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Online Business Promotion: How to Tag a Business on Your Facebook Page

how to tag business on facebook

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

As you probably know by now, online business promotion is essential to businesses’ success nowadays. But, as this happens, it becomes harder to gain visibility among the millions of companies attempting to promote their content. With almost three billion users, Facebook continues to gain popularity in social media marketing, but its algorithm has become a pay-to-play system. The paid ads increase implies that organic posts might face bigger challenges than before. 

However, Business page owners have a tool that can help them promote their pages without spending money on this task: tagging businesses on Facebook. Look below to learn how to get the most out of Facebook tagging.

What Are Facebook Tags?

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As a simple concept, tags are links created after directly mentioning or adding someone to a post or photo on social media platforms. 

Most platforms allow tagging nowadays, and Facebook Business pages are not the exception. Using tags on Facebook can be quite beneficial for your Facebook page’s online presence and organic reach. Tags act as a form of publicity since they create direct links for your page, which allows you to increase traffic to your Facebook page. 

You can tag a page from a Business page or an individual account. And once you or your customers do the tagging process, the page will appear to other users in their network. 

Tagging a page is a simple and quick process, although Facebook offers several options to do it.

How to Start Tagging a Business Page

The process of tagging a Facebook Business page or a person is alike. Here’s a glimpse into all the ways of tagging business pages. 

Facebook Posts

You can tag business pages on Facebook posts just by typing @ and following it with the business’ name. Once you do this, the next step is just clicking on the Business page name, and with that, Facebook will create a direct link to your page with its tagging feature immediately after you publish the post. 


Another great option to tag your Business page is doing it on photos published by customers or yourself. 

To do this, find the pictures you want to tag and look for the tag icon on the top right corner of the photos. There, type the name of the page. Note that you will not need to add @ at the start of the business page name since Facebook will automatically provide a drop-down menu. Select the correct page; by clicking “Done Tagging.” the process will be complete. 

Status Updates

The status updates process is similar to the posts process. Type the @ symbol, followed by the business you want to tag, and your tag will be ready to go.

Where to Tag Business Pages on Facebook?

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After learning how to tag your business page, what about where to place these tags? While it might sound obvious to add tags from your account or directly tag photos customers publish on your page, check out other options Facebook has for you: 

Tagging Your Page on Facebook Groups

Regarding tagging, Facebook offers the possibility of promoting your business on Facebook groups. You might find photos related to your business in local groups, and those provide the perfect opportunity to increase your reach by tagging your page and creating a direct link. 

Replying to Comments

You can reply to comments mentioning your business and take that opportunity to tag the page. Of course, you must be wise when using this option since potential customers could see it as spam.

Products on Facebook Photos

If you have an e-business, consider tagging the products you offer. This helps your customers find what they are looking for faster, which results in an easily navigable page. Note that using this option requires you must have a Facebook Advertising account or shop linked to your Business page. Make sure the Ad account has its product catalog available. To get the benefits of this tool, follow these steps: 

  1. Start from your Facebook shop or your Ad account. 
  2. Similar to the photo tagging options above, choose the picture you want to label and click on “Tag Photo.” 
  3. Choose the product you wish to tag from the menu provided by Facebook. 
  4. Once you click “Done Tagging.” customers will be directed to your online shop. 

Benefits of Facebook Business Tags

One of the main benefits of tagging is the possibility of increasing your organic reach. Tagging provides you with the opportunity to grow your business online popularity in an easy way. 

Similarly, tags on Facebook result in an effortless way of creating links for your page. This is something most customers appreciate, as it makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for, and thus, it becomes a great prospect for getting more followers and increasing your profits.  

Another benefit you might find appealing is that these options do not require you to spend money. You could have successfully tagged the page a hundred times, and all those tags will be free. Consequently, this makes it an excellent strategy to consider for your digital marketing campaign.

The Downsides of Tagging Facebook Business Pages

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Naturally, every great option has some drawbacks. To begin with, the most common issue you might face with tags is the risk of spamming. You must be strategic when it comes to tagging, choosing to tag popular posts or great photos instead of having an entire Facebook Business page full of tags. 

Next, you need to be careful about the way you place them. You do not want your business or page to seem sketchy, and over-tagging can give this image to your business. 

Furthermore, you cannot tag a person on your page unless they previously commented. 

Additional Tagging Information

  • If you have business partners, promoting your collaboration through tagging them is an excellent strategy. You can tag another company by following the steps you read earlier, but add their business name instead.
  • If you want to tag business partners but cannot find their pages from the menu, head over to the page and copy+paste their @ username. 
  • Some people or pages might not be available for tagging, meaning they have disabled the tagging option on their settings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Let People Tag My Business Page on Facebook?

To allow your customers and business partners to tag you in their posts, you need to follow these steps: 

  1. Start on your Business page. 
  2. Head over to “Settings.” 
  3. Locate the “General” option. There you will find the “Tagging Ability” and “Others Tagging This Page” sections.  
  4. There, select what you want to allow for your page. 

Can You Remove Facebook Tags?

Unlike reviews, you can remove undesired tags. Go to the photo or post, and choose the “Remove Tag” option. 

This option is helpful if you find someone meant to tag another business or someone tagged your business on a malicious post. 

Can You Tag a Business Page on a Facebook Story?

Yes, you can. By using the “Mention” option on a Facebook story, you can your Business page directly. This process is similar to the permanent posts; type @ and the username of the business you want to tag. Once you post the story, your followers can click on the username and it will direct them to the page. 

How Do I Get My Business Seen on Facebook?

There are several tools you can use to improve your visibility on Facebook. Additionally, the platform provides you with both free and paid options. If you want a broader reach or would like to target specific crowds, you can use paid ads and boosted posts. In these options, Facebook gives you the option of selecting the target crowd you would like to promote your products or services. If you want a simpler way of promoting, use tags and hashtags on your posts and photos and ask your customers to leave their reviews on your page.

 Why People Are Not Following My Page?

If you are having issues growing your page’s following, you might want to take a look into your posts and their quality. Maybe you are not posting as many posts as users would find alluring or maybe you post several times a day, appearing on your followers’ newsfeeds constantly. This may come across as spammy, resulting in unfollows.


You just learned how to tag a business on Facebook in a post, photo, or status update. Consider using these tools frequently, as they are free and easy to use. 

Tagging your business on Facebook is a fantastic way of promoting your business without having to create in-depth marketing campaigns. Furthermore, adding these strategies to your social media campaigns combined with ads and boosted posts, might provide you with an excellent increase in your metrics. 

However, remember not to overdo it. You do not want to look like a spam page, as this could affect your reputation locally and online. You want to attract customers to your page, and by using the tag option smartly, you can do so. 

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