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A Spam Score is an indicator that indicates what percentage of your website and content is at risk of being penalized by Google. It is apparent when you look at your link profile that having a lot of spammy or meaningless backlinks can damage your ranking. Furthermore, the Spam Score offers a framework by which you can determine the spam score and quality of a single page. Now you may be wondering how to check a website’s spam score.

Therefore, we have developed the best spam score checker tool to find out how spammy a particular website is. The domain spam score checker tool provides a way to determine the spam score of multiple sites together.

Up to 50, website spam scores can be checked simultaneously. To check the scores of multiple websites, paste the URLs of the sites you want to check. Each URL you paste will be shown the spam score of the website using this website spam score checker tool.

You can also use this SEO spam score checker to check the Domain Authority and Page Authority of a website by clicking the DA PA Checker icon on the right top of this page. The input box will display the number of websites that have been entered.

Specifically, the spam checker is programmed to filter out URLs and domains that are identical in order to prevent spam from repeating itself. Using Google’s disavow tool, you can immediately remove spammy links once you receive the spam score.

Using our Bulk spam score checker?

Following the steps below will allow you to determine the spam score of any website.

  • Copy the URL and paste it into the given input box.
  • For multiple links, place each one on a separate line
  • If a URL or domain appears more than once, you can exclude it.
  • For results, simply click on “Check Spam.
  • Excel files with the results are available for download.

Features of Our Spam Score Checker Tool Online

These are a few of the features listed below to help you decide why our tool is right for you.

Save Time

Probably the most important feature that makes our tool stand out from the rest is the time it saves you. Apart from Spam score and domain authority, you can also check page authority for free. The results will appear instantly.

Accurate Result

Based on Moz spam score checker, our tool gives you helpful results that are not only fast, but also realistic.

Free of cost

Premium tools are expensive and can damage the economy of your website. Even though they give excellent results, what if you could find similar services for free? This is possible if you use our tool, which is fully based on Moz spam score checker.

There is no doubt that this is the best free spam score checker on the internet. Our DA PA Checker also lets you check Moz metrics like DA, PA, and Rank of a website.

Multiple websites at a time

This spam score checker offers you the ability to analyze all the above factors at the same time for multiple websites. The number of URLs you can check at a time is up to 50 when adding each URL on a new line.

Excel report

Once you have generated the results, you have the option to download them in an Excel file. Just click on the option of “Download Excel Report” and your results can automatically start downloading in an excel file.

Note: Please do not export the file and simply paste it into Google! It is possible to seriously damage your site’s rankings and there may be no way to recover. Make sure you carefully read through the links therein, so you know what’s in there. If you feel that certain links are spam, you can easily edit or remove them from the file.

No need to sign up

For signup purposes, you do not need to provide an email address or other information. The tool is free, and no registration is necessary. Just click on the icon and within a second you will see the interface.

Is our spam score checker useful to everyone?

There are many purposes to use a spam score checker, and here are some common users.

Websites Owner

These spam checkers allow website owners to identify their domain’s spam score. In this way, he can save himself from huge losses.


Before taking a link from a website, bloggers need to check the spam score. In addition, they can use this tool to judge their backlinks’ quality.

SEO Specialists

Having an eye on a website’s quality is an important aspect of being an SEO executive. By checking the spam score of your domain, you can find out if your domain has a spam problem and if your backlinks are of high quality.


In order to ensure the quality of the website and its content, content writers often check the spam score of the website. In this way, they can post articles to high-authority websites.

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