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HARO Link Building Service

HARO Link Building Service

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

With our HARO link-building service, you’ll get links from top media sites like NY Times, Forbes, and Business Insider — so you can easily enjoy immense traffic and exposure, and build credibility around your name.

What Exactly is HARO?

HARO stands for ‘Help a Reporter Out’. In simple words, reporters out there are looking for help: they want bloggers and publishers to pitch stories to them, so they can publish them on their news sites.

By answering their queries, we help them easily get the stories they want —and, in return, they give us big juicy links. It’s one of the most effective ways to secure even 90+ DR do-follow links — the links most website owners dream of.

Unlike guest post outreach, where you barely get a response from the site owners (Yes, frankly, – we all have been there), HARO is different. With HARO, whether you’re a small business, a small blogger, or a medium to big-sized name, you have got the same opportunities to steal giant links.

How so?

You see, those journalists seeking help want exciting and useful stories — something they find fitting to publish on their sites. After spending a decade in the PR world — we know exactly what reporters want, what gets accepted, and what goes into the trash.

And we’ll pitch the stories on your behalf. We’ll do all the heavy lifting.

You just sit there, relax, watch your favorite shows on Netflix, or spend time on what is more important to you. We will cover your backlink game — all on autopilot, guaranteed.

Want to have a chat for more information or want to order a couple of HARO links? Great! Just click the button below, we’re waiting on the other side.

Why Choose Us for HARO Link-Building Services?

Here are some of the reasons why choosing us is reliable:

Transparent Pricing

You only pay what you see on our website or quoted to you — no hidden service fee, unexpected charges, or any pesky games. Everything is 100% transparent to you – so you can exactly know what value you’re getting for the price you pay.

A Small, Dedicated, & Focused Team

Unlike giant agencies, who are busy managing a whole bunch of projects, we’re small, passionate experts. We’ll be contributing with our 100% focus for your success. Each of our HARO responses on your behalf goes through our copywriter’s, editor’s, and marketer’s eye to ensure everything is aligned.

We’ve Got Insider Relationships with Journalists

One of our superpowers is that we’ve built strong personal relationships with the journalists of top media sites like Forbes, the New York Times, Business Insiders, and more. That gives us competitive advantages — in simple words, our pitches get accepted fast.

A decade of Digital PR Experience

We’re not new to HARO — we proudly own a decade of combined experience in the digital PR world. We’ve cracked the code; we know exactly what works and what does not in the PR world.

We’re Extremely Thoughtful About Your Reputation

Words with your name around them will stay forever on the Internet. Which is why we’re extremely careful in our pitches. We ensure each of our HARO pitches on your behalf is aligned with your field of expertise, aligned with your brand’s voice, and truly builds your credible image.

We have The Best Wordsmiths

Copywriters in the HARO world can make or break the game. Just having a unique angle to a story isn’t enough. How you present it to the journalists matters the most — which is why we’ve onboarded especially trained and experienced journalist copywriters who understand the PR game inside out. All and everything to make sure we serve you better.

You Only Pay For The Required Criteria Link

You only pay for the links we promise we’ll get you. We have a set criteria of domain range/authority, spam score, relevancy, and number of links from one domain — if any of the links we give to you does not pass this criterion, you don’t need to pay for that link. All of that brings peace of mind to you: you can easily predict beforehand the value you’ll be getting via our HARO services.

Want to See HARO in Action?

Explore some of the most recent mentions — we’ve been able to get all these links to our clients only via HARO. We can do the same for you, too.

With Us, You Often Get More Links Than You Pay For More links than you pay for.

Crazy…but how so?

Here’s how:

We start pitching the moment you close the deal with us. It takes a couple of days for the reporters to inform us about our accepted pitches. This means throughout those days we keep pitching on your behalf.

We don’t stop until we’re confirmed our last promised link is live for your site.

Later what happens is that, after a couple of weeks, reporters get back to us to inform us about some of the more accepted pitches on your behalf.

Which, in simple words, results in more links for you – than you originally paid for.

Don’t Wait. Press is the Future of Link-Building SEO

Google is pushing updates every month. In a recent Oct 2022 spam update, Google is clearly after ‘link-for-link’ and buying and selling link culture. The only legitimate way of building links now is through building genuine relationships and by adding value to other sites.

Guess what…That’s only possible through HARO. HARO gets you new business relationships, builds your rapport, and more importantly, gives you SEO benefits — all perfectly compliant with new Google and other search engines’ policies.

Say goodbye to old techniques. Get started now with the new, legitimate way of link-building.

FAQs – Your Questions, Answered.

How to Get Started?

Simply, select a package above, and order. Our team will get in touch with you to ask a few questions about your business, industry, and spokesperson. The rest is on us. Still, have questions? Simply send us an email, and we’ll get back to you instantly.

What Industries Do You Work With?

Except for adult, gambling, or pirating, we work with every industry. You’re more than welcome to hop on a quick Free discovery call if you’re still unsure about our HARO link-building service. Just send us an email.

How Long Does it Take to Get Links?

On average, 3-5 links get published within 1-2 months. The delay is due to media sites’ policies; it takes a while before journalists go through queries, then filter the best, then do the legal checks in the pitches if needed, and then publish the story. Each accepted pitch goes through at least 5-6 eyes before going live on the site.

What Do I Need to Do?

Nothing, really. Just before we start, we’ll need a tad bit of information about your spokesperson and business — and then everything is on us.

How Many Links Do You Give Us Per Month?

While we can’t promise you perfect timings — because it’s in the media outlets’ hands —you can expect an average of 3 links per month.

Still Got Questions? Just Ask. Simply hit up live chat — we’ll be happy to assist you. We usually reply instantly.

Joe Troyer

Joe Troyer is the Founder of Review Grower. He is leading expert in all things Internet Marketing: Pay Per Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google Business, Reputation Management, Landing Page Conversion, and Call Tracking.

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