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How to Add Photos to Google Review

How to Add Photos to Google Review photo

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Adding photos to your Google reviews is a great way to share your experience with others. Photos can help potential customers make an informed decision and allow you to express yourself in more detail than words alone.

With just a few clicks, you can upload photos directly from your computer or mobile device into your review on Google. This guide will show you how to easily add pictures so everyone can see what made your experience memorable.

Why Should You Add Photos to Your Google Review?

Adding photos to your Google review can be a great way to make it stand out from the millions of other reviews posted daily. Photos can add a personal touch and draw attention to the reviewer’s opinion, making it more likely for potential customers to take notice.

Not only do pictures help capture the reader’s attention, but they can also be used to show off products, demonstrate customer service experiences, or highlight any special event during an interaction.

Adding Meal Pictures at a Restaurant

For example, if a customer is writing a review about their experience at a restaurant they visited, they could include a photo of their meal or even interior decorations. This visual element helps create an immersive experience so readers can visualize what it was like to visit that particular establishment and get a sense of its ambiance.

Google reviews are becoming increasingly crucial for businesses regarding local search rankings. Having quality photos included with your review will give you an advantage over other reviewers who don’t include any visuals.

Photos allow you to express yourself better and illustrate points in greater detail than simple text alone would allow. And finally, adding pictures will make your review more likely to appear in organic searches when potential customers look for reviews on specific places or products.

How to Upload Photos to a Google Review

  1. First, log into your Google account and open the review page on which you want to post your photo.
  2. Then click on the ‘add photos’ button in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. This will direct you to a page where you can choose which photos you want to upload from your computer or phone.
  4. Once you have chosen all the images you want to upload, click ‘upload’ at the bottom of the page.
  5. Depending on how many pictures are being uploaded, the images may take some time to process.
  6. Once they are done processing, they appear as thumbnail previews on the Google review page.

Upload Multiple Images

When uploading multiple pictures, they must be placed in order from left to right so that viewers can understand what each photo is displaying when looking at your reviews. You can choose which images are placed first by clicking and dragging them in the desired order before uploading them.

You can also add captions or descriptions to help explain each image. These should be detailed enough so that readers understand why you chose those specific photos and what they are showing or representing without having too much text written in between each image.

After all desired images have been successfully uploaded with captions or descriptions added (if needed), click ‘post’ at the bottom of the page; your review with accompanying photos will appear on Google for others to view and comment on. And now your review has been published with more credibility and detail due to having visuals along with it!

How to Add Photo in Google Maps on Android

  1. First, make sure you have the latest version of the Google Maps app installed on your Android device.
  2. Open the app, find the place you want to add a photo of, and tap on its location marker. This will open up a view containing details about that location.
  3. Tap on the ‘Add Photo’ button at the bottom of this info card. This will launch your camera, where you can take or select an existing photo from your gallery. If your photo has distractions in the background, you might consider using a background remover to emphasize the main subject.
  4. Once you’ve selected or taken a picture, you can edit it using various filters and effects if desired.
  5. Finally, tap the ‘Done’ button and click the ‘Add’ option when prompted if you are satisfied with your image. This will upload your photo to Google Maps for everyone to see!

On your computer, open Google Maps which allows you to share photos as stories that are visible for up to seven days. To share a story with friends and family, press on that same ‘Add Photo’ button mentioned earlier while viewing an info card of a particular location.

After selecting or taking an image, like ‘Share as Story’ followed by adding descriptions, hashtags, and more before choosing who you would like to send it to.

It is worth noting that shared stories don’t appear in search results, making them perfect for sharing personal experiences without having those images stay up indefinitely on public records.

How to Prevent Your Google Reviews From Appearing on Your Google Public Profile

One of the best ways to prevent your Google Reviews from appearing on your Google Public Profile is to disable the reviews feature in your Google Account Settings.

  1. To do this, log into your account, head to the ‘Settings’ tab, and select ‘Privacy.’
  2. From there, you can click ‘Reviews’ and toggle off the option that allows people to see and post reviews about you.
  3. This will hide any existing reviews you have given or received and prevent any new ones from appearing on your profile.

Beyond disabling the review feature in your settings, you can take a few other steps to ensure that your ratings and reviews are not viewable by others. You should also avoid leaving reviews for businesses or services associated with your name or profile.

For instance, if you own a business or provide customer service, use an alternate email address when reviewing them online. This will help keep those reviews separate from any personal accounts associated with your name.

In addition to being mindful of what type of reviews you are posting, it is essential always to read the terms and conditions of each platform where you leave feedback before submitting it. Many companies have specific guidelines for handling user-generated content, such as ratings and reviews.

Paying attention to these policies can help protect against potential issues if they were ever negatively used against you.

How to Delete a Photo From Your Google Review

  1. First, you will need to open the Google Maps app on your mobile device or navigate to the website on a desktop.
  2. Search for the business you left a review on and press “More” in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select “Reviews,” and you will be taken to a page with all your reviews for that business.
  4. Next, tap or click on the review containing the photo you want to delete.
  5. Then select “Edit.” This will take you to an editing page where you can alter any text in your review and add or remove photos.
  6. To delete a photo, look for the small red cross button below your review at the top right corner of each thumbnail image.
  7. Once this has been selected, the picture will be removed from your review permanently and cannot be recovered once deleted.

Before deleting any photos from reviews, it’s important to remember that other people may have viewed them before they are removed. So it’s essential to think twice if there is sensitive information in a photo or if you don’t want other users to see it.

How to Report an Inappropriate Photo Published on Google Maps

Step 1: Report the Picture

The first step in reporting an inappropriate photo on Google Maps is navigating to the offending image. Once you find it, click on the ‘Options’ icon or the Camera icon beneath the picture (three dots arranged in a vertical line).

This will include a list of options, including ‘Report a problem.’ Clicking ‘Report a problem’ will open up another screen with more options.

Step 2: Select the Right Option

Once you have navigated to this screen, you will be presented with several choices for reporting an inappropriate or offensive photo. These include: “Offensive Content,” “Copyrighted Content,” “Illegal Activity,” and “Other.”

Depending on your particular situation, choose the option that best applies and provide additional details in the description box so that Google can better understand why you are reporting this photo.

Suppose you are successful in having an inappropriate or offensive photo removed from Google Maps, then great! However, it’s important to remember that once something has been uploaded online, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to remove all traces of it altogether.

Suppose someone else finds the image elsewhere and returns it to Google Maps. In that case, they may need to be reported again or blocked from viewing certain areas of Google Maps entirely by applying parental control settings.

How Long Does it Take for Google Review to Show Up?

Typically, a Google review will show up within two days of submitting it. However, this time frame can occasionally be extended due to the sheer volume of reviews and updates that Google must process. In such cases, business select reviews can take anywhere from 3-7 days to appear on the platform.

Furthermore, because the entire review system is automated, there are times when reviews may appear to have yet to be accepted or approved. This could be due to various reasons, including if they contain inappropriate language or specific formatting issues that run counter to Google’s guidelines.

Finally, users should note that any updates made to their existing reviews can also delay their appearance on Google’s platform as the entire review gets re-evaluated before being approved again.

As such, users should double-check their reviews and ensure all information is correct before submitting them for approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Google review photo not showing?

Your Google review photo may need to show for several reasons. Firstly, it might be due to the size and format of the image. In addition, it’s worth noting that photos may take some time to appear on Google Maps or Google Search due to processing delays in making them visible across all platforms. 

How do I add a photo to a review page?

Adding a photo to a review page is relatively simple. In most cases, all you need to do is locate the photo or image you want to include, upload it to the appropriate file location on your website, and then paste the URL of the image into the text box provided. 

Can you add photos to a Google review after posting?

Yes, adding photos to a Google review can be added after posting. Depending on the business or service you are reviewing, these images may help other users better understand your experience and the services provided. 

Why is my Google review not working?

Your Google Maps reviews aren’t working because you are not logged into your Google account. To submit a review, you must have a valid and active Google account to access the review form and post your experience. 

How do you find out who left a fake Google review?

Finding out who left a fake or inappropriate review can be challenging. Firstly, it is crucial to understand the types of reviews available on Google. Along with user-generated reviews, Google also offers editorial reviews and ratings from third-party sources such as publications, influencers, and websites.

What if someone leaves a fake Google review?

In the case of a fake Google review, it’s essential to respond quickly and with transparency. First, contact the user who left the review and ask for evidence that their experience was genuine. If necessary, assist so they can verify themselves more quickly. 

Wrapping Up 

Adding pictures will make your review stand out among others and help you build trust with potential customers considering your services or products. By following these simple steps, you should have no trouble uploading photos whenever someone leaves a review for your business on Google!

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