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Best Apps to Automatically Forward Text/SMS Messages for Android

best sms auto forward app android

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The online market is flooded with apps for short message services (SMS). Google Play Store offers some of the Best SMS forwarding apps for Android that enable users to send texts to a different phone, computer, or email address. 

SMS auto-forwarding can be useful if your goal is to concentrate on your work without being distracted by your phone every day. Apps for SMS auto-forwarding is a must-have for business owners who want business-related things separated from their personal life.

Read on if you want to know the best apps to automatically forward text/SMS messages for Android.

How Does An SMS Auto Forwarding App Work?

An SMS auto-forwarding app forwards text messages or emails to a REST API endpoint so incoming SMS can be forwarded to another number or system.

This comes in handy when you want to keep an eye on incoming messages or when your phone isn’t able to receive SMS messages. There are several uses for SMS forwarding, including personal, business, and security-related ones.

Why Do You Need an SMS Auto Forwarding App?

Here are 3 reasons why you’d want an SMS auto-forwarding app:

  1. You Want To Track Your Text Messages and Keep Record of Them: If you’re a business owner, you’d want to track all of your customers’ text messages in one place, and your phone isn’t it.
  2. You Want Someone Else To Respond: If you’re a business owner and you have dedicated people handling customer support, then you’d rather have them handle your text messages, right? You can do this with SMS auto-forwarding productivity apps.
  3. Filter Text Messages So You Only Receive Important Ones: If you’re like any other business owner, you get SPAM text messages all the time. Using an SMS auto-forwarding app lets you create rules to only forward text messages from specific numbers, or text messages with specific words. 

Features You Should Look Out For In SMS Auto Forwarding Apps:

  1. Competitive Price – The application shouldn’t just provide you with everything you need, it should also be within your budget.
  2. Customizable – The application should be flexible, enabling users to tailor it to their requirements.
  3. Multi-Channel – The app should be able to forward text messages not just to other phone numbers, but to emails, and webhooks as well.
  4. Secure – The application needs to be safe, making sure that SMS messages are routed exclusively to the intended REST API Endpoint and not to any unapproved systems.
  5. Dashboard – The app needs to have a dashboard so that users can keep track of the SMS messages that are being forwarded.
  6. Setup Guide – Installing and configuring the app should be a breeze. Technical expertise or complicated configuration should be optional.
  7. Customer Support – A responsive support staff that can assist users with any problems they encounter.

The Top 3 Apps Automatically Forward Text/SMS Messages for Android

1. Our Pick: SMS Auto Forwarder

SMS Auto Forwarder is the cheapest and most reliable. Not only can you forward & deliver your text messages and emails, but you can also use advanced algorithms to create rules for filtering and detect network connectivity issues or bad reception so you can retain a copy of your message until it is delivered.

Key Features:

  1. Create rules specifying exactly which messages to forward, and which ones not to.
  2. Text messages are automatically forwarded to your email
  3. Automatically forward to other numbers
  4. Automatically post SMS to a URL
  5. Keyword filtering, forwarding from specific contacts, and more!

2. Mighty Text

An application made specifically for Android tablets is called Mighty Text. It lets users send and receive SMS messages and receive timely alerts for incoming and missed calls. 

Key Features:

  1. Forward texts to other phone numbers
  2. Forward texts to email
  3. SMS Scheduling

3. SMS forwarder auto to PC/phone

Using an OTA (over-the-air) link, the Auto Forwarder Text app establishes a remote connection with the monitored device. All available content, including texts, calls, and GPS location, is sent to the target phone. After deletion, direct messages (DMs), text messages, and instant messages are still accessible.

Key Features:

  1. Forward texts to other phone numbers
  2. Forward texts to email
  3. SMS scheduling
  4. Ability to view your activity remotely using a different device
  5. Create filters when forwarding SMS

Frequently Asked Questions

Are two phones capable of receiving the same SMS?

Because SMS is specific to a phone’s SIM card, the original sender’s message cannot be copied. Installing an SMS forwarding app on an Android device allows you to designate a phone number (on a different smartphone) as the recipient of forwards. Technically, the same messages will now be received by both phones.

Does Google back up texts on your Android phone?

Yes! Your SMS is backed up by Google on your phone’s Google Drive. To access information about text backup on that device, open the app and select “Backups” from the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the screen.

Which SMS forwarding app should I use? Do you have any suggestions?

SMS Auto Forwarder is our top pick. With its features and at its price point, it’s the best one out there.


It’s easy to see how SMS Auto-Forwarding apps are important for business owners these days. It not only streamlines the process, but it also keeps business owners from being the “bottleneck” in the business. 

With that said, if you’re thinking of getting one, get the best. We recommend SMS Auto Forwarder. Let us know in the comments what you think!

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