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Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Facebook Reviews to Get a 5-Star Rating

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

In this modern time, people are all hooked on social media. Almost all businesses can be seen to have a Facebook enterprise account. Leaving reviews can make or break a business, and that’s the reason why it’s crucial. This is why some companies want to buy Facebook reviews for a 5-star rating. If you have a business that is just starting or want to boost your rating on Facebook by purchasing positive Facebook reviews from different sites, then continue reading as I’ll discuss the reasons why you should not buy Facebook reviews to get a five-star rating to avoid the risk of getting penalized.

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Reviews?

Buying Facebook reviews is a poor idea that can cause more harm than good. Fake good reviews will negatively affect your brand, especially after people find out, leading them to choose a different, more reliable option. When you buy fake reviews or even Facebook likes, you can lose potential customers as you are not trustworthy for your company. The customers may need to be convinced of the honesty of your entire business if you’re willing to have their positive reviews. In addition, it’s against Facebook’s community guidelines. If your business gets detected that you bought fake FB reviews, your page will be blocked, and you can potentially lose access to this platform. Any bot reviews that do not meet Facebook’s standards will be removed, whether positive or negative.

Furthermore, it is much preferable to concentrate on developing a customer base of happy consumers who will naturally submit positive feedback on your business by their choice. Buying customer reviews could contain incorrect details, leading to fake information that causes real consumer disappointment. 

How to Get More Facebook Reviews?

Social media marketing can target ads based on a customer’s interests, which is why it is a suitable method of getting more Facebook reviews. It is a practical approach for attracting prospective customers and boosting your business’ revenue. Be careful to respond promptly and courteously to both positive and negative feedback. Customers should feel that you value their opinions and are prepared to handle any issues they may have encountered with your product or service. Increased review quantity, trustworthiness, and customer relationships can be achieved by responding to the bad reviews on your Facebook business page.

You may also request feedback from consumers on your Facebook business page. Connect with them through text or email as soon as possible after they’ve purchased from your business or made a transaction from your company. You should have an excellent product or service that the consumers will enjoy and want to discuss. It is the simplest method for boosting the quantity of favorable Facebook reviews that leads to having more potential customers. 

Reasons Why Businesses Buy Facebook Reviews

There are many reasons why companies opt-in to buy Facebook page reviews and get 5-star reviews easily. They might be concerned that negative Facebook reviews would harm their business. They can also be attempting to capitalize on buying online reviews and think buying reviews will help them stand out from their competitors. These reviews can also help them in improving a company’s online reputation. Positive feedback may boost revenue and draw in new customers. One of the benefits of buying Facebook reviews is that these paid sites assure businesses that they will provide positive and custom reviews or Facebook 5-star ratings. Through these paid reviews, people will think that their services or products are great and legitimate, leading traffic to their business.

Why Real Facebook Reviews Are Better

In today’s businesses, customer trust in a company is among the most valuable assets a business can have. Real Facebook reviews that share genuine opinions and experiences regarding your business can build trust with your consumers. Real reviews from actual consumers can be generated for free. Use the feedback you receive from real reviews to enhance your business. In addition, organic reviews boost your SEO efforts. Search engines are made to present ratings from real users with the most reliable results. Real customer feedback can help move your business up the search results rankings. 

How to Get Facebook Reviews Without Buying Them

After delivering a service that clients are pleased with, you can also directly ask them to review your business while it is still fresh in their minds. You can also have a customer support department that they can contact if they want to provide feedback. One of the ideal approaches for businesses to have more Facebook reviews is to invite customers to share their feedback publicly by including links to the part of your Facebook page dedicated to reviews in all of your digital communication, such as emails and texts. In addition, you can display consumer feedback on your website and other social media platforms. Customers should know you value their opinions and appreciate them taking the time to leave a review. Doing this will increase your chances of redeeming yourself from having negative feedback.

What Are the Benefits of Facebook Reviews?

The main advantage of receiving a Facebook review is that it will be visible to the Facebook user’s entire network. Positive reviews improve the likelihood that potential customers will trust a business. Because they know others have had positive experiences working with you, positive Facebook reviews give potential customers the confidence to trust your company and feel at ease purchasing from you.

Facebook reviews are more likely to be seen than ever because more people are spending more time on social media and because Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Facebook recommendations can also raise your website’s rating in search results. If you have a lot of positive reviews, this will also help you in the search engine results pages.

Consequences of Buying Facebook Reviews

Facebook won’t think twice about deleting reviews they think are fraudulent. In addition, submitting fake Facebook ratings risks your account being suspended or banned. Even completely banning some FB pages for breaking Facebook’s terms and regulations has happened. In some cases, buying Facebook reviews also lead to lawsuits, and it is definitely not worth the risk. Furthermore, word of mouth spreads so fast on online platforms, especially on Facebook, that will lead to losing potential customers and ruining your business, so you should try to generate authentic Facebook reviews instead of having the need to buy reviews for your Facebook page.

How to Respond to Facebook Reviews?

Use the Facebook account for your business and not your personal page. Learning how to respond to both good and negative comments is crucial. Customers care greatly about how your company responds to positive and negative ratings. The success of your brand greatly depends on how you react to praise and criticism. Using the correct language and considering customer feedback about your business can help your brand stand out.

Apps Selling Facebook Reviews

1. Media Mister

There is a website called Media Mister where businesses may buy Facebook reviews. The site provides five-star reviews, which can support the credibility of your brand. In addition, you can purchase customized feedback that focuses on a particular topic or item. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Woorke

Woorke is a business where you can purchase genuine Facebook reviews. According to them, the reviews they provide are written by real accounts. You must pay 2 cents for each Facebook like if you want Facebook likes, shares, or accounts. To meet your review demands, they provide a variety of review packages.

3. UseViral

You can purchase between 25 and 500 Facebook reviews with UseViral, which will be sent to your page in just a few days. The website claims that all reviews are genuine and are from verified accounts. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Negative Facebook Reviews Be Deleted?

Unfortunately, you cannot remove any Facebook user reviews from your page. On Facebook, individual ratings cannot be deleted by business owners. Although they can only flag reviews that include at least one remark, are spam, or break Facebook’s review guidelines, page owners can flag reviews to alert Facebook’s team to delete them.

According to the FTC or Federal Trade Commission, buying Facebook reviews for your business is strictly prohibited. This includes publishing fake positive feedback about your own business page or writing reviews for payment. Businesses that are found to have purchased Facebook reviews risk being banned or otherwise penalized.

How Long Can Facebook Remove a Review?

You can report reviews you receive if you suspect it violates Facebook’s terms of service. Facebook typically responds to requests within 24 to 72 hours.


Buying Facebook five-star reviews is prohibited and will almost certainly be deleted delete, or your business page may be banned or penalized when caught. It takes time to develop positive reviews, but it is better to be patient and provide your customers with high-quality products and services rather than trick them into buying your products or services that might not be as expected because of the fake 5-star reviews on your Facebook page. In conclusion, don’t buy Facebook reviews; every business should have credibility. Every company will eventually succeed with time and excellent customer service or products.

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