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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Google Business is a powerful suite of tools that can help businesses large and small succeed in today’s digital world. It provides the necessary platform to easily create, manage, share, and collaborate on business-related projects.

With Google Business, users can access features such as email marketing automation, cloud storage services, content creation tools and analytics. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with other popular products like G Suite to ensure maximum efficiency when working with colleagues or partners.

Whether you’re just starting or have been running your business for years, Google Business has all the features you need to take your venture to the next level.

How to Find Your Google My Business URL

Finding your Google My Business URL is essential to setting up a successful online presence for any business. This URL is a direct link to your business profile on Google and can be used in many ways to market your business or attract customers.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can quickly locate your unique Google My Business URL so that you can start using it to set up an effective marketing campaign.

Step #1: Find Your Google Business URL

The first step in locating your Google My Business URL is to log into the Google My Business website. Here, you’ll find an overview of all the businesses that are connected with your account, including any groups or locations that are associated with it. Once you’ve logged in, click on the “View All” button under each category to view a list of all related businesses.

Step #2: Start Editing

Once you’ve located the business profile for which you want to find the URL, select ‘Edit’ from the menu at the top of the page. This will take you to a new page where you can change any information associated with this account.

Step #3: Save Your Changes

Scroll down until you see a section labelled ‘Website & Social Links’; here, you should see your Google My Business URL listed as one of the options. Copy this link and save it somewhere safe, as this will be what customers use when they search for your business on Google.

It’s important to note that if multiple locations are associated with your account, each one has its unique URL. So while viewing each location on the ‘View All’ page, take note of its corresponding URL, too, so that it is easier for customers to find each location separately when they search for them on Google Maps or other similar services.

Once you have obtained the URLs of all appropriate locations associated with your account, put them together into one single link or post them individually across various platforms such as social media or other websites (as long as they are relevant).

This way, customers can access all relevant information about your business quickly and easily without having to search for it themselves – making their experience more streamlined and efficient.

What is a Google My Business URL

A Google My Business URL (also known as GMB URL) is a web address used to access specific information about a business or company on Google’s My Business platform. The URL typically consists of a simplified version of the business name, followed by “g.page” or “google.com/business at the end.

This URL type allows customers to easily find and access detailed information such as location, contact details, products, services and more. It also gives customers access to reviews written by others who have visited the premises and interacted with the business in some way.

  • With a Google My Business URL, businesses can create an online presence that customers can easily find and interact with.
  • This includes providing detailed descriptions of their products and services, posting regularly updated photos, responding to customer inquiries and reviews quickly and managing their online reputation to help attract new customers.
  • Having a GMB URL helps businesses build trust among their target audience by providing direct access to accurate information about their business in one place.
  • Having a well-optimized GMB page also increases the visibility of your business on search engine results pages (SERPs). When you ensure your page is up-to-date with accurate data, it will show up higher in search results when potential customers look for businesses like yours in their area.
  • Plus, if you have multiple physical locations listed under your GMB account, each location will be assigned its own distinct GMB URL, which can be shared with local patrons and included in any targeted advertising campaigns directed at those areas.

Steps to Get Your Google My Business URL

With a direct link to your page, visitors can easily find the information they need, including contact information and directions to your location. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to get your URL:

Step #1: Create a Google My Business Account

The first step is to create a free account on Google My Business by going to business.google.com/create. Signing up is easy; you will need an active email address and some basic company information such as your business name, category option, address and phone number. This will be used to verify that it’s a legitimate business before granting access.

Step #2: Verify Your Business Information

To verify ownership of your business, Google sends out postcards with unique PIN codes, which must be entered for the verification process completion. Suppose you sign up online using a verified address. In that case, the process may take several days or weeks, depending on how long it takes for the postcard to arrive at the given address and may require multiple attempts before receiving the code correctly.

Once that’s done, your business listing should show up in search results within minutes and give you access to features like reviews and photos as well as other pertinent info about your company that customers can use when researching local services or businesses they intend on patronizing.

Step #3: Claim Your URL

Next, go back into your GMB account settings and navigate down to where it says “URL” (or similar).

You will see an auto-generated URL with your own customizations along with options for further refining it or making it shorter or easier to read or share with others via social channels or other webpages related to yours (i.e., blog posts).

It would also be wise at this stage to claim any variations you can think of so that no one else can use them more effectively than yourself.

Having control over how the URLs appear gives you greater control over what people see when visiting various pages related to yours online across different platforms leading back eventually into sales conversions from leads gathered from those sources! 

Step #4: Share Your Page

Finally now that everything is set up properly, share away! Utilize existing marketing channels such as mailing lists, website postings and even print media if necessary in order spread awareness about both regular visits as well as special promotions being held throughout the year at different times of day or week depending on what kind of traffic patterns are seen by analytics/data collected from users who visit often via these outlets originally listed above (or otherwise).

This way potential customers know exactly where they need go online quickly without having worry about finding out any additional information manually outside of their initial point-of-contact which could lead them astray from ultimately reaching their intended destination: You!

Top Places to Share Your GMB Profile URL

One great place to share your GMB profile URL is on social media platforms.

Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer businesses a great way to promote their content and reach out to potential customers.

With these platforms, you can post your GMB link in status updates or even create ads targeted to local searchers. Plus, many businesses find success by engaging with followers on social media who might be interested in learning more about what they have to offer.


Another great place to share your GMB profile URL is directly on your website or blog. Make sure that the link is prominently displayed near the top of each page so that visitors don’t miss it when they’re browsing through the site. You can also include a link in any emails you send out or newsletters that you send subscribers.

Moreover, consider including your GMB link at the bottom of blog posts – this will help direct readers back to your business page where they can learn more about what you have to offer.


Finally, consider sharing your GMB profile URL in other local marketing materials such as flyers or brochures that circulate in the community. This will give locals easy access to finding out information about what kind of services and products you provide as well as how they can contact or visit you if necessary.

Does My Google Business Page Have a URL?

Yes, your Google My Business page will have a unique URL. This URL is used to help customers find your business online and make it easier for them to view important information about your business, including location, hours of operation, Google reviews, contact information and more.

When you create a Google My Business page, you can choose the URL that best represents your business. It’s important to ensure that the URL is easy to remember and reflects your business name accurately.

Google My Business pages work in conjunction with other marketing channels such as websites, social media accounts, and review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor. By connecting all of these sources together, customers can quickly find all of the information they need when looking for your product or service.

The URL associated with your Google My Business page is also useful for SEO purposes. Search engines use URLs to determine which businesses rank at the top of organic search rankings. Having a unique URL associated with your business will help make sure that it shows up in relevant searches on Google so potential customers can find it easily.

Additionally, having an easily recognizable link on brochures or promotional materials will make it easier for customers who hear about your business from word-of-mouth marketing or referrals to find out more about what you do online quickly and conveniently.

How Do I Share My Google Business URL?

Text Messages

One of the most straightforward methods is to simply copy and paste the URL into any message or post that you make. This approach works best when you’re communicating with customers or prospects who already know about your business. However, it also requires more effort on your part as you must manually enter the link every time.

QR Codes

Another option is to create a unique QR code for your URL that users can scan with their phones or tablets. This approach provides more convenience for your audience as they don’t need to type in the full address.

All they need to do is scan the code using any QR scanner app available on Android or iOS devices, and they will automatically be redirected to the correct page. You can create these codes free of charge using a dedicated QR generator website such as Unitag, GoQRMe, or Kaywa QR Code Generator.

Social Media

If you want to reach even more people, it’s worth considering sharing your link via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If done correctly, this can lead to increased brand visibility and website traffic due to the vast number of users these services have each day.

You can also use these mediums as an opportunity to engage with potential customers by responding to comments or messages left by them on your posts and links shared by others who may be familiar with your business.


Finally, if you have an email list of subscribers (such as newsletter subscribers), sending out a message containing your Google Business URL might be a good option too.

Many email service providers provide templates which enable you to quickly craft professional emails without having to write all the content from scratch each time – making this method practical yet effective at connecting directly with those interested in what you’re offering through Google Businesses services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Google business URL?

Yes, you can change your Google business URL. In order to do so, you need to have a verified and active Google My Business account. Once you are logged into your account, you will be able to view the settings page where you can make changes to your Google Business profile URL. The process involves selecting a new name for your business which will then be used as part of the custom URL.

How do I get Google ID or URL?

The simplest way is to create a Google account with your personal email address. Once you’ve done that, you’ll automatically get your own Google ID and URL associated with it. Additionally, if you already have an existing Google account, simply visit the My Account page and select the “Your Info & Personalization” option. Here, you’ll find the link under “My personal info” which will direct you to your Google ID and URL. 

What is an example of a URL?

An example of a URL would be https://www.example.com/index.html, which is the default starting page for many websites and serves as a home for basic information about the website and its purpose. This URL contains a protocol (https), the domain name (example.com), and the path to the specific file (/index.html). It allows visitors to access content quickly and easily, by providing them with an easy-to-remember identifier that leads directly to their desired location on the web.

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