common FAQs businesses have about Google reviews. 

As a business owner, should I provide customers with a review template?

Providing customers with a simple review template may encourage more reviews for two simple reasons. 

For one, a template can reduce overwhelm and help the reviewer gather and focus their thoughts — aka, beat writer’s block. 

For two, a template can help customers feel guided and supported, which can help them save time writing the review. As we all know, time is precious. If you can show customers that leaving a review is quick and painless, you can encourage more reviews. 

For instance, let’s say you own the accounting SaaS brand called SoftLedger and want reviewers to highlight the pain points your tool has helped them solve. 

 In this case, you could provide a simple template that reads:

“We chose SoftLedger due to its (unique characteristic) and (unique characteristic). Our firm was originally struggling with (problem), and SoftLedger helped us (solution) within (time frame). We highly recommend SoftLedger to any accounting firm looking for (benefits you experienced)!”

Why are some of my Google reviews missing?

If you notice a missing review, Google may have removed it from your page. This is typically due to policy violations, such as spam reviews or inappropriate content. 

If you think a customer review was removed unfairly, you can contact Google and ask that it get reinstated. This is only possible if the review wasn’t removed due to policy violations.

How can I remove reviews from my Business Profile on Google?

If you’d like to delete Google reviews from your Business Profile or flag fake reviews, you must report them. If they violate Google’s policies, they’ll remove these reviews. 

Note: Google won’t remove a negative review if it doesn’t violate its policies. Learn more here.

Wrap up 

And that’s it for now! 

Today we covered how to find and manage your Google reviews so you can build trust and attract more sales.

Are you ready to leverage the power of Google reviews to take your business to new heights? We hope today’s guide has helped you see how simple it can be.

Here’s to your success!

PS: Need reputation management support? With ReviewGrower, you’ll automatically get more 5-star reviews, market them on social media, increase conversions by embedding them on your website, and stay protected from negative reviews. Get started for free today.

Joe Troyer

Joe Troyer is the Founder of Review Grower. He is leading expert in all things Internet Marketing: Pay Per Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google Business, Reputation Management, Landing Page Conversion, and Call Tracking.

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