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Uncovering the Secrets of Car Dealers: A Comprehensive Cars.com Review 2023

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Cars.com can assist you in finding the finest dealer for your requirements, whether you are searching for a new or used automobile or need to locate a service or repair facility. You can browse reviews written by clients who have shopped for cars or received services at various dealerships.

Furthermore, you can rank and review your dealer based on six factors: reliability, value for money, performance, comfort, and exterior and interior styling. You can assist other automobile buyers and owners in making wise selections by providing your comments.

On its website, Cars.com also lists the best employees at each dealership, all of whom you can reach out to directly. By doing this, you may get the appropriate person and dealership and receive the best service.

What Is Cars.com?

It is an online marketplace that connects car shoppers with local dealerships and private sellers. It provides a platform for users to search and compare new and used cars, read reviews, and find the best deals.

How Does Cars.com Work?

On Cars.com, you can search for cars based on some criteria such as make, model, year, and location. The platform retrieves listings from dealerships and private sellers, allowing you to browse and compare options. You can also read reviews from other car shoppers and write a review based on your experience.

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Where Can I Get Reviews of Cars.com Dealers?

Searching for vehicles in the ZIP code of your area on the Cars.com website’s homepage is the quickest way for customers to locate your dealership. If the car they seek is in your inventory, your dealership will appear in the search results.

Customers can learn more about the dealership by selecting the car’s details and then clicking once more on the number of reviews the dealership has received in the description section beneath the picture of the vehicle.

The newest entry appears first in the default order of reviews, but if there are enough reviews, Customers can filter the comments read on Cars.com by the most popular search phrases.

Additional rating categories are included in each assessment:

  • Consumer assistance
  • Repair quality
  • Complete facilities
  • Purchase process

Visitors can view the complete list of comments for your dealership on another page by scrolling to the bottom and choosing the “View More Reviews” link. This page also offers additional review sorting options, including:

  • Most recent and featured reviews
  • Reviews ranked highest or lowest
  • The most useful review

Users of Cars.com may occasionally notice dealership responses highlighted beneath particular evaluations. Regardless of the review’s tone, these responses are essential to the profitability of any auto shop.

Your Cars.com Dealer Reviews: Response

A well-prepared response to a bad review increases the likelihood that customers will visit your establishment. Unfortunately, more than half of customers who leave reviews never hear back from the business. All you need to do to take advantage of these missed opportunities to win over skeptics or keep a loyal client is to respond to their review.

By replying, you continue to fortify the bond between the dealership and your consumers while demonstrating to the customer that you value their comments.

By signing into their DealerCenter account on Cars.com, dealerships can reply to any reviews that have been left on their website.

You may create a response that meets your requirements in seven easy stages, regardless of whether the feedback is gushing praise or vehement criticism:

Message to the reviewer

Avoid using cliched salutations like “Dear customer.” Instead, refer to the reviewer by their car online profile’s name. It is the equivalent of standing close to them and establishing eye contact in the digital world. This small modification in phrasing demonstrates your concern and interest in their feedback.

Say “I appreciate it”

Take the time to thank the reviewer for their input, regardless of the tone. You should thank the car buyer for devoting time from their hectic schedules to writing about their impressions of the event.

Express regret and sympathy

It’s crucial to apologize even if this is the simplest (or maybe the toughest) thing to do in response to poor feedback. You become humble and demonstrate your willingness to grow by doing this.

Accept accountability 

Once it comes to acknowledging mistakes, be direct. Inform them that the experience they had was not typical of how you wanted customers to feel while visiting your dealership. The next step is now simpler to carry out as a result.

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Rectify the situation

Instead of just making an empty promise, you should aim to address the customer’s issue as effectively as you can while making sure that it’s tailored to their particular needs. Customers might occasionally be your most valuable source of performance feedback, so take advantage of this fact.

Put the problem offline

You can give the customer your contact information, such as a cell phone number or an email address, so they can get in touch with you to discuss the problem in more depth (or to learn more about your proposed solution). It allows you to talk about more specifics in private and prevents you from complicating the public review response.

Request another chance

A negative review does not guarantee that you will never see that consumer again. By taking the six steps listed above, you can ask the car client to use Cars.com for a second shot at their business.

Why Do I Need Good Cars.com Reviews If I Want to Sell Cars?

When consumers visit your dealership, your marketing and customer service teams work hard to keep them satisfied. But before they even step foot on your property, many clients will create their opinions of your company based on positive reviews or negative reviews.

Sellers with the most favorable customer evaluations on their platform are given preference by the Cars.com automobile search algorithm. More people will read and engage with your fresh and used car listings if they have better reviews. More opinions, clicks, saves, and favorites can result in more people visiting your dealership in person, more sales, and greater compensation for your appreciative sales crew.

How to Increase Your Positive Cars.com Reviews

You are aware that more favorable evaluations on Cars.com are necessary for the success of your company. Even though you have many satisfied customers driving off the lot in your cars, none of them are providing the reviews that you need on their own. Here are some strategies for getting clients to submit reviews:

Ask in Person

The most straightforward strategy to increase the number of favorable reviews on Cars.com is to approach happy customers and request that they submit a review as soon as they buy their new car. They will likely be able to remember the most specifics at this point because their memory of the encounter is the most recent.

Send a Text Message

Many dealerships run email marketing campaigns to encourage favorable Cars.com online reviews. You may provide a discount, such as 10% off their first vehicle service appointment, to encourage the consumer to boost open rates and return to your dealership for service.

Send an Email

Customers almost always have access to their smartphones, as opposed to a desktop, laptop, or tablet device. However, text messages are a viable option because your workers can forget to ask for evaluations in person and clients might decide not to receive an email. 

The best strategy to increase your internet visibility and reputation is to text consumers who have recently had an excellent encounter with your business and ask them for a review. A consumer can now post a good review in a much more time-efficient and comfortable manner.

The Pros and Cons of Using Cars.com

You can see the pricing that the dealership is offering on the Cars.com website when it comes to the real vehicles that are listed there. You will notice an indicator by the listing whether it’s rated as a fair, good, or great deal.

The following are some of the main benefits and drawbacks: 


  • For accurate vehicle values and other unbiased information, turn to Cars.com.
  • The website’s “Compare” function allows you to instantly compare the costs and features of a maximum of four cars at neighboring dealerships.
  • If you plan to sell your car, you can examine the typical price range for it or employ the finance calculation to decide which car to buy.


  • Since Cars.com does not maintain a physical inventory, you will only be connected with nearby dealerships.
  • Since Cars.com does not buy cars directly, you will offer your car to a local dealer in person or advertise it privately on the website.
  • Cars.com does not offer finance, in contrast to CarGurus. You will handle the care of getting pre-qualified on your own if you want to do that before shopping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Sell My Car on Cars.com?

Yes, you can sell your car through Cars.com. The platform provides tools and resources to help you create an ad and reach potential buyers. You can list your car’s details, add photos, and set a selling price. Additionally, Cars.com offers an instant offer feature where you can receive a valuation for your car and potentially sell it to participating dealerships.

Are There Dealer Reviews on Cars.com?

Yes, Cars.com features dealer reviews from car shoppers. These reviews provide insights into the experiences others have had with specific dealerships. Reading dealer reviews can help you make informed decisions when choosing where to buy or sell a car.

Is Cars.com Only for Buying a Car?

No, Cars.com is not only for buying cars. It serves as a comprehensive platform for both buying and selling cars. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new or used car, or you want to sell your current vehicle, Cars.com offers the tools and resources to meet your needs.

Can I Get an Instant Offer for My Car on Cars.com?

Yes, Cars.com provides an instant offer feature where you can get a valuation for your car and receive offers from participating dealerships. It can be a convenient and hassle-free way to sell your vehicle.

Can I Trust Every Review on Cars.com?

While Cars.com strives to provide accurate and reliable reviews, it’s important to understand that not every review may be completely objective or unbiased. Reviews are subjective opinions and experiences of individuals, and their validity may vary. It’s always a good idea to consider multiple sources of information and conduct your own research.

Concluding Thoughts

You may get a fair idea of the caliber and reputation of several dealerships in your neighborhood by reading the customer reviews. To assist other automobile buyers and owners in making better decisions, you can also share your own experience.

You may view images and videos of the vehicles and dealerships and the best workers who can help you with your automotive needs. To speak with them directly and receive specialized support, visit their website. The reviews are more than simply opinions; they are narratives that link you to the automotive industry.

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