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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A broken link checker is a powerful tool for website owners, webmasters and content creators. It helps you identify any broken links on your website so that you can quickly fix them and ensure a better user experience. This can also help boost your search engine rankings, leading to more visitors coming to your site.

The best-broken link checkers are the ones that are easy to use, offer comprehensive reports and have features such as automatic notifications when new issues arise. They should also be able to detect all types of links, including images, videos and external websites. With these features in mind, here is our list of the best online broken link checker available today!

Broken links, also known as dead links, are hyperlinks that no longer lead to the intended destination. Several reasons, such as URL changes, web page deletions, and incorrect website coding, can cause these links. Broken links are not only inconvenient for users but can also have a negative impact on your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking.

When a broken link is clicked, it takes visitors to a 404 page not found error page. A 404 error page typically provides visitors with an apology for the technical difficulty and often suggests alternative pages within the site they could visit instead.

Broken link pages can be custom designed to fit the website’s branding or use default messages provided by web servers like Apache or Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS).

Broken link issues often occur without any visible warning signs and can go unnoticed for days or even weeks until someone attempts to click on them. This makes them particularly hard to detect and fix.

However, the tools available can help find broken external links on websites quickly and easily. These allow webmasters to scan their websites for broken links and repair them before their visitors encounter them.

Finding broken links can be a time-consuming and tedious process.

However, as part of a comprehensive website management strategy, it’s essential to locate, analyze and fix all of your website’s broken links.

Broken links can affect website usability, search engine rankings and reputation in visitors’ eyes, so you must take the necessary steps to fix them quickly.

Scan All Pages Manually

First, the most straightforward way to check for broken links is by manually scanning each page on your site. This is best done using a web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

When you open each page on your site, look for any blue underlined text or missing images which may indicate a broken link. If any are found, record their address and where they were located on the page for easy reference later.

Find Major Issues

Once you have identified potential broken links manually, you can use online tools such as DeadLinkChecker or W3C Link Checker to scan your entire website for any remaining issues.

These tools will compare all of the outgoing links from your pages with the target URLs specified in their HTML code and report any discrepancies in an easy-to-read format. They also provide detailed information about each broken link, including its location on the page and source URL, so you can take corrective action if applicable. 

Access Logs

In addition to these automated methods of finding broken links, there are more manual ways of locating them. For example, suppose you have access to server logs (especially if they contain error messages). In that case, this could provide valuable insight into any failed requests from users trying to access specific pages on your site – an indicator of potential broken links.

Remove the link: Once you have identified the source of the broken link, you will then need to decide how best to fix it. In some instances, removing the link entirely from your website may be possible so that users won’t get directed towards a non-existent page.

Alternatively, if the link was pointing towards an internal page on your site, you can update it with a new URL pointing towards its replacement page or post instead. If you don’t have a suitable replacement page, consider creating one so visitors can still find what they were searching for.

Get in touch with website owners: If you are dealing with external websites, contact them directly and ask them if they have any updated URLs that could replace the old ones on your website; most webmasters should be happy enough to provide this information, assuming they are still running their site too!

Dead Link Checker is one of the best broken link checkers available. It is a professional-grade web tool for finding and fixing broken links on a website.

With Dead Link Checker, users can quickly scan their websites for broken links and get notified when new ones are found. Not only does this help improve search engine rankings, but it also ensures visitors have a better experience when browsing your site.


Using Dead Link Checker is easy. All you have to do is enter the URL of your website, and it will automatically start scanning for any broken links.

It also provides a detailed report with information such as how many links are broken, where they are located, and what pages they affect. This allows you to quickly identify any potential problems and find solutions to fix them fast.


One of the great features of Dead Link Checker is its ability to detect redirects which can cause issues with search engine indexing and ranking. This means that if you’re experiencing sudden drops in rankings due to redirects, this tool can help you fix the problem by finding the redirected pages and replacing them with the proper canonical URLs.

In addition, it also has a feature that allows users to create custom reports to see which pages contain broken or redirected links at all times.

The W3C Link Checker is the gold standard for broken link checking. It is an open-source, free-to-use tool that can quickly detect and repair broken links on any website or web page. As a result, it is one of the most popular and widely used broken link checkers among webmasters and digital marketers alike.


Using the W3C Link Checker is straightforward. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website or web page that you want to check and then click “Check”. The program will scan the entire website or web page for broken links.

If any are found, they will be indicated in a list on the right side of the screen, along with their corresponding hyperlinks. Users can quickly identify which links are not functioning correctly by clicking on each hyperlink and making corrections accordingly.


In addition to its ease of use, other features make W3C Link Checker valuable for identifying faulty links. For example, it has built-in support for international domain names (IDNs) and Unicode characters; this allows users to test websites accurately without potential issues caused by language barriers.

Furthermore, it supports different types of content, such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS stylesheets and more; this further increases its accuracy when checking for defective links.

Broken Link Checker for WordPress is one of the most reliable and efficient link checkers available for WordPress users today. It provides an easy-to-use interface that quickly checks all links on a website or blog, ensuring that everything is intact and leading to dead ends. 


  • With Broken Link Checker, WordPress users can quickly identify and fix any broken links they may have inadvertently left behind, significantly improving the usability and accessibility of their websites.
  • In addition to its ability to quickly detect broken links, Broken Link Checker offers features such as automatic link notifications whenever a new link is added or removed from a website or blog. 
  • This ensures that users can stay on top of any changes in their websites’ linking structure without continually rechecking manually. 
  • Furthermore, the plugin also allows users to redirect dead links to functioning pages, improving their visitors’ experience and increasing the overall efficiency of their website or blog.


Flexibility is another area where Broken Link Checker shines, as it allows users to customize their settings according to individual preferences. For instance, users can choose whether they want the plugin to check all external links (such as those linking back to other websites) or internal ones (those within a website).


This tool is an invaluable asset for maintaining the health of your site and its usability for visitors. By detecting and fixing any broken links affecting your website’s performance or visitor experience, you can ensure that your website runs smoothly and efficiently.


  • The tool is easy to use and features a user-friendly interface, allowing users to quickly identify broken links on their websites.
  • It also provides detailed information about each link, such as the type of page the link points to, the status of the page, and even the source code so users can quickly identify where the issue lies.
  • In addition to being a powerfully broken link checker, Semrush also offers comprehensive SEO analysis capabilities, which allow you to track changes in ranking over time and identify areas of improvement for better visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). 


The tool provides users with data on keyword density, backlinks, anchor text optimization and much more so you can make informed decisions about SEO strategy for your website. 

Furthermore, Semrush offers actionable insights so users can easily see which methods are effective at improving rankings on SERPs.


Sitechecker is a powerful and easy-to-use broken link checker that helps website owners and developers maximize the quality of their websites.

It quickly scans links and URLs to detect any errors, broken links, or other page elements that may affect the performance, usability, and accessibility of a website. Sitechecker also provides actionable insights into how to fix any issues found during its scan.


  • Sitechecker’s interface is intuitive for novice and experienced users, allowing them to identify issues with their website’s performance quickly.
  • Its advanced technology can detect all types of broken links, including internal link problems, external link issues, missed redirects, 404 errors, etc. After the initial scan, users can view detailed information about each discovered problem.
  • This includes an explanation of what caused the issue in the first place and potential solutions for fixing it.


One of Sitechecker’s most valuable features is its ability to provide recommendations for improving a website’s performance.

For example, suppose it discovers any duplicate content or 404 pages that could be improved with redirects or revised content structure. In that case, it will provide suggestions on how to do so.

Check My Links – Google Chrome Extension is an efficiently broken link checker that helps webmasters and site owners optimize their websites. It is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to quickly find broken links on a web page and replace them with working versions.


The extension scans a web page and extracts all the links it finds. It then checks each link against its database of over 4 billion URLs and notifies users if any links are invalid or broken.

The extension also makes it easy for users to identify the broken link’s source and where it was initially linked so that they can fix the issue quickly and efficiently.


Check My Links – Google Chrome Extension has several valuable features that make it very effective in finding and repairing broken links.

For instance, it can be configured to automatically scan pages when loaded to detect any potential issues with links. It can also be set up to scan for dead external linkages, allowing users to quickly detect when their content has been removed or moved by external parties without notice.

Integrity is a powerful and comprehensive broken link checker that helps ensure your website has the quality and reliable links.

With this tool, webmasters can quickly identify broken links on their pages before they cause any user experience issues. This powerful link checker offers a range of features and benefits that make it one of the best in its class.


  • One of the main benefits of Integrity Broken Link Checker is its speed. It’s swift and efficient, scanning thousands of pages in just a few minutes.
  • Its accuracy is also top-notch, as it can detect even small errors or typos in URLs that other tools may otherwise overlook.
  • Plus, it employs sophisticated algorithms to ensure all internal links point where they should, giving you greater control over your website’s navigation structure.


  • Integrity Broken Link Checker also offers a wide range of reporting options so users can better understand the health of their link profile.
  • From detailed reports on suspect links to summaries outlining high-traffic areas with errors, users have the information they need to quickly address any issues and improve the overall performance of their website.
  • Furthermore, this tool comes with several crawling options, so users can customize how deep into their site they want Integrity to check for broken links.

SE Ranking Website Audit

The SE Ranking Website Audit helps you keep track of all internal and external links, ensuring your website is always in top condition. It also provides detailed reports on all pages visited and their status codes, helping you quickly identify any issues or problems. The Website Audit will monitor all incoming traffic from search engines and other sources to see how well your website performs compared to competitors.


  • The Website Audit also includes valuable SEO insights for each page on your site.
  • This contains detailed keyphrase analysis, which allows you to compare keyword ranking positions with competitors and tailor-made recommendations based on the latest trends in search engine optimization.
  • Plus, the audit provides detailed backlink analysis that helps you determine what sites are using internal and external linking to yours, giving you an understanding of how strong your link profile is and where there may be room to improve.


Utilizing SE Ranking’s AI-driven technology, Website Audit can detect malicious code or content that could lead to malicious attacks or put user data at risk.

These features help ensure that your website remains safe and secure while improving its overall performance in search engine rankings.

Broken Link Check is an effective tool for website owners, marketers, and bloggers needing a broken link checker. It helps users quickly scan their websites, blogs, or other digital content for broken links. 


  • Broken links can frustrate customers and impede the progress of marketing campaigns, so it’s essential to keep your site free from these annoying dead ends.
  • Broken Link Check offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users to identify and fix broken links with just a few clicks.
  • After entering your website’s URL into the search bar, the program will generate a detailed list of all the broken links on your website. 
  • This list outlines which pages are affected and provides an option to fix them immediately. 


The best part? Broken Link Check utilizes advanced algorithms to detect even the most negligible errors in coding that can lead to broken links.

This means users don’t have to sift through their sites to find potential problems manually—the software automatically takes care of everything!

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is designed to be lightweight and fast yet capable of thoroughly checking an entire website in minutes. The scan results can easily be exported to HTML or CSV formats for further analysis, making it an excellent choice for webmasters looking for detailed reports on their site’s links.


  • Xenu’s Link Sleuth performs several link checks, including internal and external links. For example, it will check if a page contains any outgoing links that lead to dead ends or 404 pages.
  • It will also detect if any missing images or redirects occur due to incorrect URLs or slow response times. 
  • Additionally, Xenu’s Link Sleuth has features that allow users to customize the scanning process by setting rules for which types of files should be ignored (such as JavaScript files) or which errors should not be treated as fatal errors (such as 400s). 
  • This lets users control precisely how the broken link checker functions and ensures maximum accuracy.


  • The interface provided by Xenu’s Link Sleuth is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • The results of scans can be quickly compared side-by-side with the sources so changes can easily be identified and rectified where necessary. 
  • Many options are available to customize the scanning process, such as setting timeouts and excluding certain file types from scans, giving experienced webmasters complete control over how their sites are checked for broken links.

Google Search Console

With Google Search Console, users can easily track the status of individual web pages on their website and detect broken links quickly. Additionally, the tool provides detailed reports on various aspects of website performance, such as indexing errors, crawl errors, sitemap errors, redirects and more.


  • One of the main advantages of Google Search Console is that it offers users comprehensive insights into their website’s health and helps them identify any potential issues related to broken links. 
  • For instance, this tool allows users to view a complete list of URLs with outdated or inaccessible content. This will enable them to quickly find and fix any broken links on the site. 
  • Furthermore, the tool provides valuable data about each page such as total in links, outlinks, anchor text and so on—which can be used to gain further insight into how their pages are performing in terms of link-building efforts.


Besides helping identify broken links, Google Search Console also helps identify other potential issues affecting a website’s ranking performance, such as duplicate content or slow loading times for specific pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dead Link Checker is incredibly simple to use, taking only a few minutes to set up. All you need to do is enter your website URL and choose whether you want it to check internal, external, or both types of links. Then click “Start Scan,” and the tool will automatically search for broken links. 

One of the best ways to check for broken links on a web page is to use an automated link checker. These broken link checker tools are designed to crawl through your website and detect any broken or dead links that may be present. 

It is essential to check if a link is safe before clicking on it or visiting the website it leads to. One way to do this is by using a URL scanning service or online tool. These services check the destination website and analyze the content for malicious code that could be used to harm your computer.

Broken links can significantly impact SEO, negatively affecting a website’s crawl ability and indexation. Search engine crawling is the process of automated software programs known as “spiders” visiting or “crawling” web pages to assess their content. They need to be able to access and follow all the pages on the website. When it encounters a broken link, it cannot complete its crawling task, which can lead to duplicate content issues or incorrect page rankings.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of great options available today so be sure to pick one that fits best with your needs and budget. Investing in a good broken link checker could make all the difference when it comes to keeping up an efficient website!

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