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Free Review Trust Badge For Your Website

By using the Review Grower Reviews Trust Badge you can show on your website how many reviews you have on different websites such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, and 80+ more review sites. Plus you can show the average rating, and how many total reviews you have on these sites.

Why Consider Adding A Trust Badge?

Simply put: we collect reviews, and leverage a review system to increase customer trust and sales conversion rates.

Yet… Studies Have Shown Only 11% Of Visitors View The Testimonial Page

Easily Build Trust with our Trust Badges

Plus you can get started for free!

Fully Customizable Design

Any of our trust badge can be edited to match the look and feel of your website easily. Plus if your a designer, or developer you can add custom CSS code. Everything is customizable using our easy-to-use editor, edit things like the font, font colors, background images, and colors to spacing and wording.

Chose From Our Prebuilt Template Library

Choose any of our review trust badge designs from our template library and quickly edit using our drag and drop editor. See our review badge examples.

Pick An Individual Review Sites Or Use Aggregate Badges

At Review Grower we integrate with 80+ review sites, so you can integrate with as many review platforms as you want. Then you can choose to show one aggregate trust badge for all the review platforms or trust badges for each of the review platforms.

Our Badges Are Always Up To Date With Your Latest Reviews

After you install the javascript code snippet on your website, we’ll automatically show your reviews to customers on desktop, and a mobile devices (the badges are fully responsive). Don’t worry if you are are actively collecting reviews, we’ll keep the badges up to date with new reviews and your current overall rating.

Get a Free Trust Badge

Yep, all of our trust badge accounts are free to set up!

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Grab our Canva Google review request print-out template. Use with existing clients and with potential prospects.