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Unlocking the Potential of NPS: How to Use Net Promoter Score to Drive Reviews

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) have completely changed how companies gauge customer loyalty and happiness. In today’s cutthroat market, businesses need to do more than just offer exceptional products or services; they also need to work to create great client experiences that encourage repeat business and brand loyalty. NPS ratings are an effective technique that enables companies to collect customer input and use it to enhance their overall performance.

What Is NPS?

Net Promoter Score is a basic metric used by businesses to gauge, assess, and enhance client loyalty. It differs from other metrics like customer effort score or customer satisfaction score in that it gauges a customer’s overall opinion of a brand rather than just how they felt during a specific encounter or transaction.

What Is a Good One?

A high NPS shows that your business or product has more devoted patrons than disgruntled patrons. It will discuss the customer satisfaction rating ranges that generally are seen as good, neutral, and low, along with how to assess if your company is performing well relative to other companies in your sector.

The NPS score is useless on its own. Nevertheless, a rating gives several methods to gauge your company’s success and assess how it stacks up against the competition. One of the best customer experience measures (that strategists may use to gauge client loyalty and happiness) is the NPS score.

Why Is Considered Useful?

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The NPS survey helps determine a customer’s level of brand loyalty. When NPS review is used for a rate answer the following question; How likely are you, on a scale of 0 to 10, to suggest our product to a friend or colleague? Three categories may be drawn from the answers to this query:


Are often devoted and passionate clients. They are more to become ‘brand ambassadors’ by publishing favorable online reviews, participating in social media, and suggesting a product or service to their friends. The punctuation is 9 to 10.


They are likewise contented clients, but their absence of passion makes them open to competition’s goods. The score goes from 7 to 8.


They are dissatisfied consumers who are extremely unlikely to return and may even dissuade others from doing so. Their brand loyalty is so poor that they quit the partnership shortly. The score is 0 to 6.

Scores are computed by dividing the proportion of Detractors by the number of Promoters. Passives are factored towards the final score since they are counted as part of the overall number of responders.

What Are Absolute and Relative NPS?

Absolute and relative are the score levels required to be considered “good” in your business.

Absolute NPS compares your score to scores from other industries to determine if it is “good.” On the other hand, Relative considers your rating as a benchmark against other businesses in your sector. You may compare your performance to that of your rivals and interpret this as proof of effective customer satisfaction.

Unexpectedly difficult to maintain +100 in the absolute position. +100 indicates that every client of your business is entirely happy. Even the companies and sectors that are perceived to be well-liked by their devoted clients do not get 100.

To go closer to +100, one needs to move toward converting more detractors into promoters, which entails improving experiences to provide customers with value and consideration. To ensure that your growth does not stagnate to “keep up with the Joneses,” you should first consider how you compare to yourself regularly while in a relative NPS situation.

If you wonder how to calculate your NPS, start by dividing the percentage of those who responded you consider promoters by the number of responders you identify as critics to arrive at your NPS score. Afterward, multiply that figure by 100. Your NPS is the resultant number.

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How Can You Use NPS Review to Improve Your Online Reputation?

How to distinguish between consumers who are happy and content with their experience (and hence inclined to publish a favorable review versus those who are not so thrilled) should be taken into account while creating your online business reputation via customer reviews. 

Implementing the Net Promoter Score technique here is a good idea. It is a fantastic approach to utilize your NPS promoters, get them to recommend others, and request evaluations of your company. 

Use a Customized Strategy

By investing the time to customize each follow-up communication you send out, you can concentrate on developing connections with your consumers. 

Consider the result, the justification, and suggestions for updates or new functions. As a consequence, your clients will believe that you value their feedback.

Facilitate the Sharing of Reviews

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To boost your chances of receiving reviews, make it as easy as possible for clients to do so. 

To make the process as quick as possible, you may email recipients a link to the review website, your Google business biography, or your Facebook page.

To save the customer time and prevent them from spending too much time brainstorming what to write, you may also supply a few brief paragraphs on what you believe to be the main aspects of your cooperation if you provide a service.

Interact With Detractors

If your NPS rating survey turns up a few critics, you should take advantage of this to get in touch with them individually and learn more about their experiences. Customers frequently voice complaints about issues they have previously resolved or express interest in goods or services you intend to offer. 

In any case, you must devote the time to address each customer’s demands and find a solution to their particular issues. The best approach to winning back your critics and stopping bad reviews from happening is to do this.


Make sure you propose a real solution based on the circumstances of the issue.

If clients complain about your goods or services, think about providing a replacement, a refund, or a discount for a subsequent purchase. To help people get the most out of your product or service, you can also offer further instruction in the form of tutorials or explainer videos.

Consider investing in Custom Explainer Video Production to effectively communicate the benefits and features of your offerings, enhancing customer understanding and satisfaction.

Be Grateful

Regardless of whether a consumer is a promoter, a passive, or a detractor, you should send each one who replies to your NPS feedback survey a unique thank you note. After all, they sacrificed time to respond to your query.

Also, a customized answer shows your gratitude and regard for the clients with whom you do business. It is a small action that impacts improving customer relations.

Finish the Feedback Loop

The feedback loop is closed by acting on customer input and informing the consumer of the outcomes. This procedure shows that you appreciate their opinions and are devoted to enhancing their experience.

The Benefits of Using NPS

Frequently employed by service providers to evaluate how well they have done in agreement with the client experience. Companies in the healthcare, transportation, financial services, and technology sectors may fall under this category.

Quick and Simple Review

NPS can help you gather feedback effectively since it concentrates on a single central question that your clients can quickly respond to by choosing an option from a scale.

Analyzes Client Loyalty

When using NPS, you can observe who comes back to purchase again and whose customer feedback gives your brand a high rating.

Enables Benchmarking

Brands may use NPS to gauge their position among their rivals and within their sector. For instance, if your net promoter score is 65 and the industry average is 75, it might be time to make some adjustments.

Why you should use NPS to drive reviews

Fix Problems

Feedback from NPS surveys is a fantastic resource for learning where your company needs to improve. Your customers may be able to identify your weaknesses and offer priceless insights about how easy it is for Promoters, Passives, and Detractors to utilize your product. 

Prioritize the comments based on their potential influence on customer loyalty and satisfaction before they become unfavorable reviews.

Boost Your Product Roadmap

Planning new features and offering suggestions for improvements will be made easier with the insights aid gleaned from consumer feedback. You may categorize the comment according to client demographics, how the product is used, or other pertinent characteristics to find patterns and trends and get the most out of it. 

Continually adjust your product roadmap in light of new NPS data. Using this iterative strategy, you can maintain a great product-market fit and remain responsive to client requirements.

Obtain Social Proof

Nearly half of consumers who read internet reviews before purchasing a product say they trust them as much as personal advice.

To ensure that you build favorable sentiment around your business or product and boost your bottom line, work to increase the amount of social proof you have on the internet through reviews.

Expand Your Company

It would be possible to affect how potential consumers see your business and persuade them to try your items by urging your customers to post comments on social networking or review websites and showcasing the best feedback from customers on the website and in promotional materials.

Create a Culture Customer-Focused

Customer loyalty and greater customer lifetime values arise from prioritizing the demands and preferences of your target market in all business activities, including product development, marketing, and customer service. 

If you consider customer-focused a constant endeavor, you will have an advantage over your rivals, who could fall behind in consumer perceptions and expectations.

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What Is the NPS Scale?

It gauges the level of fidelity between your business and its clients. You are undoubtedly well aware that NPS may range from -100 to +100.

Promoters are clients or staff who give your business a high NPS score because they are more inclined to post good reviews or suggest you to acquaintances. Detractors are users who give you a low NPS since they are more likely to discontinue their participation and dissuade potential newcomers from participating in your business.

Why Is NPS Important?

Because it offers information on the likelihood of repeat business, allowing you to anticipate your company’s potential growth, income, and brand health. NPS may also be a good indicator of worker satisfaction. When workers are content and satisfied, they often perform better, which makes consumers happier.

How to Get Clients to Write Reviews

Customers are more inclined to leave negative reviews than positive ones. However, a little prodding occasionally might encourage your contented consumers to spread the word. You can implement some of the strategies to get more clients.

  • Longer trial subscription periods
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Credit cards
  • Loyalty initiatives
  • Access to unique items or features
  • Access to prestigious events
  • Referral bonuses
  • Gifts made to a charity


NPS reviews offer a valuable and insightful way for businesses to understand their customers’ needs and preferences.  Organizations are realizing that their applications go beyond self-benchmarking over time. It may influence cultural change, enhance user experiences, and create gratifying, long-lasting client connections.

These will eventually have a financial impact on the firm and have an impact on how well it connects with consumers through its customer experience.

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