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SEO Spyglass Review: The Ultimate SEO and Backlinks Tool

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Search engine optimization (SEO) is integral to any online marketing strategy. It’s optimizing your website’s content and structure to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). By ranking higher, your website attracts more traffic, which can ultimately lead to more conversions and revenue. However, with millions of websites vying for attention on the internet, it can be challenging to stand out. This is where this SEO Spyglass review comes in.

What is SEO Spyglass?

A powerful tool designed to help you optimize your website’s performance and gain a competitive edge in search engine rankings.

This review will look closely at SEO Spyglass and explore its features, benefits, and pricing plans. So whether you’re a small business owner or a digital marketer, read on to discover how SEO Spyglass can help you achieve your SEO goals.

Features of SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass offers a wide range of features designed to help you improve your website’s search engine rankings. It also integrates well with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Here are some of its key features:

Using this feature, you can analyze your website’s backlink profile in detail. You can view the number of backlinks, linking domains, their sources, and the anchor text used.

This SEO software provides quality metrics for your backlinks, such as Domain Authority and Page Authority, which can help you identify which backlinks are helping or harming your website’s SEO.

Using its powerful website auditor capabilities, Spyglass also lets you analyze your competitor’s backlink profiles, giving you insights into their SEO strategy and identifying potential opportunities to improve your website’s backlink profile.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Research Tool

You get some powerful keyword research tools that help you identify relevant keywords for your website. You can view keyword search volume, competition, and other metrics to help you find keywords to target.

Keyword Difficulty Checker

SEO Spyglass also provides a keyword difficulty checker, which analyzes the difficulty of ranking for a particular keyword. This information can help you prioritize your keyword targeting and focus on keywords that are more likely to bring in traffic. It can also double as a rank tracker tool.

Spyglass includes a link-building strategy builder that helps you create a customized link-building plan for your website. You can specify criteria such as link type, link quality, and anchor text, and SEO Spyglass will generate a list of potential link-building opportunities.

SEO Spyglass also includes a link quality checker, which helps you evaluate the quality of potential backlink sources. This feature can help you avoid low-quality links that could harm your website’s SEO.


Using SEO Spyglass can provide numerous benefits for your website’s SEO efforts.

Here are some of the key benefits of using SEO Spyglass:

SEO Spyglass provides a detailed analysis of your website’s backlink profile, including information on the number and quality of backlinks, their sources, and anchor text used. This information can help you identify areas for improvement and develop a targeted backlink-building strategy.

Accurate Keyword Research

SEO Spyglass’s keyword research tools can help you identify relevant and high-volume keywords for your website. The tool provides accurate data on keyword search volume, competition, rank tracking, and difficulty, which can help you make informed decisions about which keywords to target.

SEO Spyglass’s link-building strategy builder allows you to create a customized link-building plan for your website. Call them SEO tasks for SEO specialists, if you will.

You can specify criteria such as link type, link quality, broken links, and anchor text, and SEO Spyglass will generate a list of potential link-building opportunities. This feature can help you develop a targeted and effectual link-building strategy.

Competitor Analysis

SEO Spyglass allows you to analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles and target keyword rankings, giving you valuable insights into their SEO strategy. This information can help you identify potential opportunities and develop a more effective SEO strategy for your own website. It is among the best SEO tools for search engines.

How to Use SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass is a powerful tool for improving your website’s SEO performance and site structure.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use SEO Spyglass effectively:

Getting Started with SEO Spyglass

  1. Download and install SEO Spyglass on your computer.
  2. Enter your website’s URL into the tool and click “Finish.”
  3. Allow SEO Spyglass to scan your website’s backlink profile and keyword rankings.
  1. In the “Backlink Profile” tab, view detailed reports on your website’s backlinks.
  2. Sort the backlinks by different criteria, such as domain authority, page authority, and anchor text.
  3. Analyze your backlinks’ quality metrics and identify any low-quality or harmful links.
  4. Use the tool’s competitor analysis feature to identify potential link-building opportunities.

Conducting Keyword Research

  1. In the “Keyword Research” tab, enter relevant keywords for your website.
  2. View data on keyword search volume, competition, and difficulty.
  3. Identify relevant and high-volume keywords to target in your SEO strategy.
  1. In the “Link Building” tab, use the tool’s link-building strategy builder to specify criteria such as link type, link quality, and anchor text.
  2. SEO Spyglass will generate a list of potential link-building opportunities based on your criteria.
  3. Evaluate potential link sources using the tool’s link quality checker and prioritize your link-building strategy.

Using SEO Spyglass requires some time and effort, but it’s an effective way to improve your website’s SEO performance. By analyzing your backlinks, conducting keyword research, and developing a targeted link-building strategy, you can optimize your website’s search engine rankings and attract more traffic to your site.

Pricing Plans

SEO Spyglass offers three pricing plans to cater to the varying needs of its users. Here’s a breakdown of the different plans:

  1. Free – SEO Spyglass offers a free version that allows users to check the history of their backlinks, find up to 1,100 of them, and check an unlimited number of websites. This version also includes basic features such as competitor analysis and backlink quality checks.
  2. Professional ($99/year) – The Professional edition of SEO Spyglass includes all the features of the free version and also enables users to find as many backlink opportunities as they need and check an unlimited number of domains. Additionally, it allows for exporting options for reports.
  3. Enterprise ($199/year) – The Enterprise edition of SEO Spyglass includes all the features of the Professional version and some additional ones like saving and emailing reports. Additionally, users can avail of all the help they need from the tool’s support team.

Spyglass offers an affordable and flexible pricing plan that allows users to choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget. The free version is an excellent starting point for small website owners, while the Professional and Enterprise versions are ideal for those looking for more advanced features and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Spyglass uses multiple sources to find backlinks, including its internal database, search engine indexes, and third-party tools. It then compiles this data into comprehensive backlink reports for analysis.

Can SEO Spyglass handle large amounts of data?

SEO Spyglass is designed to handle large amounts of data, including analyzing thousands of backlinks and domains at once. However, the amount of data that can be analyzed depends on the user’s computer hardware and internet speed.

Is SEO Spyglass compatible with all operating systems?

SEO Spyglass is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is available as a downloadable software program, making it easy to install and use on any operating system.

How accurate is SEO Spyglass’ keyword research tool?

SEO Spyglass uses multiple sources, including Google AdWords Keyword Planner, to provide accurate keyword research data. However, the data’s accuracy depends on the sources’ quality and the search terms used.

SEO Spyglass offers a customizable link-building strategy builder to help users identify potential link-building opportunities and develop a targeted outreach strategy. Additionally, the tool’s competitor analysis features can help users identify and replicate their competitors’ successful link-building tactics.


SEO Spyglass is a powerful tool that can help improve your website’s SEO performance in various ways. Its comprehensive backlink analysis, proper keyword research, customizable link-building strategy, and competitor analysis features offer a range of benefits to users.

It is an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve their website’s SEO performance. Its features, flexible pricing plans, and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for website owners and SEO professionals. By using SEO Spyglass, you can gain valuable insights into your website’s backlink profile and keyword rankings, identify potential link-building opportunities, and develop a targeted SEO strategy. Try out the free plan today, and upgrade it to the top-tier plans as per your need once you feel that it is suitable for your purposes.

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