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Unlock the Power: Effective Strategies for Responding to TripAdvisor Reviews

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The best way to start your day may be to read positive evaluations but remember to reply. The focus is frequently on putting out flames by responding to unfavorable reviewers. However, mastering the art of responding to a stellar Tripadvisor review can help you stand out as the best booking option.

Why Are TripAdvisor Reviews Significant to Businesses?

They are crucial for expanding and existing businesses since they foster client loyalty while making it simpler to reach a larger audience.

Today’s consumers give online reviews a lot of weight when deciding what to buy, so it could be foolish for a company owner to ignore the free advertising they may offer.

How Do I Respond to a TripAdvisor Review?

Your company’s reputation can be significantly enhanced by how you handle Tripadvisor reviews since potential clients will perceive you as a business that welcomes and responds to criticism.

Understanding the most effective ways to reply is vital since this might affect how potential customers decide whether or not to buy the goods and services you sell. Your firm will improve as you interact with customers and reply to their feedback.

You may begin managing your business profile once you have registered and have been approved by Tripadvisor by going to the ‘Your Business’ option on the highest right side of the Management Center site.

1. Go to Your Management Center

Only those who have registered and confirmed as property owners on Tripadvisor users are eligible to do this. Before you can reply to any reviews, you must create a Tripadvisor login by registering your free listing.

2. Once Inside, Select Reviews

After leaving the Tripadvisor login screen, choose Respond to Reviews from the drop-down menu.

3. Publish Your Reaction

Pick the review response to which you want to respond. Click on the rating in the left-sidebar to browse Tripadvisor reviews. By currently, heading, score, language, and the fact that you’ve commented on them, you can filter reviews. Fill out the box with your response.

4. Submit

When finished, press the Submit button. Any visitor to your Tripadvisor profile will then be able to see your response after it has been published. If a management answer complies with the site’s rules, Tripadvisor will post it within 48 hours. Nevertheless, this deadline might be extended if the reply needs more time to be examined.

Tips for Replying to TripAdvisor Reviews

Look at some of the best methods to respond, as seen on Tripadvisor, to various customer reviews, both favorable and bad, to give you a solid sense of how you might reply.

Addressing Particular Complaints

The best way to start things right is to thank the consumer for submitting a review. Following this, one strategy you can do is to address particular grievances raised in the review, giving the client the impression that you have taken care of their issue.

If their experience did not meet your company’s expectations, you can look into why and inquire how you can do it better the next time. You should also explain how you plan to resolve the problem or work on it.

Try to Comprehend

This time-tested piece of advice is helpful when replying to Tripadvisor reviews because if there is one thing a consumer wants to know from a company, it is that they have comprehended the problem. When you react, carefully explain the situation right before moving on.

Be Timely

It is best if you reply to reviews as soon as possible. Customers will understand that you are serious about offering the greatest customer service if they can tell that you have prioritized responding to user evaluations.

Prove Your Professionalism

You must keep your composure even if the consumer has a catastrophic failure or leaves solely unfavorable feedback. Customers are less likely to remain irate or dissatisfied with you if you demonstrate to them that you can reply appropriately and will consider their concerns to enhance your service.

Be Thankful

Whether the customer’s evaluation was favorable or unfavorable, remember to thank them—they will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Gratitude to the Client

Praise for the consumer is a terrific approach to entice more reviews, but it should not be overdone. Building trust and customer satisfaction throughout your customer base only requires a brief comment, such as how much you value their input or how neatly they kept the space.

Focus on the Positive

If you get a lot of favorable feedback, you should emphasize this as much as possible. It will provide potential clients with a better initial image of your company.

Offer Options

Although it’s appropriate to thank and apologize to customers, they will not be satisfied until you offer a fix to their problem. Talk about the exact issues they want to discuss and try your best to solve them.

Calm Down

The most damaging thing you may do to damage the reputation of your business is lose control and react angrily or casually to a bad review.

Talk About Even the Favorable Reviews

You should try to respond to some favorable reviews even though most of your comments will probably be negative.

Of course, you can thank the user for their kind words about your business and then take it a step further by identifying and responding to constructive comments. By doing this, any potential customers who check your reviews will be able to tell that you operate to the best of your ability and value all customer input.

Find Negative Reviews

The speed of your reaction is just as crucial as its quality. It can harm your reputation far more than it would if you responded right away if you have a damning unfavorable review that is left unanswered for a day or two.

The situation is especially relevant for businesses that provide premium services because even the smallest mistake might lead a customer to disparage your business owners.

Employ the Correct Software

For any business replying to Tripadvisor comments can take a lot of time. In light of this, think about purchasing software that might simplify responding to reviews frequently if you cannot afford to spend the time.

Real-Life Examples of TripAdvisor Review Responses

Image source

Example #1: 


Enjoyed myself a lot at the hotel! My 3-year-old daughter received additional bedding from the staff, and the hot tub was simply lovely. Every moment was enjoyable, and I’m eager to come back soon!

Hotel response:

We appreciate your kind words on the different facets of our service. Being regarded so highly by our consumers is undoubtedly a dream come true for us. They inspire us to continue reaching new heights. We’re happy that our facilities and atmosphere met your demands. Do anticipate higher degrees of dedication with each visit!

Example #2:


The check-in staff was helpful. The location is convenient. During COVID, the hotel’s staff ensured breakfast was still supplied using a grab-and-go method. Thank you for your effort! We will return to this hotel!

Hotel response:

We appreciate your excellent rating and review. We are overjoyed to hear that you enjoyed your stay and the entire experience. Even in these unprecedented circumstances, compliments like this improve our functioning and morale. We appreciate your appreciation of all of our sincere efforts. You’re welcome to love our location as well. We are happy that you were able to make it work. You undoubtedly had a terrific time checking out some of the surrounding must-see sights. It was an honor to have you as a customer and to have you stay at our place. Please come back soon!

How to React to Both Positive Reviews and Bad Reviews

Especially if you are in charge of a hospitality brand, reacting to comments should be a key component of your internet-based review management strategy. You must register with Tripadvisor’s Management Center to respond to a review. 

Once registered and authenticated, click Your Business in the top-right corner to access the Management Center. 

You can respond to reviews by clicking the email’s Respond to Reviews link if you get review notification emails.

  • Click the Reviews item in the top menu and then Respond to Reviews
  • Select the Tripadvisor comment you want to address by clicking on the feedback in the left-hand column. Date, title, rating, language, and response status can all be used to filter reviews.
  • Your review comment should be entered in the space given. No character count is required. However, keep in mind that anyone likes to spend time reading an essay.
  • Select Submit from the menu.

How Do I Track My Reviews on TripAdvisor?

You can sign up on Tripadvisor to get email notifications whenever a new review is posted. You can use this to pick which reviews to answer.

  • To subscribe to review notifications, click the drop-down menu beside your user name on the Tripadvisor main screen’s upper right side, then drop to Subscriptions.
  • Select the Subscribed bubble under the Emails for Owners menu, which is located next to Reviews and Questions.

Is It Possible to Edit a TripAdvisor Review Response?

You cannot update your reply to a Tripadvisor comment at this time. It is better to erase the first reply and resubmit the revised version if you like to change it.

Management Responses Guidelines to Respond to TripAdvisor Reviews


Refrain from posting comments reflecting your personal views on social matters like politics, ethics, or religion. Responses from management are not permitted to use threats, coercion, or other methods to silence consumer participation on our site. There are no claims of review fraud. There were no comments made about Tripadvisor policies or addressed to Tripadvisor staff.


Use evaluations or correspondence from visitors or outside parties. Copying and pasting is unprofessional and will only make customers more irate.

Free of Any Advertising

Do not include any sort of promotional or commercial information. Responses that solicit gifts, services, money, or other forms of compensation for themselves will be deleted. Links in replies are not permitted unless they are pertinent to the review.

Easy to read

Avoid formatting that won’t appear in owner responses, such as lists, bullets, and other designs. Unclear management responses that were machine translated won’t be approved.

Considering Privacy

No rumors have been made about the reviewer’s identity. It is forbidden to use personal data that could be utilized to identify an individual.

Image source


How Do I Reply to Bad TripAdvisor Reviews?

Ensure to provide a sincere apology, express gratitude for the comments, adopt a professional demeanor, and address the matter directly when replying to unfavorable TripAdvisor reviews. To divert the subject matter away from the review’s bad points, try to change the tone as much as you can.

What Are the Most Effective TripAdvisor Responses to Reviews?

The best Tripadvisor comments emphasize your brand’s strong attributes, acknowledge all complaints (good and bad reviews), and encourage them to return to your hotel. These factors could help to improve client interactions and draw in more visitors.

How Do You Dispute a Review on TripAdvisor?

You can report a review if you believe it violates TripAdvisor’s policies in the hopes that taken down from your page. While TripAdvisor does not resolve disputes or investigate their veracity, they do have clear policies about violations, fraud, and improper usage. Follow the next steps:

  • Open the Management Center and sign in
  • On the page’s top navigation, select the Reviews tab
  • On the next page, click Report a Review and fill out the form
  • Fill out this form with your questions, comments, and concerns. Include the details of the disagreement and the pertinent analysis.
  • Give any supporting documentation you may have.


Replying to Tripadvisor is crucial for maintaining your online reputation and proving your dedication to client happiness. Being polite, professional, and sympathetic. Spend some time thanking the reviewer for their input, suggesting a fix if possible, and inviting them back. You may establish credibility with potential consumers and demonstrate that you value their input by attentively responding to reviews.

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