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Remove a Tripadvisor Review: Negative or Fake Reviews

remove tripadvisor review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Negative reviews can happen, frequently providing a chance to win back a customer and demonstrate to potential customers that your company is genuine. If you are an owner that wants to remove a negative review on Tripadvisor or a traveler looking for a great place to stay and wants to look for legitimate reviews that can help you decide on which place to stay, then continue reading and learn everything you have to know about Tripadvisor reviews.

What is Tripadvisor?

The online travel website TripAdvisor offers reviews, images, and forums on many resorts and hotels across the globe. Users provide feedback on the accommodations they’ve been at for other users, allowing you to get the full picture before making a reservation. TripAdvisor maintains sister sites in several countries and is a free travel resource and information website. TripAdvisor has some cool features, the required hotel, and other attraction reviews. Travel marketers may display their properties by featuring users’ holiday movies on TripAdvisor at no cost, and users can publish their videos fast and easily.

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Things to Consider in Removing a Negative Review From Tripadvisor

  •  If a negative review of your business is submitted by a rival business or someone else acting with malice, that review may be removed.
  •  Tripadvisor has a minimum character limit for reviews to ensure they’re informative. On the other side, Tripadvisor may request a more condensed review if the review contains information unrelated to the evaluated place. According to Tripadvisor, a review that becomes a “rant” and expresses political, religious, or ethical opinions will be deleted.
  •  In some scenarios, Tripadvisor won’t let a review be posted and will consider it an ineligible experience. These include reviews only concerned with contacting a company, seeing a property from the “outside,” discussing a property’s rules, and more that are covered in detail here.
  •  If a negative review is submitted by someone who has not personally used the listing, that review should be removed.
    Similarly, Tripadvisor does not want reviews that include details from a third party, descriptions from the press, or remarks from other visitors.
  • If a bad review of your company is posted more than a year after the reviewer’s experience, it may be removed. Tripadvisor won’t accept reviews that compare the same experience to other listings. The Tripadvisor rules are broken if the review is plagiarized from another listing. 

How to Recognize Fraudulent Reviews on Tripadvisor

  • Review boosting – come from people who have connections to the business. This could be a staff member, the business’s owner, or even a staff member’s relative. Review boosting also happens when a company gives customers illegal incentives reviews in exchange for good feedback.
  • Review vandalism – unfavorable comments made with the goal of damaging a company’s reputation or devaluing its position in search engine results. These can originate from a competitor or someone extorting money from the company by threatening to write a bad review.
  • Review optimization – occurs when a brand unintentionally or knowingly obtains assistance from a person or business to boost its Tripadvisor score by saturating the listing with favorable reviews.

How to Report Fake Reviews From Tripadvisor

  1. Through your TripAdvisor Management Center page, you can quickly report any of these reviews that you find on your page to Tripadvisor. 
  2. In the top menu, pick “Reviews” and “Report a Review.”
  3. Select “Report fraud.”
  4. With the “What do you want to do?” menu, select the issue category you wish to address. You can select Blackmail Threat, Review Vandalism, Review Optimization, or Review Boosting.
  5. Answer the following two Tripadvisor questions. They ask whether the review has already been published and whether this is your first report of the incident.
  6. Include further details about the reviewer in the questions, such as their name, email address, and the month and year of their visit.
  7. In the text area, describe the event’s specifics.

There is no assurance that a review will be deleted if Tripadvisor management learns that the feedback is accurate; however, it will take several days for Tripadvisor support to investigate and resolve your complaint. They advise you to reply to the review so that other customers know your perspective and that you are trying to resolve the issue.

How to Get Started With Tripadvisor

1. Plan Your Trip With Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor is not a website for making reservations. Instead, it started out as a website with travel-related information. As it expanded, TripAdvisor formed alliances with other online travel agencies to include rates and availability in the data it provided to users. With their partners, you can check prices, find the best bargain, and any other deals currently offered for the same price or more. 

2. Check Out Tourist Recommendations

You can learn everything before choosing where to book your next holiday. Find the ideal hotel by browsing reviews and choosing accommodations that fit your travel style.

3. Contribute to the Community by Posting a Review

Re-register on TripAdvisor after a hotel stay to add your own review. You may advise other tourists on avoiding undesirable lodging options or the finest spots to stay at a resort. Any advice you give will benefit future travelers, just like it did for you before your journey.

4. Discuss Your Experiences With Other Travelers in Real Time

You can message other TripAdvisor travelers using the texting tool that TripAdvisor provides for its users. Feel free to click on their profile and write them if you’ve read a compelling internet review or need further information from a traveler who has been to your location. Try to learn as much as you can, and don’t hesitate to seek advice from those who were there before you or to ask questions of them.

5. Save Your Favorite Destinations

You can save places while you browse TripAdvisor so that you can return and see them again. This is a fantastic tool because it helps recognize locations you are interested in while making travel arrangements. It can help as a reminder of the locations you’ve visited.

How to Edit Tripadvisor Review

A Tripadvisor review that has already been published must be kept the same. In addition, pending reviews on Tripadvisor cannot be edited. You can cancel the review that you previously wrote and submit a new one if you are a user of Tripadvisor. If you’re a business included on Tripadvisor, you can solve a problem with a guest and request an updated evaluation. They won’t be able to change the current review, but you can ask them to take down the old Tripadvisor review and submit a new one instead.

  • Answering Relevant Complaints

Expressing gratitude to the consumer for submitting a review is the best way to start things right. From this, one strategy you can do is to address particular grievances raised in the review, giving the client the impression that you have taken care of their issue or issues. If their experience didn’t meet your company’s expectations, you could look into why and ask how to improve it next time. You should also explain how you plan to resolve the problem, or at the very least, that you are working on it.

  • Understand The Situation

This reliable piece of advice is helpful when replying to Tripadvisor reviews because if there is one thing a consumer wants to know from a company, it is that they have understood the problem. Knowing the problem implies that the business has read the review carefully and given it some thought before responding. Before you react, explain the situation properly before moving ahead.

  • Be Timely

It’s best if you reply to reviews as soon as possible. Customers will understand that you are serious about offering the greatest customer service if they can tell you have prioritized responding to user reviews.

  • Prove Your Professionalism

You must keep your composure even if the client has an awful experience or leaves only negative feedback. Customers are less likely to remain irate or frustrated with you if you demonstrate that you can reply professionally and that you will consider their concerns to enhance your service.

  • Be Thankful

Whether the customer’s evaluation was positive or negative, remember to thank them. They will appreciate it. Praise for the consumer is a terrific approach to entice more reviews, but it shouldn’t be overdone. Building trust and customer satisfaction among your customer base only requires a brief comment, such as how much you value their input or how neatly they keep the space.

  • Focus on the Positive

If you get a lot of favorable feedback, you should emphasize this as much as possible. New customers will have a better initial impression of your company.

  • Provide Resolution

Although it’s appropriate to thank and apologize to customers, they are less likely to feel truly satisfied until you resolve their problem. Talk about the exact issues they want to discuss and try your best to solve them.

  • Remain Calm and Address Even the Good Evaluations

The worst thing you can do to damage the reputation of your business is lose control and react angrily or sarcastically to a bad review. You should respond to some positive reviews, even though most of your comments will likely be negative. You can thank the user for their kind words about your business and then take it further by identifying and responding to constructive comments. By doing this, any potential customers who read your reviews will be able to tell that you operate to the highest standards and value all customer input, regardless of its importance.

  • Find Negative Reviews Easily

The speed of your reaction is just as crucial as its quality. It could harm your reputation far more than if you responded immediately with a negative review left unanswered for a day or two, and even the smallest mistake might lead a customer to criticize your business online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Business Delete a Review on Tripadvisor?

Businesses included on Tripadvisor are not permitted to remove reviews from their page. Alternatively, you have two choices: With the client, find a solution to the problem, update your review, resubmit or mark the review as fake.

Why Do Tripadvisor Reviews Disappear?

Reviews are frequently deleted from the website because the user did not reply to an email for verification. The owner can’t take down a review. If the owner disagrees with the review’s content, they can dispute it, but it is not removed unless the review violates the posting restrictions.

Do the Reviews on Tripadvisor Published Right Away?

Reviews are typically submitted within 24 to 48 hours. It may take several weeks to process a review marked by another user for an additional look, especially during the busiest times. The Tripadvisor team tries its best to manage publishing pace and quality as a free service to travelers.


Removing a TripAdvisor review might take some time. Your company will undoubtedly succeed in the form of more positive reviews with the proper approach and persistence. Aiming for positive evaluations is one of the best methods to counter bad ones. Therefore, you must invest in a reliable reputation management program to greatly reduce your worries. Just focus on your business, listen to the customer reviews, and enhance the things that need improvement to be in the right zone.

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