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10 Amazing Google Review Templates to use

Amazing Google Review Templates to use

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Believe it or not, offering text templates for Google reviews is a good way to help get important feedback from your customers online. It pays to have some amazing Google review templates ready to be sent out over email, text, or any other appropriate channel.

For businesses, doing so saves them hours from having to write to every customer individually. This way you can stay efficient and get tons of feedback about how to improve your products/services.

Optimize it for future customers.

There are practical reasons why you should be using Google reviews for your local business. And to make it easier, we will also provide asking for templates to entice prospective customers. You can use those to improve your business.

Why use Google review templates for business?

For outreach

Fun fact: Text messages are great at outreach, with a whopping 98% open rate and a 45% response rate. This makes it better than any other competing medium.

For Google Maps

It also helps to know that the more Google reviews you get, the better it is. Plus, it is deeply integrated with Google Maps.

Measure your google ranking by using our geo grid local search and find out how well you and your competitors are doing.

For social proof

They also serve as valuable social proof that your business is customer-centric. Online reviews help improve your local search engine ranking on Google as well as credibility. 70% of consumers trust a Google review as much as a referral from a close relative.

Why you should invest in business reviews? Especially for your Google business page?

Usually, business owners struggle with how to ask for reviews. Perhaps it is due to the fear of negative reviews. Or perhaps they just don’t know how it can help with online marketing.

If you are not sure what to say or how to say for your business, this post is for you.

Gain invaluable insights, and improve your online reputation with prospective customers with these review templates. Before you know it, your business will gain more customers with all the positive reviews out there.

What tools can deliver your text templates for Google reviews?

You have one goal – how to make it easy for customers to visit your Google My Business listing and click on that pop-up window for review.

Once they are in, your customers can write positive reviews, and even leave constructive feedback that’s invaluable in improving your business.

To help out every business page and business owner, Google has made it easy to send a review request link to both old and new customers.

Use a tool like Google Review Link Generator to send Google review link URLs to customers over email. It takes no longer than 30 seconds for customers to leave their reviews this way.

Review Grower curates templates for your business. You’ll have to sign up to test this powerful feature.

General Business Google Review templates

Want to send a review request that’s friendly, and professional yet gets the job done irrespective of which industry you work in? They can be about your service delivery or a means to get a quick review.

Pro Tip: We recommend leaving your business name with these reviews.

Here are some templates that you can use for any business listing:

  1. Hi there <name>! Thank you for being a great customer. We’d like your word about your experience with us. <Review link>
  2. Hi <Name>! Thanks for reposing your trust in <business>. A quick question for you. How was your experience with us? Please share your feedback here. <Review link>
  3. Hi, [name], it’s your favorite folks at [business]. Liked our top-notch service? Please consider leaving a review about us. [Review link].
  4. We hope you had an amazing time with us today, [name]! We’ll be pleased if you consider leaving us a review here. [Review link].
  5. Hi, [name], thanks for checking us out! We’d love it if you said a few words about us. It only takes a minute [Review link].

Law firms are surprisingly reluctant when it comes to asking for a good word about their services. But now, they are slowly but surely waking up to the wonders that digital marketing can do for their business.

Businesses in the legal industry can get input from their clients with these prepared email templates. You can send them on their personal email or company email, whichever is better:

  1. Dear [client name], We hope you found our services responsive and skilled. Given how we handled your case, please consider leaving a review to help more people. You can leave your review here: [review link]
  2. Dear [client name], thank you for choosing [law firm name] for your case. Our team remains committed to resolving this matter to your satisfaction. Would you be open to leaving a review for our firm here? [Review link]
  3. Dear [client name], I hope your experience with me as your legal representative was great. Hopefully, I was attentive to your needs and represented you well. Please consider leaving a review for me. [Review link].
  4. Dear [client], We hope our services helped you out during a difficult and stressful time in your life. Given the positive outcome, we have a small favor to ask. Don’t worry, it’s voluntary on your part. We’d appreciate a customer review for our firm here: [Review link]
  5. With the successful conclusion of your case, I’d like to know how I did. Dear [client name], I’d appreciate further feedback on my services. It will only take a minute to give me a review here. [Review link].

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a Google Review template?

Ask for them. It is as simple as that. Satisfied customers are more than willing to write you a glowing review. Their opinion matters a lot in drawing new customers and retaining old ones.

How to write a Google review?

Some businesses make it easier to review them online. These businesses will send out a form or a simple URL on an email you can click. Fill the information in the required fields and sum up your experience with a particular business with a star rating system.

How to ask your customers for review samples?

We have made this easy for you with this guide. Use the examples we have listed. You can send personalized and concise requests for reviews to your customers over email.

Wrap Up

When done right, Google review templates can supercharge your local business online, catapulting it to the front page of search engines and bringing in more clients. A few simple templates for reviews and a well-defined process to send out review request links can provide you with a goldmine of constructive customer feedback. Make sure you don’t sleep on this. It’s time to create opportunities for your business that you never thought of.

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