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Choose the Right Facebook Page Category for Your Business

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Facebook is a great social media platform that enables you to promote your business among its users, which are your potential customers. When selecting the right Facebook page category for your business, there are several factors that you have to consider. Your chosen type will impact your page’s appearance in Google and Facebook search results. Picking the right category affects your business and helps you distinguish and organize your page. In this article, we will go through the various types and how to pick the ones that are most appropriate for your page.

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List of Facebook Page Types

  • Local Business or Place

This is a perfect option if your business has a physical location and you want customers to come in person. You have a vast range of specific options from which to choose. Retail shops, restaurants, lodging, museums, real estate, and educational institutions all fit under the “Local Business or Place” Facebook page category. The Local Business or Place option will let you input information about your physical location on the initial setup page. Afterward, you can add details about your open hours and parking possibilities. 

  • Cause or Community

This last page type’s lack of a classification box makes it particularly unique. Typically, a Facebook group is preferable if you want to build a community. Visitors can see your community page, but there is always a single administrator overseeing it, which may not be desirable in a more open social setting. 

There are admins for a group, but they don’t always receive exposure for their posts or anything else. Otherwise, you should pick one of the other major categories to represent a more official organization, such as a non-profit, a sports team, or a book club. You only gain a little by building a page like this one with no real basis. Instead of using this general category, starting with a more focused one is preferable. 

This category works well for tiny charities and charities in the making. For instance, this would be an excellent method to construct a page for a neighborhood watch in your area. 

  • Company, Organization, or Institution

If you want visitors to your location to be able to “check-in,” you may add the Facebook Places check-in feature to your page once the initial setup is complete. Consider using the Company, Organization, or Institution page type if you have a physical location but don’t necessarily need to draw customers there or if your business has many locations, or if clients don’t frequently visit your physical site. This is also a smart option if your business has several locations and your Facebook page represents the franchise. In addition, a firm, organization, or institution uses service-based industries where the client comes to you (consider consulting, computer assistance, and distribution). Non-profit organizations, law firms, churches, media/news organizations, and travel agencies are also included in this category.

  • Brand or Product

Your page should include the Brand or Product when your products and services can be bought from several websites or are carried by various resellers and retailers. Prominent brands would pick this category. Appliances, electronics, health & beauty, and other products are included in the product categories listed under this page type. This Facebook page type asks for the name of your company or product and the category selection. If you can’t discover the category you’re looking for, you may always choose the broad “Product/Service” category for your page, although it is advised to pick a category that applies.

  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure.

This is the best page type to promote yourself or another specific individual or group, such as a band or popular public personality. Once you choose your major category, you can add a lot of information; the data for this depends on your chosen category. Therefore, be careful when you choose a category. Having both a personal profile and a personal brand page at the same time is acceptable.

  • Entertainment

Specific entertainment offers, such as a TV show, movie, book series, radio station, sports team, or concert tour, fit best in the Entertainment category. This page type is appropriate for you if your firm is categorized as being in the entertainment industry. Some categories overlap; for instance, a podcast can fall under Products. A fictional character could include a persona from a movie. When deciding which wide category to use, use your discretion.

What Are Facebook Business Page Categories?

Facebook helps you be more visible to users and helps them learn about what you do through business page categories. When you create your page, you can choose up to three categories, and the first one you choose will be shown next to your page name below your cover photo. The other two categories will show up in your page’s About section. It’s crucial to pick categories that truly reflect your company. Facebook has various page categories to accommodate different hobbies and needs.

Enterprises, brands, and other companies can promote their goods and services with the help of business or brand pages. For organizations, clubs, or people who portray public personas, visit the community or public figure sections. Artists, films, TV shows, and other related content are catered to on entertainment pages. Fitness and nutrition are major subjects on health and wellness pages. Individuals can share their ideas and experiences on personal blog pages. Users can use these categories to construct interesting and pertinent sites that appeal to their target audience. 

Some Facebook Page Categories List

  • Transportation

Your company offers any means or service that enables travel. You may be a cab owner, providing car rentals, or running a bus station or other major transportation center. 

  • Industrial

Your business might offer manufacturing, ecological, and fabricating services for metal or plastic.

  • Arts & Recreation

This category covers places for entertainment, such as racetracks and theaters. It includes circuses, escape rooms, museums, and theme parks.

  • Automotive

Any form of auto dealer, as well as companies that provide auto maintenance and repair services, are covered by this.

  • Personal Care and Beauty

Use this Facebook category if you offer cosmetic services, including tanning, image counseling, hair cutting, makeup application, and more. You may also be a spa or a place to get inked.

  • Advertising

Ideal for businesses that offer promotional services.

  • Education

You may be a school of any level of education, an academic summer camp, or a test preparation facility. Even offering tutoring or educational consultancy services is an option.

  • Legal

Any area of law practice is open to you as an attorney. Or you may offer a service that has something to do with the legal system, such as notarizing, posting bail, conducting investigations, or serving the process.

  • Agriculture

This category is appropriate for various farms, cooperatives, and agricultural services.

  • Finance

Pick this category for your Facebook page if you offer consultation, loans, collections, and other services. You could work in the insurance, investment, or asset management industries.

  • Food and Drink

Choose this category if eating and/or drinking is your major activity. Then identify the precise type of food or cuisine you offer. Keep looking until you have accurately and completely classified your company.

  • Hotels

Today’s accommodations come in a wide variety. This is the best category for your business if you offer a physical location where guests can spend the day or the night, such as a campground or fully furnished apartment.

  • Local Service

You provide individuals in their neighborhood with services like babysitting, photography, plumbing, house improvement, event planning, etc. You might also offer commercial clients janitorial, design, consultancy, cargo, or other services.

  • Media/News

This category includes companies that produce various information-based products and services, such as publications, books, video games, radio programs, animation, and similar content.

  • Health

If you work in, let’s say, medical equipment or GLP-1 weight management niche, numerous medical specializations and services are available. Choose one specific category, then look for your specialization if you’re a doctor, therapist, or dentist. Instead, you can choose from various medical specialties, complementary and alternative medicine, hospitals, and connected enterprises.

  • NGO or Non-Governmental Organization

If your organization falls under an NGO, pick this from the list of categories. This frequently denotes that the company is engaged in political or humanitarian action. Volunteers and donations may both be accepted by you.

  • Organization for Nonprofits

Your organization has a purpose and works for something other than maximizing profits. This could be done on moral, academic, or scientific grounds.

  • Public Service

A Facebook profile can be required for a business that offers government services. This could be a public library, food bank, child protection agency, or auto registration facility.

  • Science, Technology, and Engineering

Select this category for your business may specialize in highly complex areas such as engineering, robotics, biotechnology, solar energy, or other industries. You could offer surveying or other engineering-related services.

  • Retail

This covers any retail enterprise or store. To identify the precise category of products that you sell, go through the subcategories. In addition, it covers other sales events like flea markets and auctions.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Correct Facebook Business Page Categories?

The right Facebook business page category choice is crucial since it directly impacts your online presence’s performance, visibility, and overall online success. It guarantees that the relevant people will see your page if your category is right. Facebook’s algorithm points users to suitable pages when they search or browse for particular services based on their selected category. This implies that individuals interested in your offers may only see your page if you choose the correct category. The category you choose establishes the tone and goal of your page. It helps create your brand identity and conveys what your company is about.

Visitors who see your products, services, or goal are informed by an accurate category, which raises the possibility that they will engage with your content and follow your page. It also enables more precise targeting for marketing campaigns. Facebook advertising systems rely on page classifications to show ads to users with the right interests. You may maximize the return on your advertising expenses by choosing the appropriate category to ensure the intended audience sees your ads. Selecting the appropriate category gives you access to features designed just for that group. For instance, some categories might have special call-to-action buttons or layouts that improve user interaction and experience on your page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Facebook Page Preferable for Your Business?

The current and prospective clients may interact with the business through a Facebook page. Businesses can promote their upcoming events and communicate the details about their company by creating a Facebook Page. They have many more chances and possibilities to be visible to people if they have a page instead of a Facebook profile.

What Are the Use of Facebook Pages?

Artists, public figures, corporations, brands, organizations, and charities can use Facebook Pages to engage with fans or consumers. Facebook users who like or follow a page will start seeing posts from that page that they subscribe to in their news feed.

Are Facebook Pages Public Accounts?

Facebook pages and public groups are open to everyone, allowing posting. Your post or comment will be visible to anyone with access to the page or group. A story can often be published in newsfeeds and other places, whether you use Facebook when you post or mention it on a page or to a public group.


Choosing the appropriate Facebook business page category is crucial for determining your page’s visibility to the appropriate audience, creating your brand identity, and facilitating successful advertising campaigns. Your page will be seen by people interested in what you are selling, which will increase engagement. It gives you access to specialized features for your category, improving the user experience. Making the right decision enables your organization to succeed in the competitive digital environment and sets the foundation for an effective online presence. Select the best category because it will be the key to leveraging the potential of your Facebook business page.

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