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How to Create a Facebook Business Page and How Much Does a Page on Facebook Cost in 2023?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Facebook is unquestionably one of the best places to do this, whether you are a business owner or a marketer trying to build a significant online presence. With more than 2.8 billion active users monthly, Facebook offers a sizable audience for companies to interact with and market to.

The expense of new creating a Facebook business page is an issue that comes up frequently. We will discuss the various costs related to them, such as advertising expenditures. Read on to learn what it takes to establish a fruitful and cost-efficient Facebook company page to advance your marketing.

Facebook Business Pages: What Are?

It is a Facebook public profile made to promote businesses, groups, and prominent people. You can control the company’s online visibility on the social network by creating a Facebook business page. You may communicate with your clients and cultivate prospects through your site. Also, you can:

  • Sharing material
  • Answering customer service questions
  • Working in conjunction with consumers and other brands
  • Having private discussions with supporters

Reasons to Use Facebook Business Page

Your ability to reach both current and potential clients increases with a Page. These are all the benefits of setting up a Page for your company on the website, also, the reasons why.

Obtain a Larger Audience

By connecting you to current and future clients online, creating an online presence broadens the company’s reach. Local advertising is still prosperous for marketers, but buyers find social media more alluring in the age of technology and digital change. You open up a new line of communication with your audience by setting up a Facebook Page. Customers seeking further details may obtain all the information they want on your Page, considering it a personal profile and reducing the effort of directly contacting you. They can quickly locate the information they need about your locations, business hours, and any pertinent policies.

Discover Customer Insights

Maintaining a business page allows you to remain abreast of market trends, hear what your industry’s local community is saying, and stay one step over the competition. These client insights are beneficial, especially for new and small firms. It may eventually aid in the advancement of your corporate objectives.

Learn About Small Businesses

Similar to Facebook Places, which enables users to check in to specific places when they are nearby. When they do, a list of potential companies in the area is displayed to them.

This function increases the visibility of nearby businesses. Some small companies go above and beyond and ensure the practice of this helpful feature to provide enticing specials and discounts.

Post Eye-Catching Images

Facebook is a very graphic social media site. Users click through photos and videos more often than text-based postings when they open their new feed. Small firms that create Pages may post online visual evidence of their operations, which benefits them.

Businesses use social media to humanize their online presence. However, you can also use it to tag clients in images (with their consent) to increase customer interaction. It will show up on the user’s Facebook profile, thus broadening the company’s reach to that user’s online networks.

Utilize Targeted Marketing

A wealth of data is available for companies that want to use Facebook. Owners of Facebook Business Pages get the option to pay to use targeted advertising, which enables them to design tailored ads for a given niche or demographic.

Increase Website Traffic

Businesses may attract more qualified visitors to their website who are farther along in the sales funnel by providing a link to their website on the Page. Because they are already familiar with your company and its products thanks to the Page, these clients are more inclined to obtain a purchase.

A Facebook Business Page’s Features

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Give E-gift Cards

Electronic gift cards are a fantastic way to interact with clients and give nearby companies an additional source of income. Customers may receive them as gifts for friends, redeem them in full or in part, and share them through Instagram and Facebook Stories postings. It is simply like including a Gift Card icon on the Page.

Options for Strategic Retargeting

Owners of Facebook Business Pages have access to the efficient targeting tool known as Facebook Pixel.

Pixel’s analytics program may be connected to your website’s back end. It keeps track of and evaluates your advertising using metrics, then delivers that information to your business page to ensure that the right audience sees your ads. Over time, this improves the effectiveness of advertising initiatives.

Join Other Platforms

You may link to and show content on other social media networks using Facebook Pages. You may link up with many different platforms, such as the highly visual Instagram, messaging services like WhatsApp Business, and even independent applications like HootSuite or Animoto. It raises the bar for social functionality and enables businesses to maximize the potential of their Facebook page.

Facebook Business Cost

No matter how many fans or followers you have, you may create and utilize a Facebook business page for free. Regardless of whether you spend money on Facebook Ads, there is no charge for the organic features of your Facebook business page.

Why Are People Buying and Using a Facebook Business Page For?

You may ask yourself why every company is not prospering online since Business Pages are free. The secret is to use both free and paid products to maximize the exposure of your Business Page. Your business page offers certain places where investment is worthwhile, like the next one:

Visual Design

Using free stock photos is an option based simply on your company’s costs, engaging a visual designer to produce logos and brand pictures may give clients a more polished impression of your company. To provide potential consumers with a clearer picture of your company online, you may even engage a professional photographer to take photos of your site or staff.

Paid Promotion

With a flexible budget, Facebook advertising is a fantastic way to reach your target demographic. The cost of the advertisements depends on the amount you have to spend, whether you want the assistance of an advertising agency and the size of the marketing effort you want to develop. The three types of Facebook ads are the following:

  • Image Ads: These are often presented in a rotation or slideshow format and incorporate branded images in the campaign’s context.
  • Video Ads: Take it to the next level; video commercials are more engaging and compelling ways to draw in viewers.
  • Carousel Ads: They are a terrific way to present photos and videos at once since they integrate many visual forms into one ad.

Services for Managing Reviews on Social Media

If your startup page receives favorable feedback, you may advertise those reviews. However, there are certain restrictions to this, so be mindful of that. For instance, photos are limited in how much text they can contain, so a favorable review’s full impact can be diminished.

In such circumstances, you need to look into hiring an agency to assist you in creating advertising that highlights and advertises favorable evaluations of your company. Nowadays, spreading positive reviews in this manner might draw in additional clients.

Paid Facebook Ads for Businesses

One of the main advantages of a Facebook Business Page is Facebook advertising. advertising tactics that target consumers most inclined to be curious about your company. Can include:

  • advertising images
  • advertisements in videos
  • slide-show commercials
  • ads on a carousel
  • advertising for collections that include both videos and pictures in just one post
  • instant experiences and mobile-friendly versions of the ad types mentioned above

Two ways for your Facebook Ads:

Campaign limit: Decide how much you want to spend on a single advertising campaign.

Account limit: Set aside a specified sum to pay for all your active advertising initiatives.

Facebook promises never to go over the advertising budget companies establish for themselves. Therefore, before establishing your Facebook spending limits, specify your online marketing strategy and objectives and create a step-by-step advertising strategy.

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How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Create your Facebook Business page by following the next steps:

Build Your Page

Introduce basic information like: The name page, category, biography, business phone number, email, business hours, and address. Once done, click next.

Update a Profile Photo

Publish a profile photo, and keep in mind that the platform frequently displays your profile image as a circle. Facebook profile photographs should be 180 x 180 pixels in size.

Include a Cover Image

Visitors frequently notice your Facebook header photo as soon as they arrive. Therefore, picking a picture or video communicating your brand’s distinctive value proposition and personality is ideal.

The cover image appears at 640 x 360 pixels on smartphones and tablets and 820 x 312 on PCs.

Videos must have a maximum of 1080 pixel resolution and be between 20 and 90 seconds in length. They are available for upload in MP4 format.

Add a Call-To-Action Button

You may add an action button at the top of your profile on Facebook as well. You may employ it to point site visitors in the direction of the action you desire them to perform, such as contacting your company, visiting your shop, or even sending you a note.

Add Whatsapp (Optional)

You can complete these steps now or later. To continue, click Done. Further, you may link up with WhatsApp and request that pals “like” your brand-new Facebook company page.


What Does Facebook Advertising for Impressions Cost?

The typical price of ads on Facebook is $12.07 if the campaign you are running is centered on impressions. This sum is the price per 1,000 impressions (CPM), which your business pays when 1,000 Facebook users see your advertisement.

What Does Facebook Advertising for Likes Cost?

The average price of advertising on Facebook is $1.07 per like if your business’s marketing campaign is aimed at increasing page likes. It is the typical cost for one like on your Facebook page.

How Much Does Monthly Facebook Advertising Cost?

Businesses often spend $300 to $1,000 each month on Facebook marketing. How much you invest in Facebook advertisements depends on your company’s size and decision-makers investment in social media advertising. This range gives your company a competitive edge that can help it make more money from social media, even if you don’t have to spend the typical amount that other businesses do.

Is It Possible for My Business to Utilize a Personal Facebook Account?

Instead of creating a Facebook company page, many well-intentioned business owners use their personal Facebook pages to promote their companies, which is a bad choice.

A Facebook business page offers a wide range of content production tools, data analysis, and paid promotional options that are not available if you build a personal profile. Additionally, consumers would have to friend you to interact with your brand.

Without a Personal Account, How Can I Build a Facebook Business Page?

Unfortunately, It is impossible to set up a business account without first having a personal account because Facebook users (known as admins) are responsible for managing all company accounts. Register a personal account with just a few contact details and set it to private to set up a corporate account and profile page. You will need a personal account to create and administer a business account on Facebook.


Establishing a Facebook presence for your business doesn’t have to be an expensive and overwhelming task. In comparison, there are costs associated with creating a business page on Facebook, such as advertising and content creation.

With a bit of creativity and strategy, you can build a successful Facebook presence that will help you reach a new audience and grow your business, and don’t forget to have fun in the process. After all, Facebook is about connecting with people and being part of a vibrant and exciting online community.

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