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Boost Your Business with These Top Google Review Link Generator Tools

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Online reviews have become a crucial part of a business’s success. Among the many platforms for customers to leave feedback, Google reviews hold a particularly significant place. These reviews not only give potential customers an idea of the quality of services a business offers but also impact a business’s online reputation and search engine rankings. To make this process easier, we will look at Google Review Link Generator tools today.

Google review link generator tools are online tools that simplify the process of creating a direct link to a business’s Google review page. They allow businesses to generate a unique URL that can be shared with customers, making it easier for them to leave reviews.

These tools typically work by prompting the user to enter their business’s name or Google Maps URL, after which they generate a shareable link. The link can then be added to the business’s website, email signature, or social media pages, making it easy for customers to leave reviews without navigating multiple pages.

The benefits of using Google review link generator tools are numerous. Firstly, they save time and effort for businesses that would otherwise have to create review links manually. They also increase the chances of customers leaving reviews as the process becomes much simpler and more convenient. This, in turn, can help businesses to build a positive online reputation and attract more customers.

We will let these facts do the talking for us:

  1. 91% of consumers read online reviews before purchasing. (Source: BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey)
  2. Google is the most popular review platform, with 57.5% of consumers using it to read reviews. (Source: ReviewTrackers Online Reviews Survey)
  3. Businesses with an average rating of 4-5 stars on Google My Business get 87% of customer conversions. (Source: BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey)
  4. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendations. (Source: BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey)
  5. Businesses that respond to at least 25% of their Google reviews receive 35% more online traffic. (Source: Womply)

Here are the top Google review link generator tools that businesses can use to simplify the process of generating review links:

  • Features: Custom URLs for Google review pages, analytics to track link clicks, and the ability to add a custom message to the review page
  • Pros: Simple and user-friendly interface, customizable URLs, and free to use
  • Cons: Limited features compared to other tools
  • Pricing: Free
  • Features: Customizable URLs for Google review pages, the ability to generate review links for multiple locations, and integration with Google My Business
  • Pros: Easy to use, supports multiple locations, and offers a range of other local SEO tools
  • Cons: Limited customization options for the review page
  • Pricing: Starts at $10 per month for a single location, with additional fees for multiple locations
  • Features: Customizable URLs for multiple review platforms, tracking and monitoring tools, and the ability to embed review forms on a website
  • Pros: Comprehensive review management tools, customizable review page templates, and the ability to automate review requests
  • Cons: Higher pricing compared to other tools
  • Pricing: Starts at $90 per month for a single user and up to 3 locations, with additional fees for additional users and locations

Here are some examples of how your business can leverage the power of Google reviews to its own benefit:

  • A small coffee shop can generate Google review links and increase its review count by 50%.
  • A plumbing company can get reviewable links for multiple locations to improve their local SEO rankings.
  • A marketing agency can automate review requests and track its online reputation across multiple platforms, such as search results.

Do’s and Don’ts of Google Reviews

Turns out that there is a lot more to Google reviews than they tell you.

We have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to using Google reviews the right way:


  1. Choose a tool that is easy to use and allows customization to match your business’s branding. A tool that sends a free google review link works best.
  2. Encourage customers to leave honest reviews of their experiences with your business.
  3. Do respond to positive and negative reviews to show that you value customer feedback and are committed to improving your business.
  4. Regularly monitor your reviews and use the feedback to improve your business’s customer experience.
  5. To streamline your review generation process, consider integrating your Google review generator tool with other systems, such as your CRM or email marketing platform.


  1. Don’t offer incentives or compensation in exchange for reviews, as this violates Google’s policies and can result in penalties.
  2. Don’t post fake reviews or ask employees to write reviews for your business; this is unethical and can damage your reputation.
  3. Don’t ignore negative reviews or respond defensively. Instead, address the customer’s concerns and offer a solution. You may get great customer reviews next time.
  4. Don’t spam customers with review requests; this can be annoying and lead to negative reviews. You also won’t get positive reviews by doing this.
  5. Don’t rely solely on Google review generator tools to generate reviews. Also, consider other methods, such as asking for reviews in-person or via email, to diversify your review sources.

When it comes to choosing the right Google review link generator tool for your business, there are several factors to consider. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

  • Ease of Use: Look for a tool that is easy to use and requires minimal technical expertise.
  • Customization Options: Choose a tool that allows you to customize the review page URL and message and any other branding or design elements.
  • Integration: Consider whether the tool integrates with your other marketing or customer feedback systems.
  • Review Management Features: Look for tools that offer additional features such as review monitoring, tracking, and management.
  • Pricing: Compare pricing plans and features across different tools to find the best value for your budget.
  1. Ease of use: Is the tool user-friendly and intuitive?
  2. Customization: Can you customize the review page URL, message, and branding?
  3. Integration: Does the tool integrate with your other marketing or feedback systems?
  4. Review management features: Does the tool offer additional review management features such as tracking, monitoring, and management?
  5. Pricing: How does the tool’s pricing compare with other similar tools on the market?
  6. User reviews: What are other users saying about the tool’s effectiveness, ease of use, and customer support?

By considering these factors and using the checklist to evaluate different tools, you can choose the right Google review link generator tool for your business and simplify the process of generating review links to build a positive online reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Google review generator tool?

A Google review generator tool is a software tool that simplifies generating review links for Google reviews. It allows businesses to create custom URLs that take customers directly to their Google review page, making it easier for customers to leave reviews.

How do Google review generator tools work?

Google review generator tools typically work by allowing businesses to enter their business information, such as their business name and location, and generate a custom URL that takes customers directly to their Google review page. Some tools may also offer additional features such as analytics, review monitoring, and automation.

Are Google review generator tools free to use?

Some Google review generator tools are free to use, while others may offer additional features and require payment. It’s important to evaluate different tools’ pricing plans and features to find the best value for your business.

Can Google review generator tools be integrated with other systems?

Many Google review generator tools integrate with other systems such as customer feedback platforms, email marketing tools, and CRM systems. Integration can help businesses streamline their review generation process and improve their overall customer engagement strategy.

How do I measure the effectiveness of my Google review generator tool?

Many Google review generator tools offer analytics and tracking features that allow businesses to measure the effectiveness of their review generation efforts. Metrics such as the number of review link clicks, review conversion rates, and review ratings can provide insights into the success of your review generation strategy.


Google review link generator tools offer businesses an easy and effective way to generate a unique Google review link, and encourage customers to leave reviews. These tools can help businesses increase their review count and improve their online reputation by simplifying the process of generating review links.

When choosing a Google review link generator tool, consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, integration with other systems, review management features, and pricing. Evaluating different tools based on these criteria can help you choose the right tool for your business and achieve your review generation goals.

Joe Troyer

Joe Troyer is the Founder of Review Grower. He is leading expert in all things Internet Marketing: Pay Per Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google Business, Reputation Management, Landing Page Conversion, and Call Tracking.

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