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GMB Everywhere Review: Features, How to Use It, Pros and Cons

gmb everywhere review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

With GMB Everywhere, businesses can create profiles on major search engines and social media sites and build websites for increased visibility. In this article, we will discuss about GMB Everywhere and how it can help online businesses enhance visibility.

What is GMB Everywhere?

GMB Everywhere is an innovative platform designed to help medium and small-business owners manage their online presence, run a review audit, and increase visibility to potential customers.

Benefits of Google Business Profiles

Get More Eyeballs

Create custom business profiles on the web that are optimized for Google My Business listings, allowing them to attract more attention from search engine users.

Monitor Organic Rankings

Enable businesses to track their local search engine rankings to identify areas where they need to focus their efforts to achieve higher rankings.

Track the Right Impact

Provide analytics tools that enable users to monitor their performance and measure the impact of their campaigns.

Provide a Range of Tools

Offer a variety of marketing tools, including SEO optimization, email marketing campaigns, social media integration, and more.

Get Customer Insights

Run a basic audit and monitor how customers engage with their content by accessing detailed analytics data about what people are searching for and where they are located when performing those searches.

How to Use the GMB Everywhere 

Create an Account and Add All the Details

  • To use GMB Everywhere, businesses must create a profile by signing up for a free account.
  • Once created, they can access powerful tools that allow them to enhance and optimize their digital presence across the web.
  • They can add photos of their products or services, upload videos, showcase menus, offer special deals and discounts, and integrate various booking systems into their profiles.

Update Information Regularly

  • To get started quickly with GMB Everywhere, businesses should begin by ensuring that all of their essential business information is up-to-date on both Google Search & Maps.
  • This includes name, address, phone number, and website URL. This information must match exactly across both platforms to show correctly on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Tailor Your GMB Profile

  • After doing this, the next step is to log in to the GMB account dashboard to customize the profile further with text descriptions about products or services offered and add visuals such as photographs or videos to help attract customers’ attention.
  • Businesses should also take advantage of other features, such as scheduling posts in advance or responding quickly to customer reviews so that customers know they are cared for and valued by your business.

Pros of Using GMB Everywhere 

Manage Multiple Accounts

Businesses no longer need to log into separate accounts on each platform, allowing them to easily keep track of customer interactions, post content, basic audit review feedback, and respond quickly to inquiries.

Change Experience Based on Unique Needs

GMB uses a component-based approach, businesses can customize their experience based on their unique needs and preferences. This flexibility makes it easier for businesses to tailor their message and optimize their campaigns across all channels.

Offer Behavioral Insights

By tracking customer interactions across all platforms, businesses can gain valuable insight into their target audience’s online behaviors and preferences that can be used for more effective marketing strategies.

Build Credibility

GMB Everywhere simplifies the process of getting customer reviews from customers. Reviews are essential for building credibility with prospective customers unfamiliar with your business or product offerings.

Cons of Using GMB Everywhere 

High Cost

One of the major cons of using GMB Everywhere is its cost. The service is quite expensive and can be a significant burden for small businesses that are just starting or don’t have a large budget to work with.

Extra Fees

Not only do businesses have to pay upfront for the service, but they also have to pay additional fees depending on the size of their business and the features they choose. This can make it difficult to use GMB Everywhere if businesses are not well-funded.


Another con of using GMB Everywhere is that it can take time and effort to set up properly. Businesses must create and manage an account, verify their address, add categories, upload images and videos, respond to customer reviews, and more.

Compatibility Issues

Finally, one of the biggest cons of using GMB Everywhere is that it isn’t available everywhere. Although Google does offer localized versions in some countries, many areas still don’t have access to or support this service.

How to Use GMB Extension for Local SEO 

Use Relevant Keywords

Once you’ve set up a Google Business profile, you can use it to improve your SEO by targeting local customers more effectively. You can include keywords related to your industry in the description section of your profile and add reviews from other customers or partners to increase credibility.

Add Visuals

Furthermore, by adding photos and videos that showcase what makes your business unique or interesting, you will also capture more attention from potential customers searching for services like yours in the area.

Mention GMB Listings

This allows you to add your business information onto different web pages so that people searching for services like yours in the area know where to find it. The Google listing feature also allows other websites to link back to your Google Business page, which builds credibility with search engines and helps improve your local Google Map business ranking in the SERP results.

Share Frequent Updates

Using GMB for local SEO is sharing regular updates about products/services, special offers, or discounts on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook using the Google ‘posts’ feature.

Google My Business Categories


Restaurants are one of the most common categories in GMB, as they encompass all food establishments. From your local mom-and-pop pizzerias to high-end gourmet eateries, restaurants can be found in every corner of the world.

Retail Stores

Retail stores are another popular category on GMB, including everything from small convenience stores to large department stores. Here, shoppers can easily browse and compare products from various retailers online before deciding where to purchase.

Medical Services

Here users can access detailed information about different providers, including their locations, specializations, and patient reviews – allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare needs quickly and conveniently.

Miscellaneous Categories

These categories enable potential customers to quickly search for specialized services without manually combining hundreds of individual listings online – saving them time and effort during their search process.

List of Local Google Chrome Extensions You Can Use 

  1. MozBar
  2. Redirect Path
  3. Check My Links
  4. SEOquake
  5. Search Console Helper
  6. Structured Data Testing Tool 
  7. PageSpeed Insights Chrome Extension
  8. Google Tag Assistant Recordings 
  9. Eye Dropper 
  10. Lighthouse

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GMB everywhere?

GMB Everywhere is sort of a local SEO tool provided by Google My Business (GMB) that makes it easy for businesses to list their business, services, and offers on Google Maps, Search, and other Google properties.

Do GMB posts affect SEO?

Yes, GMB posts can have a positive impact on SEO. Google My Business (GMB) posts are important in improving local ranking and driving more traffic to your website or store. Adding relevant content such as images, videos, knowledge panel links, and links with valuable keywords that represent your business can significantly boost your visibility on local searches and increase engagement from potential customers.

Do GMB posts help local SEO?

Yes, Google My Business (GMB) posts can help improve local SEO by providing additional information to potential customers about your business, such as product updates and specials. GMB posts also appear in Google’s search results and maps, which helps increase the visibility of your business.

How to use GMB for SEO?

To start, create or claim your Google Business listing and fill out as much information as possible, including hours of operation, address, contact information, photos of your business/products/services, FAQs, offers, and more.

Then optimize keywords relevant to your business in titles and descriptions to target the appropriate audience. Finally, encourage reviews from customers to build trust with potential customers. By leveraging these tactics, you can be sure that your business is at the top of local search listings!

Concluding Thoughts

GMB Everywhere is a powerful tool to help your business reach more customers and increase sales.

It offers an easy-to-use interface, comprehensive analytics capabilities, and automated optimization tools to ensure you get the most out of each campaign. Its ability to target specific audiences based on a particular location or interest allows other businesses to get their message in front of potential customers quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re just starting with digital marketing or are looking for ways to streamline your existing campaigns, GMB Everywhere has something for everyone.

Try it today and see how much easier managing your online presence can be!

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