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Add a Menu to Your Facebook Page Now!

Add a Menu to Your Facebook Page Now!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Want to give your restaurant a little extra flavor? Well, listen up, because we’ve got a tantalizing tip for you. It’s time to add a menu to your Facebook page and let your followers drool over your delectable offerings. No longer will they have to scroll endlessly through your timeline, desperately searching for that mouthwatering photo of your signature dish. With just a few clicks, you can make their lives a whole lot easier and your page a whole lot tastier. So, whether you are a seasoned chef or a passionate foodie, it is the perfect moment to dish up some digital delights and turn your Facebook page into a virtual culinary destination. Chow down!

Why Having a Facebook Menu Can Spice up Your Restaurant

Whether you’re craving a new pizza or pulling up in a restaurant’s drive-through, chances are you will look for a menu from the start. Facebook has become one of the largest social networks of the digital era, where businesses have taken advantage and opened their doors to millions of users searching for an outstanding service.

Diners frequently browse through menus before leaving their residence to narrow down their location choices. Adding your restaurant’s menu to your Facebook page opens the possibility to increase awareness among locals and tourists. Additionally, it boosts customer experience, as they will have visual aids of their preferred dishes and customer reviews to help them make a better judgment about your business. Don’t miss out on this great shot at feeding more and more hungry visitors. 

How to Add a Menu to Your Facebook Page

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Before you start

Important Tips 

  • Although it is possible to accomplish the following process with a mobile device, It is recommended to have a computer handy as it will facilitate a more convenient experience. 
  • Make sure you take the steps necessary to claim your Facebook business page, it will be required before adding a menu.
  • Only page administrators can upload, edit or delete a menu.

Menu Guidelines 

Facebook has specific guidelines for menus. You must meet these requirements, otherwise, the platform could eliminate the menu from your page.

  • Menus must include a list of multiple items for sale with a text title for each item. Listing prices are optional.
  • The menu items must be readable in the photo or PDF.
  • If your menu has more than one page, each page must include multiple items.
  • The maximum size for the photo or PDF file is 1 MB

Adding Your Menu

Ready? Take the following steps to add your restaurant menu on Facebook business: 

  1. Head over to your Facebook business page
  2. Click the ‘About’ button right under your cover photo
  3. Locate ‘Page info’ on the left side of the screen 
  4. Make sure your page category is set to Local Business: ‘restaurants and cafes’ 
  5. Select ‘add menu’ 
  6. Add your restaurant menu as an image or a PDF file and save the changes
  7. The link will change to ‘show menu’ – it is advised to click the link once again to confirm your file was uploaded correctly. 
  8. Congratulations! Your menu will now appear in the ‘About’ section of your page

How to Customize a Facebook Menu

Once you’ve uploaded your menu, you can personalize it by adding more content. You can also add features to the page to make it more informative and appealing. 

Templates and Tabs

Usually, this feature has a standard setting. You can change this perk to adjust your page structure for a more distinctive design – that of a restaurant with the following steps: 

  1. Head over to your business page
  2. Locate the ‘settings’ on the bottom left side of the screen.
  3. Tap on ‘templates and tabs’ followed by ‘edit’
  4. Select ‘restaurants and cafes’ from the list.
  5. Apply the template 
  6. Way to go! Now your business page will add additional features for a restaurant-specific outlook. 

Menu Settings

Adding a menu to your page is only one of the many steps you can take to build your online presence; There is additional information your customers will want to know about your restaurant, and surely you can provide it in your menu tab.

  • Include dining options to let customers know they can order and eat in your restaurant.
  • A customer pickup option is available if you currently offer delivery to your customer’s address. Enter more specific details such as delivery area (Km), minimum order for delivery, and delivery fee types (flat rate, free, or other)
  • You can choose to display which type of food entries are available in your restaurant – such as buffets, American, breakfast, barbeque, and more. 
  • Insert payment methods your clients can use for purchases – Cash and credit/debit card franchises are among the options. 
  • Pin your menu in the featured section of the page so it is displayed on top for customers to find it right away. 

How to Share Your Facebook Menu

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Finally, your menu and settings are complete. Why stop there? A QR code is instantly generated – you can use it to share your menu with the world. To access it, follow the next steps:

  1. Select the menu option on your restaurant’s business page
  2. Tap view QR code 
  3. Download your code
  4. You can choose to display it in your menu and share it on social media to entice more visitors

How to Delete a Menu from Your Facebook Page

Unsatisfied with your current menu? Do you wish to change it for a better one? No problem. It is possible to remove an existing menu with these steps: 

  1. Once on your Restaurant page, Tap the ‘About’ tab located on the left side of your page
  2. Head over to the More Info section and click on the Edit option next to the See menu option
  3. An ‘X’ button will be displayed on the top-right corner of the image or PFD file of your existing menu – click it. 
  4. Confirm your changes 
  5. Feel free to add a new menu or new photos you wish your customers to see


Why Can’t I Add a Menu to My Facebook Page?

Double-check that you have claimed your business page, remember to be the administrator, and set your template for restaurants and cafes before attempting to add your menu.

Can I Add a Menu to My Facebook Page for Free?

Yes, adding a menu to your Facebook page is completely free.

How Can I Learn How to Add a Menu to My Facebook Page?

You can learn how to add a menu to your Facebook page by following a tutorial or guide designed for this purpose. A variety of resources are available online, including video tutorials on platforms like YouTube.

Can I Also Add a Description and Comments to My Menu on Facebook?

Yes, you can add a description and allow comments on your menu on Facebook. This concept can help provide additional details about your menu items and authorize customers to give feedback or ask questions.

Is Adding a Menu to My Facebook Page Compatible With the New Facebook Layout?

Yes, adding a menu to your Facebook page is compatible with the new layout. The process may differ slightly in terms of navigation, but the option to add a menu is still available in 2023.

Bon Appétit

Adding a menu to a Facebook business page is a game-changer! With this feature, you can showcase your products or services in a convenient and accessible way. This game plan, allows you to contribute valuable information to potential customers, showing that you are committed to making the customer journey smoother. It is time to get ahead of your competition and provide a seamless experience for your audience. Do not miss out on this opportunity to boost your restaurant’s success. Start adding a menu to your Facebook business page today! 

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