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How much does it cost to put an ad in Yellow Pages?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A cursory Google search shows that here’s how much it costs to put an ad in the Yellow Pages in Canada:

  • LISTING ADS – $5/month
  • TEXT ADS – $10/month
  • DISPLAY ADS – $35/month
  • SPECIALTY ADS – $20/month

But now, times have changed.

When the world before Google existed, Yellow Pages Business Advertising used to be an excellent option. Today, however, most of us are likely reading this on a touch screen device instead of flipping through thick yellow-pages books!

This post will detail how much it costs to put an ad in the Yellow pages and whether it is worth it.

Its all digital now

In today’s digital age, it is crucial to keep up with the evolution of marketing if you want your business–regardless of its size–to grow and succeed. Yellow pages may be a thing of the past; however, online advertising opportunities are plentiful when you partner with an exceptional lead generation firm. Reap the rewards that come from targeting customers via online methods for maximum success!

While Yellow Pages remains a prominent UK tradesman website, its success does not compare to the best lead-gen services in the country. If you are searching for consistent converting inquiries and maximum returns on your investment, then forget about a Yellow Pages advertisement – opt instead for a leading SEO or digital marketing service providers.

It is also become essential to use Reputation Managers such as Review Grower to increase your brand value.

Google vs Yellow Pages

With the ever-increasing prevalence of technology, we no longer need to thumb through those hefty yellow books; instead, 80% of us default immediately to Google. It’s profoundly clear that modern consumers are more likely to opt for browsing the vast digital directory at our fingertips than wasting their time in a clunky online yellow pages directory. After all, why bother with an antiquated method when you can access almost anything within seconds on Google?

How often do you turn to Yelp.com for local businesses like nearby Coffee Shops? Chances are, the answer is “quite frequently.”

Google is great for Small Businesses

As a small-business owner, you can take advantage of Google search and your digital marketing tactics like SEO instead of wasting money on Yellow Pages ads every month. While most people use Google for their searches, there are still plenty of companies shelling out tons in Yell Limited ads to get top placements in the results pages. Investing in an effective online strategy is much more beneficial than traditional methods such as print advertising!

Rather than spending money on costly Yellow Pages advertising, a more effective way to reach your target audience would be investing in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing. By optimizing your website for Google’s first page you will gain higher visibility of potential customers rather than being buried deep within the pages of the Yellow Page directory. So why pay for outdated print ads when there are so many cheaper yet more reliable options available? Investing in social media strategy and online promotion is clearly a wiser decision!

How Much Does Yell Actually Rank?

To put Yell.com’s yellow pages directory to the test, I started by searching for “loft conversions in London.” Instantly, 7 Premium Listings appeared, with one of them featuring a banner saying “13+ years with Yell.” Hopefully, they haven’t been paying an arm and a leg for that listing all this time!

When I ponder how much money it must’ve cost them already, my stomach churns.

I put the same search to Google and find Yellow Pages ranks in the bottom half of the SECOND page on Google for the same search.

It’s evident that Yellow Pages online has seen a decline in value over the years, so it may be time to consider other options for your local business.

What Does The Ranking of Yell Pages Tell You?

This clearly indicates that there were around 20 businesses available to choose from even before I clicked on the Yellow Pages result. Undoubtedly, these are likely spending much less than those in the premium listings of Yellow Pages. Strategies such as Search Engine Optimization and organic search engine ranking have become more advantageous for numerous companies rather than paying for online directories in this digital age.

Nowadays, digital marketing surpasses the outdated directory listings like The Yellow Pages in terms of customer outreach. Online advertisement has become a much more accessible way to reach potential customers due to our modern digital age. Therefore, it is safe to assume that investing in advertising on The Yellow Pages would be fruitless and ultimately not worth your while.

As you have read in this article, our goal is to acquire more customers and transform your business into a profitable one. We are not aiming to reduce the money spent on Yell; rather, we desire to gain more inquiries and enthusiasm for your company!

Organic SEO vs Yellow Pages

If you want to drive more inquiries and inevitably gain additional sales, utilize cost-effective strategies instead of shelling out money for a Premium Yell listing. It is becoming increasingly evident that Yell online belongs in the past with White Pages or Yellow Pages directories; just like the young boy from an old TV ad used one as a step up to kiss someone under mistletoe! To foster expansion, it’s essential to discard outdated practices and embrace modern approaches.

What is Yellow Page Advertising?

Yellow page advertising is the go-to telephone directory for businesses in the UK, with listings arranged alphabetically by business name. It includes contact information such as first and last names, business details, and more! Yell.com was initially printed on yellow paper but has since transitioned to an online platform – making it the biggest phonebook across all of Britain. Businesses tap into this paid marketing channel to promote their brand digitally – a move that’s proving incredibly effective for many companies today!

How much does it cost to put an ad in the Yellow Pages?

Investing in a Yellow Pages ad can be quite costly. The basic ad starts at 250$. Even the smallest quarter-page advertisement costs $1,250 each month. The more pricey is a full-page option which could range from an average of $2,500 to as much as $5,000 monthly! Therefore it is clear that advertising on the yellow pages doesn’t come cheaply.

Business Owners Need to Think

Are you a business owner wondering if the cost of maintaining a directory or Yellow Page listing is really worth it? You may want to ask yourself questions like: Does advertising with the Yellow Pages generate leads for my company? Can I use this platform to connect with new clients and grow my customer base? How has investing in Yellow Pages phone book marketing improved sales rates at my business in recent times? Take these queries into consideration when making your decision.

Is Yellow Pages Advertising Worth It?

Digital directories, such as Yellow Pages, are becoming more and more of a monetary burden. You could be spending the money you use for those listings on invaluable digital alternatives that will yield much better returns than an online phonebook listing. Such options include working with an SEO company, backlink services or GMB Optimisation Services; video marketing agencies to create engaging content; optimising existing content; or even expanding your own in-house marketing team!

Importance of Google My Business Listings

Have you heard about Google My Business (GMB)? It’s becoming a more popular option for businesses that used to rely on yellow page listings. GMB links up with Google maps and appears at the top of search results. Plus, it utilizes a local search algorithm so your business will be seen by people in close proximity – just like what Yellow Pages offers! You want to invest in strategies that provide an excellent return-on-investment, right? With GMB, this is definitely achievable.

Online yellow pages are an a dreadful investment, and pouring money into their ads is simply squandering your business’ finances. Rather than committing to such fruitless efforts, prioritize enhancing your website rankings in the SERPs or creating/managing Google My Business profiles. Additionally, there’s a plethora of online marketing services out there that can provide extensive assistance with improving all aspects of your business – not just gaining you several potential customers each month.

Is Yellow Pages Online A Worth Option?

We highly suggest utilizing the free Yellow Pages listing as it aids your company in reaching more customer prospects. However, paying for online directories to market is unwise and not worth your time or money; there are a plethora of alternatives that offer significantly more value with regards to increasing reach and building an optimal reputation on the web – whereas Yellow Pages only provides minimal benefits.

Time Changes Everything

In the 1980s, searching for local services meant turning to the Yellow Pages phone book. However with the invention of modern technology and search engines such as Google, physical phone books have become obsolete in today’s world.

Leveraging Google’s services such as GMBs is a great way to ensure your business appears in search results and reaches more of your target customers than listing sites like Yellow Pages. Google SERPs collect data continually, enhancing the accuracy of who should be able to find you. Furthermore, if you’re looking for an effective advertising platform, why not consider running campaigns on Google Ads? Doing so will boost the visibility of your brand and help put you at the forefront of its relevant market segment.

Investing in Google ads is a far wiser option than wasting precious funds on Yellow Pages advertising, making it an ideal marketing strategy.

Small Businesses Can Adapt

As a small business owner, you ought to be wary of the Yellow Pages website; although it may appear helpful in your growth journey, its effects on your pocket can prove detrimental. Instead of relying on this platform alone, entrust an expert SEO agency that will aid you in ruling local searches and surpassing other businesses locally. With the help of experienced professionals handling your search engine optimization strategies through tactical ad placements and persuasive landing pages, watch as success finds its way to you!

What Are Some Alternative Options Instead Of Yellow Pages?

We hope that this Yellow Pages SEO review has prompted some considerations regarding the use of their service. We strongly advise investing in your GMB business listings and working with a professional SEO agency to increase visibility, as well as optimizing your website for greater reach. This strategy may require more effort than simply utilizing directory listings but the results will be far superior! Digital marketing takes commitment and dedication to yield stunning outcomes – don’t forget it!

Use Google My Business

We strongly recommend Google My Business as it provides all the same features that Yellow Pages does, but is much more backed and supported by Google. Not only will your contact details such as phone number, address and other information be displayed like any typical hard-copy directory; with GMB customers can also view online reviews of your business!

These reviews can heavily influence your standings on search engine results – so make sure to acquire some glowing ones for maximum effect!

Try Google Ads or Social Media Ads

In this digital age, online marketing services are the newest iteration of print ads from the 90s. As long as they’re set up correctly, these advertisements can draw in a wave of customers interested in your business! For small businesses especially, taking advantage of free listing services like Yellow Pages will still generate inquiries; yet if you want to maximize your potential customers’ reach, investing time into sites such as Google My Business is well worth it.

Improve Your Website with powerful tools

In order to boost your website’s rankings on search engine results, it is essential to optimize your website correctly and utilize the techniques mentioned previously. To make sure that you maximize SERP performance, use tools like Surfer SEO and PageReWriter when going through the content of your site. With these helpful resources, you can create amazing content designed for maximum optimization success!

Utilize platforms such as SEMrush and Ahrefs to glance through your backlink profile, and make sure that a solid link Silo is established. Even slight modifications in the internal linking structure can have an immense effect on how productive your website is!

Lead Generation Services

Have you considered investing in online leads? Leads not only save you money on costly advertising, but they also give your business a steady stream of potential customers and opportunities. Most external digital marketing agencies will provide these leads for a reoccurring fee; however, the good news is that you’ll only pay for those which yield conversions! We understand how important it is to help your firm expand and create strong connections with other companies nationwide–and this could be an ideal way to do just that.

Stop Paying For Online Directory Listings and Advertising!

Don’t throw away your hard-earned dollars on digital directories and their offerings – those methods of marketing have gone out the window just like its print predecessor. Instead, take advantage of today’s available services that still work to increase visibility for businesses online. Your competitors are already leveraging these resources to stay ahead, so don’t get left in the dust! Digital marketing has much more potential than outdated directory listings, so make sure you’re taking full advantage of every opportunity available or risk falling behind.

No need to pay for yellow pages anymore. But there is a need for managing your reputation. You can Sign Up for absolutely FREE start trialing out all the features of this powerful tool.

Joe Troyer

Joe Troyer is the Founder of Review Grower. He is leading expert in all things Internet Marketing: Pay Per Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google Business, Reputation Management, Landing Page Conversion, and Call Tracking.

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